What can I use to diminish my tummy tuck scar?

Does Vit E ointment work? Cocoa butter? I'm only 8 days post-op.

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Scar Care

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Thank you for your question.  Each surgeon has a different protocol for scar treatment after surgery. It would be best to contact your surgeon in person and see what they reccommend.

For my patients, At 8 days post op, most still have tape or dermabond over their incisions. We start to evaluate scarring at about 2 weeks post op. I have found Silagen Silicone Strips and Silicone Gel to help with raised or red scars. These treatments must be used everyday for months to see results. It is not an overnight process.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!

What can I use to diminish my tummy tuck scar?

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Each surgeon has their own post operative recommendations. I recommend patients use a cream that is high in silicone content. I also advise patients not to start scar creams until 6 weeks post op.


Improving tummy tuck scar

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Thank you for your question. The only things that have shown to improve scars are massage/pressure and silicone. Two great products are Embrace and Biocorneum. Embrace is a silicone bandage that also help offload tension from the wound which is a primary contributing factor to excess scar formation. Biocorneum is a silicone gel that is easier to apply but doesn't take as much tension off. It is also critical to apply regular sunscreen and avoid intensedirect sunlight for at least 3 months. 

Aric Aghayan, MD
Beaverton Physician

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Tummy Tuck - Scar Care?

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Thank you for your question and congratulations on your recent surgery. I instruct all of my patients to perform daily scar massage and apply a silicone based scar ointment or tape to their incisions. Biocorneum makes an excellent product. Please ask your board certified plastic surgeon for specific instructions regarding his or her scar management protocol. Hope this helps!

Embrace Active Scar Defense

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After tummy tuck surgery, it is important for patients to begin a scar treatment to help minimize the appearance of their scar. Scar treatments are typically started 1-2 weeks after surgery, once an incision is closed. Vitamin E and cocoa butter are products that hydrate the skin and can in turn help with scar appearance, but, fortunately, there are more advanced options available today. One scar treatment that is highly recommended by plastic surgeons and backed by scientific research is Embrace Active Scar Defense. Embrace is an active scar device that works by relieving scar tension, a key factor in the development of bad scarring. Consult your board-certified plastic surgeon regarding his or her recommended scar therapy. Good luck in your recovery!

Scar management

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The best evidence is for any type of silicone based scar cream or strips. These can be expensive.  Unfortunately, the studies comparing different options are not great, so really giving your scar time to heal is best. Remember, it takes a year to see what your final scar is really going to be like! Good luck!

Jeffrey Gusenoff, MD
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

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