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Men most frequently undergo a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to remove excess skin following extreme weight loss.

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Surgery is right around the corner and I am getting anxious and wake up every morning thinking it already happened. Can't wait for my flat tummy and big booty. Any other guys having the same procedures done? I will be down in Mexico for 2 weeks max hopefully. I was quoted the same procedure... READ MORE

My names Mathew and live in South Wales UK. At the age of 20 I was weighing 23 stone. Never saw the importance of eating health before it was too late and the damage was done. I started my diet when my younger brother started to lose weight. I said to myself if he can do then what's stopping me... READ MORE

Hi guys, Thought I would start a Chat/Review of my upcoming Tummy Tuck at the Forme Clinic in Prague. The procedure is getting carried out this coming monday (25/05/2015). I found reading/speaking to people who have been throw this procedure online helped me so hoping to do the same for others... READ MORE

Im Orel , my age is19.3 years old . in the last 5 years i wanted to be a thin men. before 4 years i was 92.3 Kg i losed 22 kg to 71 in 1.5 years but after 10 months i was up agien to 89.5 kg. When i finished the high school and 4 months before the army i started to keep the weight and when i was... READ MORE

I lost 110 pounds through hard work and dedication which left me with a bunch of loose skin around my waist. After being at the same weight for almost 3 years with no change to the skin I decided to have a TT with lipo. I met with 4 plastic surgeons but only connected with 1 of them, so I met... READ MORE

Going in this week for my tummy tuck. Super excited, little nervous. :) lost nearly 100 pounds and now im getting the body ive worked so hard to get :) If anyone on here is on the fence about this, or doesnt know if they should do it, please message me and we can figure out your concerns. I... READ MORE

I am a 66 year old man and after many years of weight gain and loss, I finally got to a weight that was healthy and I was happy with and have maintained that weight for several months. Looking in the mirror showed rolls of old skin. After a lifetime of never believing I would even consider... READ MORE

I lost over 100lbs 15 years ago and have kept it off successfully. The only lasting reminder was loose and saggy skin and lumpiness on my abdomen. I had consultations from various doctors in multiple states and finally met Dr. Yates. I saw a review on here and decided to get his opinion. I was... READ MORE

(abdominoplasty). Hey everyone, I'm Craig Campbell, I'm 22 years old and live in Newcastle in the United Kingdom. I'm new to this site and just joined. I used to weigh 17 stone (we use stone here in the UK) which is about 107kg or 238 pounds. I'm down now to 12stone which is equivalent to 76kg... READ MORE

Ive spent the majority of my life type1 diabetic and morbidly obese… topping out at 315lbs. Over the last few years I've dropped down to 171lbs and 12.8% body fat. Looking in the mirror, I am unfortunately still a fat ass. Saggy skin, left over man boobs and a belly that you can't tell if its... READ MORE

Around 6 years ago I lost just over 13 stones, leaving me with loads of spare skin on my belly, sides and legs. This March I am heading over to a clinic in Prague (extremely researched) to have my belly sorted out. An abdominoplasty and lipo are going to happen. I chose an overseas clinic for... READ MORE

Just the term Tummy Tuck grossed me out. As soon as I created the new terminology I was more apt to move forward with investigating this procedure. When I heard that only about 6000 men had this procedure last year it made me think, then I looked around at all the dudes and realized they don't... READ MORE

I'm a 41 year old English man who has been diabetic since the age of 3. This has involved having insulin injections since 9th February 1977. For many years, my parents and I were told that the best place for me to inject was in my torso/abdomen area. The problem is, due to the fact that not... READ MORE

This was so easy and great. I had a Tummy Tuck (extended scar) and Skin removal from my side of my chest/and armpit. Doctor Barnett was awesome and his staff was incredible they made it so easy and very comfortable. I had the best experience, people always ask about scarring and I scar well but... READ MORE

I’ve been a lurker on Realself for years and this community has been nothing but amazing when it came to planning, preparing for, and executing my much-desired tummy tuck. Hopefully I can give back a little with my story as well as provide encouragement to other men who are considering this... READ MORE

Growing up I was always into sports - baseball mainly and then moved into ice hockey later in my teens. Loved being active however a dysfunctional home life (parents going through divorce, bankruptcy, losing our house..etc) essentially demoralized my color-blind and legally blind mother who... READ MORE

After years of yo-yo weight loss I was over 100lbs down from my biggest. After focusing heavily on my diet and training routine I was able to get my body fat down to single digits. However, it still wasn't good enough and I couldn't get the lower abdominal definition I should have had at that... READ MORE

Always been a chubby little kid, but it was never a huge problem until I turned 14. Started gaining weight rapidly and by 18 I was 342 pounds. The summer before University, had a moment of clarity as if I could finally see the life ahead of me if I didn't change. Worked out + dieted (Atkins)... READ MORE

I am retired and noticed that I had a sagging stomach which did not look good at all. Dr. Law said he could take away most of the fat and also most of the loose skin that was there and make things look a lot better. The procedure was very simple and the results have been amazing - and it's hard... READ MORE

After losing 80lb I had bad lose skin. I decided that I wanted my excess skin removed. I knew that working out like I was would never tighten the skin flap. The surgerie went smooth however I had a drain for 4weeks. My doc said I probably had a hematoma. Now after over 4 months I still have a... READ MORE

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