The Most Talked-About Male Tummy Tucks: 10 Before and Afters

Tummy tucks aren't just for the ladies.

While tummy tuck is certainly popular with the ladies -- it's one of our largest communities -- many male RealSelf community members have done it too. And they've got the pictures to prove it. We've pulled together 10 of the most talked-about transformations -- the ones with the most comments and compliments on RealSelf.

Check out the before and afters, along with a little update from the member on their post-op progress, below.

ABSCAPES: 53-Year-Old Who Lost 50 Pounds

*Treatment results may vary

"It's been a year and I love my flat belly."

npkd: Australian Guy, Loving Life

*Treatment results may vary

"I am nearly 9 months post op, and feeling pretty much 100% normal. The scar is healing well, and the results are great. I expect the scar will really start to improve now we are getting closer to 12 months."

MikeyG: Texan Who Lost 90 Pounds

*Treatment results may vary

"My scar is still quite dark... However I feel absolutely great... I even went shirtless for the first time in my life kayaking down the river...haha. I've been able to maintain my weight loss with regular exercise and a decent diet."

MaleTT: An 'Abscaper' From Washington, D.C.

*Treatment results may vary

"Seven months PO I feel great and like if nothing had ever happened until I look myself in the mirror. I think the Dr did a great job with the TT..."

MaleTucker: 125 lbs. Lighter in Des Moines, Iowa

*Treatment results may vary

"2 weeks of recovery down and can already stand up 90% straight. I know I will only feel better and am looking forward to the continued recovery from here."

Stubakka: Very Motivated in Virginia Beach

*Treatment results may vary

"I'm doing fine, been doing crossfit again, still have redness and swelling around my abdominal area. But I can wear normal pants and jeans..."

sco71: Super Fit in Ontario, Canada

*Treatment results may vary

"I lost 170 lbs. and have become more then fit then I ever thought I could ever be again in my life but without this procedure I wouldn't have gone as far in the journey as I 'needed' to!"

Moneyman202: Very Happy in Vegas

*Treatment results may vary

"I'm still feeling great and am very happy with the results! Can't stop staring at myself in the mirror :-)."

Dan in Texas: 61 and Feeling 30 Again

*Treatment results may vary

"4 weeks today, seems like longer. Everything is good except for the tired, rundown feeling."

orelduani: Flat Ab Dreams Realized in Israel

*Treatment results may vary

"I like the results now and every day it looks better so I don't worry."

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