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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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My Turn Now

Hi everyone. Well I'll be joining the flat side 1/23/17. I am 58 years old 5'4" and approximately 183 pounds. I have always struggled with my weight but not so much as I am as an adult post menopause. Ever since puberty I look like a grown woman because I was always big on top had I known how... READ MORE

36 year old mom of 2 - extended TT with MR, Lipo to flanks and umbilical hernia repair

I'm a very active person but never look as good as I feel due to a lot of extra skin from 2 pregnancies. I'm 5'5" and about 165. Started researching TT last year but kept pushing it off due to fear and nervousness and never a good time to take off work. Finally decided this is the year to do... READ MORE

tummytuck at 47 Years Young and 2 Children

I'm 5'9 and 229lbs. I have been exercising and changed my eating habits every since I paid for my surgery in December 2016. I haven't weighed myself since the payment. I've always been active but could never tighten the loose skin around my stomach area. I'm ready and excited for this... READ MORE

37 Y/o- Mexico-after Two Kids I Was in Need of Tummy Tuck,breast Implant, Chin Lipo, Fat Injection on Butt, Lipo on Legs and Arm

Facilities are very clean and modern. Upon arrival everyone was very friendly. Was scheduled for surgery at 6am and after admission and Prep at 8am I was already in the surgery room I was out by 3pm. Stayed over night. Still at the hospital in bed with very little pain, as long as I don't move... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor in Kentucky!

I had tt done 3 days ago and i have to admit the pain is excruciating but i know its going to be worth it! Dr.george valentini and his wife made me feel very comfortable and the price was great.others quoted me for 8000 or more.dr.valentini charges less and his work is beautiful! My scar is... READ MORE

Waiting to Be Snatched -Duran Doll Bbl,TT,lipo

Deposit paid and date confirm. Yes...it's on baby!!! November 2nd is the date of my surgery. I've been trying for months to get In with Dra Duran and started exploring other docs as I feared that lack of communication would be a big problem for me. I need my questions answered and when in need... READ MORE

dr mallol bbl, Lipo, tummy tuck

Hi everyone, so a little about myself. I am a mom of 4, but have had 5 full term pregnancies. I am a young mother, 24. I am happily married to my wonderful husband. So I have been doing my research for quite sometime and let me tell you, Realself has truly helped me with choosing the right... READ MORE

31yr, (MMO) TT,BA (360 silicone gel) BL (lollipop lift),BBL,LIPO Dr. Enrique Carrasco

I've been doing research for about 3 years now on MMO ! I FINALLY have mine scheduled this year. I'll be going to Dr. Enrique Carrasco in Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico! I've heard by other women in my town he's Excellent! I'm looking for other Carrasco Dolls! Would love to get all the tips and... READ MORE

Time is Nearing

Like many of you ladies, I've stalked RS for a while.... 2 years to be exact! Im 42 years old and I wanted to do Lipo and TT for a while now and the time is almost here. My 3 kids (twin boys & 1 girl) are grown now and those pregnancies (all C-Section) have taken a toll on my belly so its... READ MORE

Excited, Nervous and Ready!

Hi RS! I've been following along and reading everyone's reviews...and tomorrow is my big day! Mommy of two, a 3 year old I recovered no problem from, and a 22 month old who was an emergency c-section and I've never lost the weight or anything. I've worn a corset every day for 22 months and I'm... READ MORE

33 year old 3 huge boys later and the lowest self esteem ever

Tons of research and several consultations, my doctor won me over with his honesty, even talking me out of procedures because he was convinced I would whaste money and not get the results I wanted. I will post pics after surgery on April 7th 2017 wish me luck Getting super excited here is... READ MORE

5'1, 173 Lbs., 44 Y/o in Need of Cosmetic Enhancements - Tijuana, Mexico

I have been reading stories, and researching for quite some time now. I always knew, one day i was hoping I would have a mommy makeover. Especially after having 4 kids via c section. I really never considered a BBL, until recently. I have a family members and some friends that have had the... READ MORE

TT, Lipo, BBL with Dr. Walkiris Robles in the DR

Trying to think of where to start as we all have a story as to what makes us decide to get plastic surgery. In my case, I've struggled with my weight my entire life. Gaining and losing a significant amount of weight will do serious damage to your body. At this point I'm at a good size, just want... READ MORE

Dr. Cortes burned me! - Houston, TX

I was referred by a friend who was using Dr. Cortes to transfer her fat into an hourglass figure. She shared his information with me and I made a consultation immediately. I had wanted a tummy tuck for some time but I wanted to have a nice shape and most doctors did not know how to keep the... READ MORE

23yrs Old 1 Child Tummy Tuck instagram @dicalitummytuckjourney - Walnut Creek, CA

Im 5'5 1/2 I weight between 155-160 my weight tends to fluctuate often I have scoliosis and one child who is now 6 years old. I previously received buttock injections two years ago. I have to be very careful with who i choose for my procedure considering my injections. Instead I decided to have... READ MORE

34 Single Mother of 2 Getting Her Body Back

I cant wait 4 my procedure date is coming soon 4/18/17. I am ready for my new body. I am a 34 year old single mother with two children, and want to feel sexy again. I am also getting lipo on my bra roll back, and hip to give my body the curves with a small waist. I am a little nerves and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Review

Hi Dolls, I just wanted to post before and after pics of my tummy tuck surgery done by the wonderful Dr. David Levens in Coral Springs, Florida. I have no regrets and I'm planning to have further lipo done to complete my look ????. The whole experience was a breeze actually. I met with Dr.... READ MORE

40 yr old wanting her BB back

Just had my drainless TT yesterday. I had wanted to do this for the past 22 years but was too chicken to do it. I took some pictures a couple of weeks ago and when I got them back I realized that I was ready for this. The pictures depressed the heck out of me! I had my consult last week and... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Nurse, Mother of 4 Adult Daughters and Grandmother of 4 - Columbus, GA

I've been a fan to this site for about a year. Finally build up my nerves to have a Tummy Tuck performed in November. I had a consult first with Dr Pagedila in Columbus, Ga. Then I read reviews on Dr Cochran, which is in the same building with Dr Pagedila, and decided to have a consult with him.... READ MORE

Reverse Tummy Tuck - One Month from Now

Just wanted to start this review in case there is anyone else who has had this procedure to get their experience. I know it's not very common but after consulting with 4 different surgeons I think it's my best option. My appt is for April 18 and in the meantime I'm trying to build as much... READ MORE

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