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54, Grandma, Finally Gonna Post. Bakersfield, CA

My pre ops have been informative. I feel confident, excited, anxious, much like everyone else in here. I've been wanting to post for a while but feel very nervous about sharing these pics. I've always liked my body in clothes but my abdomen hasn't been pretty in a long, long time. I'm ready for... READ MORE

Best experience here!

I LOVE this office! I actually used Dr. Chris Robinson at the Snodgrass office. All the staff are amazing and so sweet. They all make you feel so comfortable! Dr Robinson is amazing i'm 2 weeks post op and From the first day i met with him he made me feel so relaxed. When he (and staff) talks to... READ MORE

Round 2 Tummy Tuck - Beverly Hills, CA

Hi girls how are you!im back onece again this time im going for a tummy tuck.i have my consultation with dr hazani tommorow so im nervous and excited.i already have gotten my bbl done with him last november i have a review of that post it up already.sadly my stomach still be looking loose and... READ MORE

Short 27 Year Old Mom of 2 C-sections - Hamilton, ON

Had my long awaiting TT yesterday morning. I was dreading the pain and the recovery but so far I have had such a good experience. Dr.Patterson was great with me and my pain is manageable so far. When I first woke up I was in tears from the pin but my nurse quickly got that under control. I... READ MORE

Twins Who Did a Number on my Belly.

I am 33 years old, 3 kids...last two are 3 yr old twins. Had an umbilical hernia and diastis recti due to having twins. Was so tired of people asking me was I pregnant again...I looked like I was 5 months. I weighed 138 before I had twins and my last weight before surgery was 155. Very small... READ MORE

Mother of 3 2 C-sections on a Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

It's been a long 3yrs on this weight loss journey and looking for a surgeon. Early this year I booked with dr duran in DR I was scheduled aug 9. Prior to my date so much was going on at cipla and I had other issues so I decided to just get a tummy tuck here in the states , I went with the next... READ MORE

44 Yrs of Age, 3 Adult Children, 4 Grandchildren

I want my tummy back. i don't feel good about myself when it comes to my body. i hate the condition my body is in. i want to feel beautiful again and self confident. i recently got ripped off with cool sculpting. i was told that i would be happy with the results and instead i feel worse than... READ MORE

Dr Mallol will be my surgeon for life !!!!

I had an INCREDIBLE experience with Dr Mallol. I arrived to DR in june 2017 standing 5'7" & weighing 270lbs. Dr Mallol made sure that I did not have unclear expectations & said i would need a round 2. I will be going back for a round 2 but Y'ALL . . look at my pics this man is the truth... READ MORE

After 18 Years of Skin Torture. - I Finally Took the Plunge - Fort Lauderdale, FL

After 18 years, 2 teenage children, a stretched out belly and forever hiding behind baggy clothes - I finally took the plunge. Been researching and wanting to fix my tummy for a while now but was too scared to do it. I tried excercise, body wrapping, praying, yoga, hoping and wishing ...... READ MORE

Looking Forward to my TT and BBL. Round 2 Breastlift.

I've been so nerve with going out the country but my sister and I are going together. We paid our deposits today and we're picking a date for our surgery Monday morning. I can't wait. Lesley has a great help. I've think I've called her a million times. But she's always friendly and answers all... READ MORE

Miracle worker, absolutely amazing surgeon

I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and this surgeon is a miracle worker, after lots of research I met with Mr Sterne and instantly felt relaxed and at ease with him. He went through everything thoroughly and gave me honest realistic advice for my outcome of surgery. I can not recommend him... READ MORE

Insult to Injury and a Bad Result

Several years ago, I went in for a consultation with another doctor, who said that with a full tummy tuck, he could remove my stretch marks. I did not have adequate financing at that time and had since moved, so I did not go back to that surgeon. Dr. Johns was recommended to me by a friend. She... READ MORE

Full TT with Lipo and Breast Reduction

I Originally wanted a breast reduction for all the normal reasons and booked an appointment with Elena Prousskaia back in April of this year. I decided I would like a woman surgeon, personal choice. I liked her straight away. She said I was a good candidate. Didn't need any implants just a lift.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck 41 Yr old, 2 kids, 5'4", 126 lbs

I have fluctuated from 123-145 back and forth after having had 2 kids. I maxed at 165 during pregnancy but that was 7 yrs ago. I hv worked to get lean and clean up my habits over the last few years. Divorced and feel like I need to do this last bit of "removal" from my life. Lol. I am 2 weeks... READ MORE

Updated Pics! Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair & Lipo - Clearwater, FL

Wow! I can not believe this is finally happening. I have wished for a tummy tuck for 15 years and I am only 31 years old. I became pregnant at 14 years old. I gained only 3 pounds until I was 7 months pregnant and then gained 40 pounds in the last 2&1/2 months. This shredded my tummy... READ MORE

Dr Alkon BBL & TT

Hi I'm planning to get a tummy tuck and bbl in march !! I'm 5'1 125 pounds does anyone have any good comments or pictures that they can show me about this Dr. I would very much appreciate it.!!!???? I spoke to one of the nurses today at his office and sent her pics of my self and she said I was... READ MORE

Ready to Go to the Flat Side After Kids

Finally getting the surgery I have been waiting years for! Have four gorgeous babies which has taken a toll on my mid-section and at a stand still with all this flabby skin. It's so stressful when I work out to have my belly slamming up and down as I do a burpee or constantly tucking it into... READ MORE

44 Ready for a New Body with a TT ,Lipo to Back and Flanks

I am finally ready to change my body. I am tired of my stomach not being flat even though I eat right and exercise. I have had several surgeries on my stomach due to my colon erupting years ago. So, I'm ready for a fresh start... I had a consultation with Dr. Michael Diaz, my friend recommended... READ MORE

Amazing experience

Dr. Ulerio was absolutely amazing. He made me feel so comfortable during my entire experience. He is very thorough and detailed at explaining what to expect before and after. Metaphorically speaking, it is as if he held my hand the entire time for support. On a another note, the results were... READ MORE

35 Yo Much Needed Tummy Tuck

After having 3 beautiful boys my tummy area was a mess so I decided to have a consult at NYEE. Im very familiar with the hospital because I had a breast reduction there in 2015. I met with Dr Nilay Shah who is the physician currently doing the plastic surgeon whom was amazing. He let me kno the... READ MORE

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