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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE

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I was very tiny my whole life even after getting married and our first child. It wasn't until our 2nd child 18 years later that my weight really become a problem for me. I am 4'11 1/2" and weighted 204 which is to me not pretty at all, I was always talking about how fat I was because that is... READ MORE

34 yrs old, mom of two girls 6mo and 6yrs old. Body trashed from pregnancy weight gain and loss. 5'2 125 lbs trying to lose 5 to 10 more pounds lots of excess skin. no date yet, but did have a consult and quote. definitely will be getting it done just a question of when. had a profile on here... READ MORE

I chose Dr. Bharti and Hunstad & Kortesis based on research as well as based on a personal recommendation. I'm a healthcare professional and I've also been a patient who has had post-op complications in the past. Choosing a physician and office who took my pre-op and post-op care was of... READ MORE

I'm 34 5'10, 4 kids, ages 17, 6, 4 & 1-1/2. All by csections! I'm currently 172lbs, I normally fall between 155-170lbs, since having children. My first pregnancy wrecked my body, I was 16 and gained 50lbs. Nothing went back and I'm covered in a stretch marks! I've wanted/needed a tt for 17... READ MORE

I saw Dr Korus for an initial consult on April 19 at her office. She was professional, engaged and informative. I didn't feel rushed and she was welcomed my questions. I felt at ease with her and appreciated her input. After seeing 2 other surgeons, I've decided to go with Dr Korus and my... READ MORE

Been talking about a tummy tuck for years. Now that my husband and I are finished building our family, I figured it's now or never! So, I did it! Along with some lips on my putter thighs. Now here I am 9 days post op. The first week was a *itch! Much more painful than I expected and I am... READ MORE

36 years old, 5'7", 155 pounds, pear shape. Mother of 3 kids including twins, full time RN with busy schedule. I exercised whenever I could, but not enough to have the body I had before having kids. I had a bulging stomach due to hernia, muscle separation and stretching, that people often... READ MORE

I've been looking into tummy tucks a little over 13 yrs now. I decided that this year will be it. So far my coordinator (Lizbeth with Spectrum Aesthetics) has answered all my questions and I feel comfortable with my decision. Now that I made my $500 deposit I feel like a kid waiting on... READ MORE

I'm nervous/excited hoping for the best of course.. Happy to find support and others in my situation to talk with and learn from. I've had a breast lift with a reduction previously with this dr about 10 years ago and still so happy with results. This seems so much bigger though maybe cause I'm... READ MORE

I cannot believe this if finally happening! My consult is on April 29. Already have my finances in order for the surgery. I plan to have a TT with lipo. I've taken care of everyone else my whole life. My husband and I have 9 children. 4 biological and 5 adopted. 3 are special needs and our... READ MORE

I just had my consultation. I am a size 14 woman, with a diastasis that needs correction. I had already had a consult with Dr. Raskin. But I promised my very overprotective friends and family that I would get at least 2 consults and make my decision from that. So I did. I had a different... READ MORE

So far everything has gone as planned. I'm nervous and anxious and excited! I was going to go with Dr Cochran but I looked at his partners work and decided to go with him. The scar placement is really a big deal for me. I have 5 days to go ???? I'll update with before and after pictures.... READ MORE

I'm so happy I'm doing this for me!! I'm 5'1 and weight 145 lbs.. Im having a tummy tuck, Lipo and bbl.. My doctor is Dr. Newall and I've be having my procedure this coming June 3.. Wish it was earlier but since my daughters will be in summer vacations, it would make it so much easier for me.... READ MORE

After maintaining a 95 lb weight loss for four years I decided to get tummy tuck and liposuction on my back. I'm three days PO and off the prescription pain meds now. My main challenge is the feeling of tightness and the inability to stand up straight which is giving me back pain. Definitely... READ MORE

I have NEVER had a flat stomach whether I was 117 lbs to my current weight of 183 lbs. I have just been squared and narrow with no booty (inverted, V shape, GROSS). Im such a broad woman that Im praying to finally get a girly figure. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, lipo to back (upper and... READ MORE

Mother of 2 grown kids.. Very supportive husband. My life is great except for my body! I haven't gotten anything done yet.. I'm praying mid July ( cross finger). This is my story... 48 yrs old mother of two beautiful kids (grown) and a very supportive husband who backs me up 100%. I've... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Widder after a year of looking for the best surgeon. His staff are wonderful and I knew this is the surgeon for me. They made me feel important and all my questions were answered. I am totally transformed and I see myself as a beautiful woman. I can't believe the new me. Thank you Doc. READ MORE

Since Feb 2013, I have lost 73# on my own through excercise and eating healthier/smaller portions. I decided on a full tummy tuck along with flanks lyposuction in Feb 2016. My surgery was done 6/28/16. As of today, I am 6 post surgery. I'm sore, but mostly my back because of leaning over. I'm... READ MORE

Its been a decade since my last Surgery & I'm ready for my 2nd round! I'm a nearly 40 year old woman & now have decided to focus on getting my figure back into decent shape. 10 years ago I had a breast reduction with a natural sag lift along. I had plans to have additional work done, at... READ MORE

I have an Appoinment for May 25/2015 OMG!!! With Dr. Martin Jugenburg. I have 4 girls 21,17,15 & 4 years old, I'm 38 and now its time to get my body back... I've been thinking about this surgery around 15 years... Yes I now long time... ?? But Anyway it my time now. I'll be posting more after... READ MORE

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