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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›

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The nurse injected me with Dysport and ever since I have had major issues. He would only see me if I paid a 100.00 office visit. Very uncaring and not concerned about the patients well being. Very disgusted that money was more important then making sure I was ok. Dont advise this practice... READ MORE

I had been getting Botox for about 3 years for my "11's" when I first went to Dr. Devlin. He suggested I try Dysport. I love it! It lasts longer, and people who know have been commenting on how good my forehead looks! People who don't know have been saying I look rested and less stressed!... READ MORE

Im at day 4 and I am very happy. Ive in the past had thousands of dollars worth of botox put in my masseters and brow with a result of zero. These were put in by DRs who claimed they were botox experts. I thought Dysport would be my last hurrah.. one more go at it for my line between my eyes.... READ MORE

Went to Dr Kulbersh for advise on fine lines & wrinkles. He recommended Dysport & TCA peel. Tried to Dysport with great results - no heavy eyelids or side effects (unlike previous experience with Botox from another practice). Will try several chemical peels before TCA. Dr Kulbersh very honest &... READ MORE

I tried this at 48 yrs after having tried Botox once several years before with another doctor. The botox years ago had so unimpressed me that I didn't even consider a botulinum injection for my scowl for another good 6 years or so. That injection was quite painful and had me leaving the office... READ MORE

I have suffered from migraines for the last 4 year (3-4 per week) often times resulting in serve nausea and ultimately vomiting. I have tried everything - appointments with the eye dr, dentist, oral surgeon, neurologist (3 of them), allergist, ENT, acupuncture, extensive blood work, you name it.... READ MORE

Frown lines disappeared! I had Botox before, but because of a rebate, tried Dysport. I'm satisfied with the results, and glad to frown no more! Dr. Kane and Lauri, really all the staff, are the greatest and answer all questions. I budget for this just like my hair appointments. It's just as... READ MORE

I have got 4 treatments in the past 12 months. I started off with 80 units I had 2 fairly deep creases in between my eyes when I scrunched which I did often and 3 distinctive lines across my forehead when I made facial expressions. I am 34 years old. My 2nd and 3rd treatment's I had my Dr. use... READ MORE

I have had Botox for several years. Never had any side effects. I decided to try Dysport. Received 100 units of Dysport 26 months ago. Left the doctor's office with severe head pressure. Followed by; neck pain, fever, severe brain fog, heart palpitations, insomnia, ear pressure (popping),... READ MORE

I'm a loyal patient of Dr Eviatar's. There are many many other competitors who might offer better prices & less wait time, but there is no replacement for trust, honesty and skill. Dr. Eviatar is professional, careful, conservative in a most positive way and listens. He listens to your concerns... READ MORE

I came to Dr. Rostami through a friend referral. I was a "Botox Virgin" and not even sure that I needed it. Dr. Rostami's staff was very kind and welcoming to me. They took "Before" pictures of me and I admit, I could see the wrinkles then. Dr. Rostami was wonderful in giving me her opinion on... READ MORE

The facility is very clean from front to end. Everyone was very nice and personable. I decided to get dysport for my fine lines between my brows. It was great! No bruising and I barely felt the needle! Very professional and gentle. I was told that dysport kicked in quicker then Botox; I am... READ MORE

I tried disport for crows feet (because I use it for the crinkling under the eyes when I smile not for crows feet- it does work) and for brows. It does work faster BUT it does not last nearly as long. Seriously 2 mos it is almost gone! Botox will go 4-6 months for me. I also sent away for my... READ MORE

I had a horrible experience with Dysport.... I was working across from Med Spa and traded services with a gal who talked me into getting this product based on my 11's being so prominent. now looking back I so didn't need it. About 2 weeks in I woke up with a horrible headache and tingling... READ MORE

I was also talked into dysport after having much success with botox with a real M.D. My bad experience occurred at Laser Hair and Skin Solutions, in Aptos, Ca. I asked for a refund after seeing no results in the wrinkles in my forehead after seven days, and they cover their asses by making... READ MORE

I had frown lines in my forehead and around my eyes. Dr. Pound injected me with small amounts of Dysport around the lines in my forehead and eyes. Within a week, the lines were gone and so were my tension headaches. It was amazing! What I like best about Dr. Pound is he doesn't over do things.... READ MORE

Dr Pound is awesome...I drive from Alpharetta to Dunwoody just to have him do my procedure because he is so nice and really listens to my concerns/questions and answers them readily. Actually he had stopped carrying Dsyport but started again since a couple of us liked it so much. It lasts much... READ MORE

I have been going to Dr. Greene for three years. Dr. Greene and his staff are amazing. I would never go anywhere else. I have gotten fillers, and dysport and I have always been thrilled with the results. I never look overdone because of the doctors expertise. Cannot express how satisfied I am... READ MORE

I had 29 units of dysport injected in the glabella lines 4 days ago, I feel sick ever since. Blurred vision come and go, ear pressure, tight forehead and now I feel some muscle twitching in my leg. It's horrible, I'm really scared I don't know what else will come. Can someone please tell me how... READ MORE

I had had botox a couple of times before with other doctors but since Dr. Dardano did my breasts I wanted to have him do botox as well. He used dysport, which is similar to botox and so far it's great. I did not bruise or get the lumps in my forehead as I had when I had it done in the past.... READ MORE

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