How Many Units of Dysport Should Be Given for Lines Between Eyes and Horizontal?

I am 44 and have vertical and horizontal lines on forehead. I did a Groupon for 40 units of Dysport and the Doctor told me it was not enough. So I paid to double it and he wrote down that I had 50 units. How much should I have had? He said I could go back for touch up in 2 weeks, but now I think I didn't have to pay for the extra!

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Variables on dysport

The only determining factor here is, how big is your forehead? Without seeing you, it is impossible for me to determine how many units to use. If you had a normal size forehead, I would typically use approximately 25 units for the forehead, and 25 units on the glabella ( your 11 lines in-between your eyes). I hope this helps a little

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How much Dyport does the forehead require

The amount of Dyport needed depends upon the individual patient and specifically some people have broader larger foreheads and this will require more product. The amount needed also depends on the  the size of the underlying muscles that contribute to the appearance of the lines. The more dense and bulky the areas appear, the more Dyport is needed to relax the muscle. This concept holds true for all botulinum products -Botox, Xeomin, and  Myobloc. 

In general, the vertical lines (aka 11's between the brows) alone need between 50 -65 units in a woman and 25-40 units to treat the horizontal lines ( the lines that go across the forehead) Again these numbers all depend on several factors including muscle density and the size of the area being treated.

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Frown line Dysport dosing

I often start with 50-60 units of Dysport in the frown areas, but I have put 75 - 90 units for some who have really strong muscles and can still frown after their first treatment.  I would wait a couple weeks after the first treatment and reassess.

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Dysport Units for Lines Between the Eyes and Horizontal Forehead Lines

40 units of Dysport is a pretty small dose. The usually conservative manufacturer recommendations for just between the eyes (not including the forehead) is 50 units but in our experience people often need a bit more in that area alone. I usually treat the horizontal forehead lines conservatively for a variety of reasons. I think that 50 total was probably a reasonable start.

The only questionable thing that I see is offering a Groupon for 40 units in the first place, since it's likely that the practitioner would know that most people would need more. Bait and switch? Be wary of deep discounts. Cheaper does not mean better. It pays to go see an experienced, board-certified injector who might cost more.

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Thank you for your inquiry. Most patients need 30 to 50 units between the brows and an extra 20-30 for the horizontal lines on the forehead. This depends on muscle activity and if your lines are static or dynamic. I would advise to wait the full two weeks and assess your results. If you are happy then the dosage was correct, if not i would go back and inquire-additional units may be required.

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Treating Forehead Lines with Dysport

Dysport® is an injectable used to temporarily improve the look of frown lines without changing the look of your whole face. The untreated facial muscles still work normally, allowing you to freely show facial expressions, such as smiling, in untreated areas. Over time, the use of muscles above and between the eyebrows cause wrinkles. Injecting Dysport® into these areas, blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, reducing muscle activity. The result is temporary softening or elimination of visible wrinkles/lines. 
A skilled provider will determine the number of units necessary for your optimal results.

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Dysport dosage


40 units of Dysport isn't much.  Typically, the vertical lines between the brows (glabella) requires between 60 and 75 units. For some 50 units may be sufficient but it's doubtful that you would see much results with 40 or that they would last very long.  The horizontal forehead lines can vary greatly. (starting around 15 units and maybe up to 60).  With 80 units you could potentially treat the horizontal and vertical lines but it would be difficult to say for certain without seeing you.

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens 

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Dysport in the Glabella

My experience with Dysport in the glabella is that 50-60 units is sufficient.  I would recommend that you choose your Dysport injector with other methods than Groupon.  The deep discounting (or actually paying out of pocket) method of recruiting patients is new and controversial.  Since Facial Plastic Surgery does not lend itself well to the "high volume" model of seeing patients, I would recommend that you seek out your Doctor via word of mouth in the future.

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Dysport Dose for Forehead?

Hi Silly.  The 40 units you purchased would not be enough for the glabella, the area between the eyes.  We typically does the glabella at 60 units.  The horizontal forehead lines would need an additional 30-45 units (our estimate based on the photo.

It's likely that if you stuck with the 50 units for glabella that your duration would have been a little light, maybe just 3 months.  In addition, if he used the 50 units between the two areas, you will probably be unsatisfied with the outcome as this is not enough product.  Good luck.

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How to Know if You Got Enough Dysport

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately without personally evaluating you I cannot say how much Dysport would be recommended.

For the majority of patients 50-60 units adequately injected into the glabellar muscles and 35-50 into the forehead are required to minimize their movement sufficiently.  In our San Francisco Bay Area practice we have patients with few to no visible frown lines at rest that use Dysport (or Botox) preventatively and do very well with 40 units (16 units). We also have patients that like to still have a little movement of their muscles that can be achieved with fewer units as well as placement of the product within the muscle.

Botox and Dysport can each take up to two weeks to take effect so most injectors will have you wait until then to determine if you require additional treatment.  The amount of movement of the muscles, not the appearance of lines at rest will determine if you would benefit from additional Dysport. If you have not heard from your provider and are unhappy getting in touch with them is the best thing to do. 

For finding board certified plastic surgery and dermatology offices that are offering competitive deals in your area I recommend the Venus Injectables app for the iPhone. Not only does it help you locate high quality injectors but it also allows you to track your treatments, allowing you manage exactly what you have injected each visit.

I hope this helps.

Steven H. Williams, MD
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