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Dysport is an FDA-approved, prescription injection for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows in adults under 65. Results typically last for four to six months, though they can sometimes last for a year. Azzalure is adapted from Dysport and available in the U.K. and Europe for the treatment of crow’s feet as well as frown lines between the eyebrows. LEARN MORE ›

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29 Year Old mom in need of a pick me up

I've had two treatments three months apart. For me, dysport was a game changer in how I look and feel. I'm confident for the first time in years! I feel good about myself. We all deserve to feel great! READ MORE

Dysport is Great Just Not the Most Skilled Provider

I had dysport done in January and I get it done every 4-6 months. It last longer than botox for me. The practitioner that did it was horrible though. She bruised me so badly and it was so painful. Never has it been painful before and I've never bruised before either. Won't go back there again.... READ MORE

42 Year Old, Dysport

At 42 yrs old I've started noticing my frown lines and the forming crows feet around my eyes. At Thanksgiving (my before pic) I felt the lines around my eyes were getting out of control. The after pic is about 2 1/2 weeks later. Now when I smile, no lines and just a smooth surface. Well worth... READ MORE

Dysport at FORM Med Spa

I'm a 30 year old female who has been interested in Botox for several years with my increasing forehead wrinkles. I just haven't taken the time to go in mostly do to fear of cost and the process. Three weeks ago I had my first treatment with Dr. Ward at FORM and am so so thrilled with the... READ MORE

Dysport - Thumbs Down

I wanted to try Dysport. I heard it was like Botox. 75CC between the forehead and the 11 between my eyes. Wrinkles look the same and everything is moving around. Honestly feels like I had nothing done. Botox you can clearly see the difference. Will never use again.. I added pic so you all could... READ MORE

Almost 52 and Needed Refreshing

Love it and love my expert, Lisa Davenport, RN, feel and look refreshed and not gonna let mother time take my spring out of my step! Not frozen or fake, no bruising or down time. Very well worth the money and will continue to refresh as needed. Not painful at all and noticed results in three days! READ MORE

Dysport Injection to Correct That "11" Forehead and Drastically Improve Migraine Headaches

I had been struggling with migraine headaches caused by a constant furrowing of my brow. This was also causing the dreaded "11" frown lines or "mommy glare" that I had been trying to avoid. Dr. Correa worked miracles as my headaches are now almost obsolete and the frown lines are not visibly... READ MORE

48, Crows Feet, Bunny Line, & Forehead - Troy, MI

Tired of looking angry. Time is staring to take it's toll on me. We talked about realistic outcomes, different products available, and potential side effects. I did my research before going in but appreciate the time she took to verify I was making an informed decision. I went with Dysport... READ MORE

Dysport in Glabella As Preventative (And to Tone Down Very Expressive/furrowed Brows) 30 Years Old - San Antonio, TX

I think Dysport is a a great way to dip your toe into cosmetic procedures. In the hands of a good injector (a DOCTOR preferably) it is basically no big deal. For me, it was 20 minutes of waiting for numbing cream to kick in, then it was five quick pokes above and between the eyebrows. I received... READ MORE

Dr. V is a Master of Her Practice - Atlantis, FL

Dr. V is truly gifted with her eye to every detail of your face and knowing exactly what will work best for you. My results are amazing! I couldn't be happier. I was unhappy with the way I was aging and went in for a consult. I started with Dysport. I loved it. I didn't have some altered version... READ MORE

26yrs Old, Frown Lines Beginning to Appear - Victoria, AU

Super apprehensive. Had never had an injection in the face before. The whole procedure took around 10minutes, with 4 syringes divvied between my forehead and 11's. There were about 12-14 injection sites. Pain/discomfort was quite bearable, apart from one injection point mid forehead which... READ MORE

Amazing - New York, NY

Dr Harper deserves a 5 star rating his professionalism is impressive as well as his work ethics. I didn't have any bruising and get compliments on my looks daily. I appreciate Justin and his team. I recommended Dr H to few of my friends and clients and the ones who have used his services all... READ MORE

Preventing Lines at 29 - Prairie Village, KS

I wanted to get botox to help with some lines in my forehead that were beginning to be more permanent. I got 18cc of Dysport injected into my forehead and between my eyebrows. I am so thrilled with my results-- my skin is smooth and my makeup applies more flawlessly now! As a makeup blogger,... READ MORE

46 Year Old Fixing Her Brow - Winnipeg, MB

I finally decided to go look after the 11's and the lines in my forehead as they had been bothering me for a while! Decided on Dysport as they had it on special at the clinic I went to. It was a simple procedure and I really didn't feel anything. I believe I got a total of 49 units. Now 5 days... READ MORE

36 Year Old - Forehead Lines - Roseville, MN

I have a couple forehead creases that have bothered me for many years. I never wear my hair off my forehead for this reason. Finally I got up the nerve to ask my dermatologist about options and chose Dysport. I love the results so far and am only 1 day post-treatment. I am a huge wimp and... READ MORE

3 Zones of Dysport - Berlin

I get Botox semi regularly for my epic frown line on my forehead, but I wasn't seeing results I was happy with overall. I was offered a really good price at my local salon for three zones but with Dysport, and was told that is potentially see greater long term effectiveness from the dysport . I... READ MORE

31yr Old Sun Damages Mom with Angry Forehead - Hawaii

I have a very angry forehead! Or so my children tell me... They are always asking me "why are you so mad mom?" And I say " I am not mad, it's just that the sun is bright!" This is because I live in Hawaii where the sun is on full blast all the time... So I am constantly scrunching my forehead. I... READ MORE

After Hesitating for over a Year I Decided to Dysport and So Far is Best Decision - Florida, FL

Honestly I was so afraid of making this so well needed move after reading so many negative comments from others whom experienced horror after Dysport ; But less than a moth ago, I saw a living social deal :) and I looked into the company's profile and things looked good so I went ahead and... READ MORE

34 Years Old Wanting a Magic Eraser for Forehead Lines! - Melbourne, FL

Brian Benson, with Clevens Face and Body, is amazing. I have been so self-conscious of my forehead lines for years and recently just could hardly stand seeing them in my reflection- they were all I would notice! I felt like my makeup and my BB cream would get caked in them and I was just getting... READ MORE

Trying to Smooth out the Wrinkles! - Charlotte, NC

I had been thinking about Botox/Dysport for quite a while now. I've made and cancelled appointments out of fear. I was more nervous for this than I was to have my breast augmentation last year... I can hide my boobs but I can't hide my face! I've read so many horror stories about Botox that it... READ MORE

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