Does every doctor make it mandatory to sign waiver/consent forms prior to breast augmentation? Is it the law?

I am suppose to have breast augmentation surgery in January. I have been asked to sign waiver/consent forms. The forms that I am being asked to sign seem to be giving permission to my doctor to do as she pleases. If anything goes wrong, what recourse do I have if I sign the forms? I like my doctor, she's very honest and I don't have any reason not to trust her but I am very uncomfortable about signing my life away.

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Thanks for this question. Consent forms are routine in every practice and are required to be filled out before every procedure, especially major surgery. Consent forms educate patients about the risks of surgery the potential outcomes. It sounds to me like you need more education and may not be ready for surgery at this point. Perhaps you need to have more consultations or do more research about breast implants. The FDA has several downloads for education on breast implants you can read at home. Best, Dr. Aldo

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the waiver just says that you trust your doctor to do the right thing and if there is unforseen problems to do what is in your best interest.  It says you understand bad things can happen and there are risks but does not absolve them from responisblity if the doctor performs malpractice.  I do not think any doctor would or should operate on you without signing the form.

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Consent forms

Consent forms are necessary to inform you of risks and benefits, and they are also legal.  Have you ever signed mortgage documents, loan documents at a bank? It is similar in that  there is more information than you need.  But, because you can't make informed decisions while asleep or under sedation and because surgery can and does carry risks, you have to be informed and give permission for your doctor to do what he/she thinks is best during surgery.  Best wishes. 

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Consent forms

Consent forms are required for all patients that are going to have a surgical procedure.  The information in these forms educate patients of the possible complications that can occur with a surgery.  Ideally you should review these forms and take time to ask questions of your physician to make sure you are well informed regarding risks and benefits of having a surgical procedure.

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Thank you for your question.

Yes, it is mandatory to sign these consents. With cosmetic surgery, there are always risks involved and the outcome may not be as predicted. It is important that within the patient-doctor relationship, that this was fully addressed and the patient is aware of these risks and complications prior to undergoing surgery. Best of luck.

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yes signing consents is the law.  We are doctors and surgeons and safety comes first. We can't always predict what will happen ... capule formation , infection etc .  This is why it is necessary for us to review all your possible complications prior to surgery and have you sign it so that we have a record that you are informed.  Informed Consent is the law . 

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Does every doctor make it mandatory to sign waiver/consent forms prior to breast augmentation? Is it the law?

Thank you for your question. Remember, it is best to be seen in person by a double-board-certified plastic surgeon for precise diagnosis and treatment.

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Mandatory Consent

Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.  Consent documentation is very important indicating that you are fully aware of the risks of your particular procedure.  Best to take time to read your consent carefully and make sure you address all of your concerns with your surgeon before undergoing any surgical procedure.  Best of luck.

Consent forms before surgery

Consent forms for surgery are necessary to make clear that your doctor has discussed the procedure in detail with you including potential risks and complications. You should have a comfort level that you understand what these are before signing the consent and therefore proceeding with surgery.

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Signing consent forms prior to breast augmentation

Prior to undergoing surgery, each patient must give their 'informed consent'. As part of this, patients will sign a consent form which at the very least identifies their surgeon and the procedure(s) they are having done. To make the consent truly 'informed' patients must be educated about the procedure, the expected results, the potential risks and the treatment alternatives. I imagine that some of the forms you are reading are designed to address these topics. Furthermore, there are more potential issues and concerns with breast augmentation surgeries than many other procedures. There doesn't seem to be anything unusual about what your surgeon is presenting you.

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