What is the difference between osteotomies and infracture/outfracture of turbinates for nasal surgery?

Are both procedures fracturing the ascending process of maxilla bones? Are the terms turbinate refracturing and turbinectomy used interchangeably? Thank you.

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The difference between osteotomy of the nasal bones and out-fracture of turbinates

Osteotomies of the nasal bones are performed on the ascending process of the maxilla where it forms a junction with the nasal bones. Medial and lateral osteotomies of the nasal bones are performed to narrow the sidewalls of the nose during a rhinoplasty procedure. They are also performed after a hump reduction to prevent an open roof deformity.
Out-fracturing of the inferior turbinates is performed on the inside of the nose, to improve airflow dynamics through the nose when the turbinates are enlarged and blocking air flow.
For more information, and diagrams of the internal and external portion of the nose, please see the link below 

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Quite different

Hi Molly555: Osteotomies generally refer to fracturing the ascending process of the maxilla and nasal bones.  This is typically done to narrow the width of the upper third to half of the nose.  This is "breaking the bones." 

Turbinates are pieces of bone deeper inside the nose that are covered with tissue that can swell in response to allergens or irritants.  Outfracturing or trimming turbinates is often done at the same time as rhinoplasty to help improve breathing.  Best of luck. 

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What is an infracture in rhinoplasty

An infracture is a cut along the bone on the side of the nose to narrow the bridge after reduction of the nasal hump, or done in order to straighten a twisted nose. Infracture of the turbinate is quite different. The turbinate sits inside the nose to regulate the airflow. The infracture is this area is done to adjust and improve airflow. Turbinectomy is not used interchangeably as this refers to removal of a portion of the turbinate.

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