Getting Breast Implants at age 15?

I am 15 years old and my mom had breast cancer. She carries the gene for it and if I carry the gene, she wants me to get my breasts cut off. I was wanted to know if i did have that done, would I be able to get breast implants at my age?

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Mastectomy for a 15 yr old

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If you have a genetic predisposition for breast-cancer your family then you need to have genetic testing and counseling by your mom's breast surgeon. You will need to reach a point of maturity before you would be considered to have a double mastectomy if you were positive for the genetic marker.

Testing for the BRACA gene

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Tough choices for a 15 year old to have to think about.  But first things first.  If your mother has tested positive for the BRACA gene then you will need to follow your physician's recommendations for if or when you need to be tested.  If you test positive then a preventative subcutaneous mastectomy with implant reconstruction can be considered but too early to contemplate that at this point. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction

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This is very young to consider mastectomy/reconstruction, and must be a difficult situation for your family to have to face.  The timing of (or need for) prophylactic mastectomy should be decided by your oncologist/geneticist with you and your parents in agreement with the plan.  Prophylactic mastectomies, even in high risk women, are much more common in the 20's and 30's than in the teens.  It is unlikely, though not impossible, that you have such an elevated risk that the mastectomy would be advised this early.  Giving your breasts time to develop, if deemed safe by your oncologist, would facilitate reconstruction since there would presumably be more breast skin for the reconstruction.  The extra time to think about the decision may also change your views on the size, shape, and type of reconstruction you seek.  Best wishes,
-Erik Hoy, M.D.

Erik Hoy, MD
East Greenwich Plastic Surgeon

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Implants at 15 after mastectomy

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This is a tough decision for a 15 year old woman. First of all, your breast development may not be complete. I do think at some point you should have the genetic testing. At what age to do so is definitely not clear. If you test positive it would be recommended that you have your breasts removed (mastectomy) in order to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Even with the gene, this is very uncommon at your age and you may want to consider waiting a little while. There are so many things to consider prior to doing this like dating and finding your life partner. Some women even wait to have children prior to proceeding with testing and surgery in order to complete their families and breast feed before mastectomy. You will need to be tested at some point, but there is no real rush to do so at your age. You should talk to your mom and a geneticist about all aspects of life prior to venturing on this journey.

Breast Implants at age 15?

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Here we are talking about something other than breast augmentation. You and your families first step should be consulting with a geneticist and medical oncologist to help you understand your individual breast cancer risk, and at what age you might consider prophylactic (before cancer) breast removal to reduce your cancer risks. 15 is too young to consider though a sound discussion will help you with planning as you move into adulahood.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast surgery in a 15 year old

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I concur with the advice that has been given to you and concur with having a consultation with an oncologist or geneticist to discuss your risk factors for developing breast cancer. You are currently very young to consider removal of your breast because they have not even yet fully developed.

I hope this helps

Dr. Edwards

Breast cancer

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The main question is whether or not to have your breast tissue removed, and that is a question to be discussed with a breast cancer specialist, usually a medical oncologist, sometimes a surgical oncologist. If the recommendation is made, that is the time to speak with a plastic surgeon.  None of this decision process would be considered emergent or even urgent.Breast cancer in a 15 year old is almost unheard of, so if you face this difficult decision, take plenty of time.

There are numerous ways to reconstruct the breasts, implants being one of them, and there is no reason why that could not be done in any patient who has a mastectomy.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Getting Breast Implants at age 15?

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This is a complicated issue and there is not an exact age when one should undergo a mastectomy if you are found to carry the gene. I would imagine this is a difficult time for both you and your mom. The best first step is to discuss with your mother's breast oncologist when you should be tested. Then based on the results of the test you can have an informed discussion about when and if surgery would be indicated. I have been performing breast reconstruction surgeries for the past 8 years and I have not seen any patients for breast reconstruction at your age. There are patients who get a breast implant at a younger age and this is usually for failure of one breast to develop. Under current guidelines those patients can only get saline implants

David Mathes, MD
Aurora Plastic Surgeon

Need to discuss with oncological breast surgeon

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It sound way too aggressive for having the gene to get mastectomy at age 15.  May be better plan at age 25-30. The best would be to discuss your concern with your oncological surgeon

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Getting Breast Implants at age 15?

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Most likely you are to young for this type of surgery. Best to discuss with your mothers oncologic surgeon first... 

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