FUE hair transplant donor area scars. Is there any laser surgery/products to heal this or will it heal in time? (photo)

I had a fue hair transplant 1 year ago and the back of my head still looks like this. I want to know id there is anything that can be done about this. Thanks a lot.

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Scars from FUE

I don't know how many grafts you had done but it appears that the donor area has been overharvested.Perhaps if you let the hair grow several inches those areas will be covered.If not consider Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP)

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FUE Scars

There are  a couple of ways to mask the scarring from FUE. The easy way is to wear your hair a little longer and if the donor area was not over harvested, you may find it acceptable. The other way is micro-pigmentation which if done properly will allow you to wear your hair slightly shorter. You raise a great point for this forum and that is that there is scarring from both FUE and FUT. To obtain best results, individuals with hair loss should seek a full-time expert in both FUE and FUT and work with them to find the best solution for them. The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons prohibits marketing of FUE as a scar-less procedure. 

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FUE scars

The only treatment that works on FUE scars is scalp micropigmentation, something we do every day in our office, see below. If it is not done by an expert, the back of your head will look painted

William Rassman, MD
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