Is my Donor overharsted and thin after 2nd FUE, what do you think? (Photos)

Hello, i had my first FUE Hairtransplantation (2510) 2 years ago and was happy with the restults but i noticed before my 2nd that my donor wasn't quite thick anymore but ok. i was in a top clinic. Now after my second Fue (2610) Hairtransplation i'm afraid my donor is overharsted and looks thin. With my blond hair it looks even worse. and this cant be shockloss all or?? The photos are post op 2nd 29 days and a few added after my first Thanks for your help

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Potential Overharvesting

At only one month past it's pretty much just a matter of waiting it out to see how the donor area will look once it all grows back. Over 5000 grafts is a lot to take but assuming you had an average to good quality initial donor area it shouldn't be a problem. Give it a few more months before worrying about it.

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Donor management

It is too early to tell if your donor was over harvested. Most people have 6,000 - 8,000 grafts available in their donor region before it becomes over harvested. Check out my video where I discuss the importance of donor management. 

Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD
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​It is possible that your donor area was over harvested. It may be too early to tell so follow up with your doctor.​

It is possible that your donor area was over harvested.   It may be too early to tell so follow up with your doctor.

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Overharvested donor?

You will want to wait about a full year following your most recent transplant to fully evaluate the appearance of your donor area.An average donor area will provide roughly 4000-6000 grafts before showing signs of thinning.At this point I would focus more on methods to prevent hair loss (Minoxidil,Finasteride,Low Level Laser,PRP),and save what remains of your donor supply for later.

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Over harvesting the donor

I think its way too soon to determine if the donor hair was over harvested.  As you mentioned the hair around the harvested hair often is disrupted during the transplant and goes into the resting phases.  Be patient the appearance should improve.

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Overharvesting after FUE

Depending on your original donor density, people who have had in excess of 4000 FUE grafts will find that they may be over-harvested something you can tell if you have a moth-eaten appearance of the donor area

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Is my donor area over harvested?

There's one important principle you may be interested to know - and that is that you really won't be able to determine if your donor is over harvested until about 9 months from now. There are remarkable changes that can happen between now and then. Give it time.  Your light hair and fine hair makes things even worse than they might be at this early time point. You'll know in 9 months if the area was over harvested. 

Overharvesting is a very important concept, and too frequently overlooked. Humans have anywhere from 0 to 9000 grafts available to take. For some it's 0 (ie. those with DUPA). For others, it's 9000 (i.e. those with incredible donor density and area and minimal balding). 

If you have concerns, please speak with your team.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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