Can a Hair Transplant Be Used to Create a New Hairline (Not One That Has Receded)?

I hate how large my forehead is and am wondering if I could reduce its size by implanting hair so that my hairline comes down farther.

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Hairline Lowering Procedure

A hairline can be lowered with a hairline lowering procedure or hair transplantation.  Please check my website for access to my article on hairline lowering.  I also discuss this in my book chapter on hair restoration.  Most other flap procedures have been completely abandoned.

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Re: Hair Transplant For Hairline

Yes, it is certainly possible to transplant hair follicles to reconstruct your hairline so that it is lower.

I do so using This can be done with advanced FUE technique using the uGraft 

Hair follicles can be harvested directly from areas of the head. And in cases that require additional donor supplies, body hair follicles can be used. These grafts are then inserted into the forehead region.

It is essential that the doctor knows how to replicate natural looking growth patterns. The hairline is what others people notice since it frames your face. Therefore, the hairs should not be too thick as this will create an abrupt looking effect. The shape of the hairline should also be considered.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Hair Transplant to Create New Hairline

Yes, so long as adequate donor hair is available you can lower the hairline back down to its original position.

Richard Galitz, MD, FACS
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Hairline with Transplant

Yes, this could definitely be performed, and I have seen very good outcomes in my practice.  However, caution is always advised when advancing the hairline.  This can require a large quantity of grafts, the transplants are permanent, and you would need to take measures after transplantation to maintain the hair from your original hairline.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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Hair Transplant to Create a New Hairline

Yes, a new hairline can be created for you as long as there is adequate hair from the donor site.


Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
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Hair Transplant to create new hairline

Yes.  The frontal hairline can be lowered if there is adequate donor hair.  However, it must be done very carefully to have a natural result.

Jack Fisher, MD
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Hair Transplant Can Lower Hairline to Minimize Large Forehead

Yes, that’s the beauty of follicular unit grafting. We can create a lower, natural-looking hairline through this procedure by harvesting hair from the back of your head and placing it in individual units to achieve a less visible forehead. When designing a new hairline, we take into account several factors to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing result including ethnic variations and future aging patterns and we place sentinel hairs – the thin, fine hairs that naturally occur just below the hairline. It definitely sounds like this could be an option for you.

Timothy Jochen, MD
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Hairline Advancement Procedures

There are actually two techniques for advancing the overly high hairline- the most common is hair grafting, the other is the surgical hairline advancement procedure which involves a single stage advancement of the entire hairline through a single fine line incision. The concern when performing these procedures on men is that it may not be advisable to lower the hairline too much, given that as one gets older the hairline may appear too low, and/or with future hair loss there can result a rather unaesthetic appearance. These are issues that can be addressed by an experienced hair surgeon.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
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Hairline design, the most important aspects of a hair transplant

You can easily lower your hairline to reduce the size of your forehead. How low you can go depends on few things:(A) your age (B) ethnicity and (C) how aggressive your hair loss is. In general, you want your hairline to look natural at any age. So if your young (less than 25), with aggressive hair loss, you should consider starting your hairline at 8.5cm above the glabella ( the muscle between the eyebrows).  This way, it will assure that your hairline is natural at an older age.  If your are in your 40s and your hair loss has matured, you may lower your hairline to 7cm above the glabella.

Dr. Behnam

Ben Behnam, MD
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Hairline with hair transplants

Hairline design is one of the goals which can be obtained with hair transplants. When considering the starting point of a hairline two general rules should be followed. The hairline should start about 6cm above the space between the brows and it should not start lower than the transition of horizontal to vertical on the scalp. The actual design will depend on the patient and the patient's ethnicity. There are several procedures which can successfully create a hairline.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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