Hairline Raising? is This Possible.

I have a short hairline. about 4 inches in width and 1.5 to 2inches in height. it is very small. is there a type of surgery to raise the hairline a few cms? what would this be called and how much would it cost roughly? thanks!

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Easy way to raise your hair line would be laser hair removal or just plucking out the hairs you don't like.

Easy way to raise your hair line would be laser hair removal or just plucking out the hairs you don't like.
This may be the most ideal solution but it would not involve surgery and it would not involve scarring.
Laser hair removal will not leave you with a natural hair line since there is no fine control of removing hairs one by one.  

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Possibility of Hairline Raising

It would be helpful, if you would provide more photos. That would make the answers you get more objective.

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Raise a low hairline

This can readily be done if the brows are sagging and the forehead is very elastic. It will involve the loss of some hair at the hairline or an endoscopic brow lift can be done. If the forehead is tight, expansion surgery can be done.

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Hairline Raising Procedure

What you describe is in essence the opposite of a hairline advancement procedure, or a browlift.  The hairline can be raised by as much as 2 to 2.5 cms most likely, through a few small incisions within the hairline. It is important to consult a surgeon with particular experience in these procedures.

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Hairline Advancement for Raising Hairline

Hairline raising is possible and it can be a difficult problem. Raising the hairline can be done surgically or endoscopically but may also lift the eyebrows a bit. My recommendation is to see someone who does endoscopic browlift work for a consultation and see what they reccommend.

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