Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is our body’s natural response to any foreign objects surgically placed inside of us. This mostly occurs in cases of breast implants. When the body detects the presence of a foreign object inside it, it reacts by forming collagen fibers that are tightly woven together, resulting in shrinking of the tissue around the implant, which can be painful. It also alters the appearance of the breasts.

Reviews from the Community

29 Years Old, 2 Kids, 120 Lbs 5'4 300cc Unders. London, GB

appointment is tomorrow, and I'm 14 days from surgery! Really excited but kind of nervous about the risks (such as capsular contracture). I have very little breast tissue and I'm worried about how natural READ MORE

42y/o,removal of 175cc mentor silicone for 21 years, 32AA then 34C, now 34A! No regrets! UK

about - just capsular contracture. I was offered a procedure to remove the scar tissue (but told it would only grow back with time), or I was offered explant. This was such a shock as I'd never... know I have to do this for several reasons, not just the capsular contracture pain but also lots of other health issues which I fear might be linked to the silicone. I'm happy with the date as it fits READ MORE

39 Yrs Old, 5'9, 440 Sientra's Sub-muscle. Baltimore, MD

nerve damage/sensitivity, 'double bubble' or capsular contracture? Trying to free up some space on my phone READ MORE

54 Yrs Old 112# 32-34A Going to 34 Full C or Small D - Pleasanton, CA

capsular contracture and that massage prevents that so I WILL do it!
Every day is better, slightly less pain. I mind the tightness the most right now as the pain is fleeting here and there READ MORE

29 years old, 5'8", 125lbs, 34A or AA, 375cc implants

. I'm nervous that I'll get capsular contracture. I'm even a wee bit afraid that I'll end up with an infection or something that will eff it all up. I'm worried that I'll lose my nipple sensitivity. I'm READ MORE

43 Yrs Old and Getting a Breast Augmentation on 4/21/15-- SO NERVOUS!! Omaha, NE

about what kind of pain I will be in, capsular contracture, infection, etc. I am an anxious person anyway, so yeah... that doesn't help.

Last month I went for my yearly mammogram which oddly READ MORE

23 Years Old,5'2,114 Pounds,1 Year Old. Miami, FL

underboob is super glossy as if polished.
This might be bad.
I did my research and i believe its a capsular contracture. I dont know to what degree since i believe theres 4 stages. But i READ MORE

20 Years Old. Explant after 19 months of implants! - GB

opinion. He explained procedure it removed scar. Take away capsule and implant and sew me up!! He looked at breasts and examined and said I have capsular contracture. ApparEntly the two come in pairs!! X READ MORE

Breast Implant Ordeal Behind Me Thanks to Dr. Feng - Cleveland, OH

Grade 4 capsular contracture in both breasts recommending 'En Bloc' removal as soon as possible.
I considered having this procedure performed in Michigan paid by Medicare but could not find a READ MORE

28 5'3 110lbs 350cc silicones mod +

generally happy with how I looked and I was worried about healing, scarring, capsular contracture, infection, u name it...I stressed myself out. After meeting the dr in person, I had a sense of READ MORE

457 cc silicone Mod+ under periareolar

what I expected.
3. Pain
4. Capsular contracture
5. Traffic (surgery is almost 3 hours away....couldn't hotel it tonight b/c hubbies work schedule).
6. Getting in & out of my READ MORE

Say Goodbye to These! - Boca Raton, FL

. I was a 34 AA or A, 5'3, and 115 lbs. and went to a 34 C. They looked good and I was happy. The first BA I had double lumens, over the muscle, and I got capsular contracture and ripples after a few READ MORE

35 Years Old explant and lift Time for a change

besides the sag that I have I love the natural look and feel to my breast that I was thinking should I really replace them? My left breast now has some capsular contracture which makes it feel hard and READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Kids, 4"11 115 Lbs 385cc. Louisville, KY

. I'm starting to get worried. It's much higher and tighter. My fear is I'm starting to form Capsular contracture. With clothes on its not as noticeable. Can someone plz tell me if this will correct READ MORE

Liposuction and Fat Transfer "Mini-BBL" with Dr Fernandez Goico - Dominican Republic

wanted them...that's just me...I admire everyone else's but I'm worried about several issues: capsular contracture, unnatural appearance, eventual sagging (which I'm *already* wanting corrected), and READ MORE

60 Years Old, Replacing 27 Year Old Silicone Implants - Fullerton, CA

the breast tissue to grow into it & be less likely to cause capsular contracture. However that covering (think polyester) degrades over time & creates it's own problem. They haven't been used in the... possible outcome, with the least possible chance for a reoccurrence of capsular contracture. The recovery was much more difficult than I had expected. The first breast augmentation was done when I was READ MORE

26 Year Old with Uncomfortable Breast Implants - La Mesa, CA

a cosmetic surgeon, not a plastic surgeon, said I had capsular contracture in the left breast and said ultra sound therapy would work. He said my right breast, the one with extreme pain, looked find READ MORE

31 Years. 4 Children Including 1 Set of Twins. Gold Coast, AU

capsular contracture. I jumped online to check out dr ces' work his website was amazing and i read alot of reviews of happy patients sharing their experiences, which is why id like to share my surgery... journey, as im sure there are other ladies like myself that have developed capsular contracture.
From the 1st phone call his clinic were amazing, informative and kind. I filled out an online... inplants his opinion was that they were not 450cc or under the muscle. He did alot of measurements. We discussed the extreme capsular contracture and the Brazillian Implants that he recommended for me as READ MORE

I Did It, and Well Worth It! - Minneapolis, MN

I had a breast revision to downsize my implant size. I'm 5'3' tall, 115 lbs. and 50 years old. I had saline implants places in 1998, with a revision due to capsular contracture in 2003, to silicone... ruptured,and I had capsular contracture in my left breast, I'm so happy to have decided to go smaller. I now feel like they fit my body shape and size. Thank you, Dr. Tholen, from Minneapolis Plastic READ MORE