Male Tummy Tuck

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Men undergo this tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, to remove excess skin after significant weight loss.

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39 Years Old. Lost over 120lbs, Male Tummy Tuck and de-moobing...

Ive spent the majority of my life type1 diabetic and morbidly obese… topping out at 315lbs. Over the last few years I've dropped down to 171lbs and 12.8% body fat. Looking in the mirror, I am unfortunately still a fat ass. Saggy skin, left over man boobs and a belly that you can't tell if its a... READ MORE

The Tummy Tuck Journey Begins!! - Orlando, FL

Well this is the start of what I hope will cure what seems like a lifetime of frustration. I am 45 years old and over the past 20 years have lost 100lbs. I am 6ft tall and weigh 160lbs which is the lightest I've been since Jr. High School. In my early 20s I was at my heaviest hitting 260 but... READ MORE

54 Year Old Male I Lost 115 LBS After Weight Loss Surgery 2 Years Ago

After loosing 115 lbs through weight loss surgery 2 years ago I have a large amount of excess skin and fat around my waist line I have been getting sours for the last year! I have been approved for the tummy tuck to get this removed! my surgery is scheduled for 5-22-2017 im a little nervous but... READ MORE

48 Years Long Time Coming - Palm Beach, FL

Hello all. I'm a 48 year old man. Was fat most of my life 320lbs . At age 44 I woke one morning and as I stood beside my bed I felt dizzy. After standing there for a few mins. I limped to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. And Said to myself, what the hell is going on? And at that... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Liposculpture and BBL - Mexico, MX

Surgery is right around the corner and I am getting anxious and wake up every morning thinking it already happened. Can't wait for my flat tummy and big booty. Any other guys having the same procedures done? I will be down in Mexico for 2 weeks max hopefully. I was quoted the same procedure... READ MORE

68yrs Old - Am I Being Vain in Wanting a Tummy Tuck? Adelaide, AU

I have always been the biggest kid at school and was heavy when I was married 43 years ago. I had a surgery 3yrs ago to repair a faulty valve in the Small Intestine (possible birth defect), and the surgeon strongly suggested that I lose weight as it made the Laproscopic procedure difficult. I... READ MORE

Amazing First Meeting with Miles and His Amazing Team - London, GB

What a fantastic company. The cosmetic partners group in london. Warmly welcomed by Lindsay and Julia. Miles knows exactly what I wanted and gave me the best advise and help. I knew from the moment of meeting him he was the best surgeon for me. So excited to meet the team again next week. ... READ MORE

Lost 100lbs, Had a Tummy Tuck + Chest Reduction - Farnham, GB

After losing 100lbs, I had an extended tummy tuck and chest reduction before Christmas. Everything went amazingly and the recovery was a lot lot better than I expected. The results after week 1 were amazing and I was very pleased, particularly as I was told I still had swelling and that it would... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old Male with a History of Massive 50kgs Weight Loss with Some Left Back Skin on Tummy Region - India

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction is what I experienced with Dr Amod Rao. I was beyond impressed with Dr Roa's lively and positivity filled personality and similar office environment . Ther's no place for pain and... READ MORE

32 YO male abdominoplasty

My recovery is going very well. I am grateful that things are going well, my body feels like its healing and taking care of things well. I am treating it as best I can and being careful to help it heal as easily as possible. READ MORE

22 Year Old Male, Excess / Loose Skin Around Abdomen After Weight Loss, Tummy Tuck? - Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

(abdominoplasty). Hey everyone, I'm Craig Campbell, I'm 22 years old and live in Newcastle in the United Kingdom. I'm new to this site and just joined. I used to weigh 17 stone (we use stone here in the UK) which is about 107kg or 238 pounds. I'm down now to 12stone which is equivalent to 76kg... READ MORE

26 Yr Old Male, Weight Loss Story

Hi! Well after reading so much on here i wanted to get this started! After losing 170 pounds in about 2 years all threw diet and exercise i feel like ive hit my max. I still feel just as fat thu cause i have all this excess skin.. It effects my life everyday. Even when it comes to the dumbest... READ MORE

38 Year Old Male Tummy Tuck and Buttocks Implants

I've lost over 100 pounds and need to tuck it all in and lift the bum up. I've been really nervous about getting the procedure done at Dr. Nachbar has made me feel at ease and I decided to go for it I will post pictures of my pre-and post surgery and also let you know my progress here. My... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty Revision Updates with Dr Dodde - Holland, MI

(As previously stated in my other review, this is just a continuation of my updates on the abdominoplasty revision I had with Dr Dodde of Plastic Surgery Arts of West Michigan in Holland.) This will be my three weeks post op surgery update. I'm still fairly tender along the front of my... READ MORE

Male Tummy Tuck Revision to my Flanks. Making It a Complete Extended Tummy Tuck - Columbus, GA

I'm having a revision on my my flanks in which I had a tummy tuck but the lipo to my flanks just did not cut it. I wanted to go back to the Doctor who initially did my tummy tuck but he tried to charge me damn near more than the initial tummy tuck. SMDH!! So I decided to go with Cochran I C town... READ MORE

140 Weight Loss / 20 Years Old

I have always knew I would need hat extra help to remove my loose skin after weight loss. I started at 368 pounds and now I am 225 pounds. I am looking forward to see what my body will look like after all my hard achievement ! I have been waiting to get this surgery for a long time and cannot... READ MORE

Observing from the Sidelines

Well, count me as one of the many 'lurkers' on this site who stop in and read about the stories of others who've actually gone through with surgical procedures while forever contemplating what they'll do themselves. Granted, most of the procedures featured on this website are considered... READ MORE

30+yr Old Male--Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo of Flanks After 65lbs Weight Loss - Miami, FL

So, I figured I would finally post some pictures and a couple of words after being inspired by the awesome ladies and men on this site. MOTIVATION: I lost about 65lbs of fat more than 10 years ago! Yep. I walked around with all of the loose skin and rolls you see for 10 years! The weight loss... READ MORE

6ft 4in 29 Year Old Male, Down from 350+lbs to 210lbs - London, GB

I've finally booked a tummy tuck! It's something I've been wanting to do for years but have never had the courage to pull the trigger and sign on the dotted line, but it's happening in 10 weeks time and I have an equal mixture of fear and excitement! I'm a 6ft 4in British guy who used to weigh... READ MORE

34 Years Old Lost 100 Pounds, Been Stuck at Around 300lb for 3 Years. Doing Lipo on Flanks, & Lateral Chest with TT. Austin, TX

My peak weight was 412. I'm currently 310. I have had no success losing weight. My goal weight for me is 275. So I'm in that 15% zoneI have a lot of muscle mass and I carry fat pockets on my flanks, lower abs, and lateral chest. Those 3 regions seem to have never shrunk in my 100 pound loss... READ MORE

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