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A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. Typically, drains are worn following the procedure to secrete fluids that build up during healing. A tummy tuck can also be performed without drains using the progressive tension suture method. This requires multiple sutures between the abdominal wall and the overlying skin and fat to restrict the accumulation of fluid. Doctors report less pain, a lower risk for a seroma, and a shorter healing time. However, this technique requires more time in the operating room and could possibly lead to indentations or irregularities.

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30yr Old Mom of Two Boys Getting TT EXTENDED Drainless

I'm 30 years old and have had two normal pregnancies. The first I gained 70lbs which in the end destroyed my Body. I work out super hard and can never do anything about the stomach. So I booked my surgery and I go Jan 26 2017. Reality is setting in! Gonna show some before pics and will keep you... READ MORE

56 Years and Finally Saying Buh-Bye and Good Riddance! - Banff, AB

First off I want to thank the countless brave sistahs who have already gone over to the “flat side” and have posted their stories here for all to witness. I have travelled along with you on your journeys, silently wishing I were you, until, at long last, I am! Without your insight, advice and... READ MORE

Tummy tuck for back pain, issues with seroma and wound separation, scar revision, 47 years old

I am excited and nervous about doing this. I have terrible back issues and wonder how I will get through recovery with my normal back pain and without being able to do my back stretching but I am also really hoping that the muscle repair will help improve my back pain. I am going to use the... READ MORE

50 yr old full tummy tuck with MR, lipo to inner thighs and flanks after 3 csections

So far so good! dr.mentz is amazing at what he does and His staff has been top notch! He listened to my goals, his staff is very attentive and was available for me whenever I had any questions. Dr. Mentz is triple board certified and uses exparel and drain less tummy tuck. Which I find to be... READ MORE

37yr Old, 3 Children, Fulll TT, with MR No Lipo - Fall River, MA

I have always struggled with my tummy no matter what my weight was. I am 5'7.5" and currently weight 159; I usually run 150ish however after my third son I have struggled to get back down. I have three beautiful boys (7, 6 in a few days and 17 months) all born via c-section. I gained between... READ MORE

29 with 3 Boys 9,6,1 and Ready for the New Me☺️ - Columbus, GA

I been researching for some time now and finally stop being a big baby to do what's best for me and what makes me happy...im kinda scared but ready I don't know what to do cause it's getting closer to that date???????????? can you say happy I see Dr.Cochran have lots of good reviews so I trust... READ MORE

46 Years Old, No kids, 5' 3", 126 Ibs Lock & Glue Tummy Tuck. Birmingham, GB

Hi Real selfers, 5 months ago I had some successful cosmetic surgery ( Vaser lipo to thighs)- Fast forward to now and after much research,consideration & consultation, I plan to also go ahead with a tummy tuck ( date tbc).My chosen PS is Mrs. Kat, who also carried out my thigh lipo. The method... READ MORE

Walk in the Park(Lucky Maybe?)

I don't know if it was the exercise and wieght lifting I'd been doing for four months or the expertise of my wonderful doctor or both. Night of surgery experienced mostly gas pains. No pains at incision site. I had the drainless procedure done. Day one post op, walked out of the clinic upright.... READ MORE

36 Years Old, TT with MR ..just do it!

Oh boy...where do I begin! You all are very inspirational! I am so happy I found this site:) I've been on here everyday reading all your journeys and decided it is time to begin mine. I am 36 years old, I have 2 kids 12 & 14 year old. I'm around 5'7" or 5'8" don't really know..lol I decided... READ MORE

45 Year Old Ready for the Flat Side - Carmel, IN

Finally after reading so many reviews on this site and doing research, I have set my official date for a full TT, muscle repair and some lipo that the doctor has included with the procedure at no cost. For the last 10-20 years I have religiously worked out and feel that I am wearing my body... READ MORE

TT and Muscle Repair for Mom to 4 Grown Kids Suffering from Back Pain - Carmel, IN

Mom to 22 yo triplets boys (c-sec) and 20 yo daughter. I've had significant lower back pain since the triplets were born and I'm hoping this procedure will provide some relief as it should improve support to my core. I've already gotten some great ideas here on prepping for surgery, but keep... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 4 Kids, Drainless Tummy Tuck, 5"3', 123 lbs

I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck in 3 days. It took me a long time to decide to finally book this procedure. I have 4 kids and have never had surgery before. My problem right now is that I have come up with a bit of a cold the past couple days. I have emailed the nurse at the clinic per... READ MORE

47 Y/o, TT/ MR/Lipo ; 2 Grown Kids, Getting Remarried ! Orange, CA

I've been wanting this for at least 25 years and never had the courage, time or funds as a single mom. Now it's finally my turn at to do something for myself! I'm going in on Monday and I'm getting nervous now that the time has come! This site has been a Godsend, I've read the good, bad and... READ MORE

30 Y.o. Mom of 2! TT & Lipo on Flanks & Back Fat - Dallas, TX

Looking forward to getting rid of this flab. Lost 25-30 lbs. and ready to be comfortable in a dress! I have chose Dr. Todd Pollock to do perform my surgery. I was referred by a friend and felt comfortable with my consult. Very nice office staff as well. I have chosen the drainless tummy tuck as... READ MORE

2.5yr Update: Mom of Twins Drainless Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair in St. Louis, MO

I'm 5'6", 38yrs old and 175lbs. My highest weight was 230lbs when I was pregnant with twins. I'm 175lbs in all of my before pics. My goal weight is 160lbs. I've been trying for awhile to get down to 160lbs but I seem to be stuck at 175lbs. I consulted with three different doctors. I... READ MORE

39 Yrs Old. 1 Child -Much Needed/desired Full Drainless TT with Lipo - Kamloops, BC

Hi Ladies!! I love this site! It is so informative and I just love feeling a little more prepared with only 4 more sleeps to go before the big day. I am 39 yrs old. 150lbs. I had my son 19 yrs ago and unfortunately gained soooo much water weight while preggo they thought I might be having... READ MORE

I want my pre-pregnancy stomach back! Toronto, ON

I'm going on a consult with my PS next week. I've done a lot of research and have decided a tummy tuck is in my best interest. After five children, I want to feel more confident about my stomach in a bikini. I have loose skin below my belly button, stretch marks, appendectomy scar, and separated... READ MORE

30s, Children, C-section, Breastfed, Gained 100lbs During Pregnancies. Needed Tummy Tuck! - Corpus Christi, TX

The best decision I've ever made in my entire life. Clothes no longer fit comfortably with the excess skin I had on my body. The more weight I lost, the worse it looked because I had skin just hanging off my body. The before pic was 1 month pre-op and I lost another 7lbs before having the... READ MORE

TT & Lipo 32 Year Old Mom of Three Boys; Long Distance Runner and Crossfit Friend - Portland, ME

So I just booked my TT and Lipo (including inner and outer thighs) and paid the deposit. I cannot believe I am going through with this but I just want to be happy and content with what I see in the mirror. I am 5'7", and usually float around 155-160 pounds. (After kids...before kids I was... READ MORE

27 Yo, 1 Toddler, Huge Weight Gain/loss-drainless TT - Tulsa, OK

I gained 80 lbs with my daughter. That took me up to 250lbs. I was encouraged by a Dr's visit to lose some weight. In Feb 2015 I started losing weight. By Aug I had lost a good portion of weight and decided to get a breast augmentation by Dr. Ratliff. Everything went very well and my... READ MORE

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