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A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. Typically, drains are worn following the procedure to secrete fluids that build up during healing. A tummy tuck can also be performed without drains using the progressive tension suture method. This requires multiple sutures between the abdominal wall and the overlying skin and fat to restrict the accumulation of fluid. Doctors report less pain, a lower risk for a seroma, and a shorter healing time. However, this technique requires more time in the operating room and could possibly lead to indentations or irregularities.

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Tummy tuck for back pain, issues with seroma and wound separation, scar revision, 47 years old

I am excited and nervous about doing this. I have terrible back issues and wonder how I will get through recovery with my normal back pain and without being able to do my back stretching but I am also really hoping that the muscle repair will help improve my back pain. I am going to use the... READ MORE

TT and Muscle Repair for Mom to 4 Grown Kids Suffering from Back Pain - Carmel, IN

Mom to 22 yo triplets boys (c-sec) and 20 yo daughter. I've had significant lower back pain since the triplets were born and I'm hoping this procedure will provide some relief as it should improve support to my core. I've already gotten some great ideas here on prepping for surgery, but keep... READ MORE

30 Y.o. Mom of 2! TT & Lipo on Flanks & Back Fat - Dallas, TX

Looking forward to getting rid of this flab. Lost 25-30 lbs. and ready to be comfortable in a dress! I have chose Dr. Todd Pollock to do perform my surgery. I was referred by a friend and felt comfortable with my consult. Very nice office staff as well. I have chosen the drainless tummy tuck as... READ MORE

Walk in the Park(Lucky Maybe?)

I don't know if it was the exercise and wieght lifting I'd been doing for four months or the expertise of my wonderful doctor or both. Night of surgery experienced mostly gas pains. No pains at incision site. I had the drainless procedure done. Day one post op, walked out of the clinic upright.... READ MORE

Tummy tuck Lipo abdomen, Flank,back, Fat Transfer to butt - Long Island, NY

Hi beautiful ladies of realself. I would like to thank you all for all your reviews and I feel compelled to share my journey in an attempt to help other ladies in the future who plan to do the same. I am honestly super scared right now as I finally booked and paid for my surgery on nov 2. I... READ MORE

TT with Muscle Tighten, Drainless Surgery - Montclair, NJ

Searched a long time for doctors in the US and Europe but was undecided. But perhaps I was not ready at the time. However finally made my decision. Met a great doctor, his reviews were awesome, had an office full of beautiful women of course he did their surgeries. Immediately he made me... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 4 Kids, Drainless Tummy Tuck, 5"3', 123 lbs

I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck in 3 days. It took me a long time to decide to finally book this procedure. I have 4 kids and have never had surgery before. My problem right now is that I have come up with a bit of a cold the past couple days. I have emailed the nurse at the clinic per... READ MORE

46 Years Old, No kids, 5' 3", 126 Ibs Lock & Glue Tummy Tuck. Birmingham, GB

Hi Real selfers, 5 months ago I had some successful cosmetic surgery ( Vaser lipo to thighs)- Fast forward to now and after much research,consideration & consultation, I plan to also go ahead with a tummy tuck ( date tbc).My chosen PS is Mrs. Kat, who also carried out my thigh lipo. The method... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Drainless lipo No Muscle Tightening - Winnipeg, MB

Ok well im a few weeks away excited and scared to death (thought about cancelling) lol I'm 47 with grown children 5"3 and 134 lbs hoping to drop 4 more :) I have been exercising and am a size 4/5 happy with my size more or less need to tone and build muscle. However it's my stretch marks that... READ MORE

35 and Loving the New Me...now It's Time for This Tummy to Go! Drainless TT and flank lipo - no binder or CG - Richardson, TX

I'm a 35 year old mother of two. Its time to get rid of the stretch marks, robotic hysterectomy scars and the extra flab. Preparing for a full drainless TT and flank lipo. Pre-op is scheduled for Thursday, December 3 and I'll have my surgery first thing December 16. I'm nervous about the pain... READ MORE

52 Years Old, Tummy Tuck with Liposuction

My goal is to get back to me! I have not had my surgery yet. I am nervous but excited and have done a lot of research. I will be having the no drain PTS procedure, liposuction to my flanks and back. I am considering liposuction to my arms as well. My procedure will be done at Luxxery Cosmetic... READ MORE

46 Year Old, Mum of 3, Nana of 2, TT and Lipo. Waterloo, ON

It's taken me years to make the first consult appt and another 8 months to book, but I've finally scheduled my TT for March 29!! Excited and nervous! I only weighed 98 lbs when I got pregnant the first time and I gained 55 lbs, lost most of it and only gained 45 lbs with the second. Managed to... READ MORE

47yo Massive Weight Loss Lower Body Lift - Melbourne, AU

From the moment I met him, I knew Dean was going to be the chosen one. His no nonsense, honest approach told me exactly what I could hope to achieve. His follow-up care is second to none. I had a couple of minor issues with wound healing as I'm a smoker and he was incredibly responsive and... READ MORE

I want my pre-pregnancy stomach back! Toronto, ON

I'm going on a consult with my PS next week. I've done a lot of research and have decided a tummy tuck is in my best interest. After five children, I want to feel more confident about my stomach in a bikini. I have loose skin below my belly button, stretch marks, appendectomy scar, and separated... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 3 Kids Under 6, Excited but Incredibly Anxious

I'm 5'7", about 145 to 150 lbs. I delivered three babies, all of them over 9lbs, but the honest truth of it is that they were huge because I got huge - gained nearly 50 lbs each time, and never lost it all between pregnancies. I started this process 6 months ago, not wanting to live the rest of... READ MORE

27 Yo, 1 Toddler, Huge Weight Gain/loss-drainless TT - Tulsa, OK

I gained 80 lbs with my daughter. That took me up to 250lbs. I was encouraged by a Dr's visit to lose some weight. In Feb 2015 I started losing weight. By Aug I had lost a good portion of weight and decided to get a breast augmentation by Dr. Ratliff. Everything went very well and my... READ MORE

43 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Drainless Tummy Tuck with Hysterectomy - Daytona Beach, FL

Having a tummy tuck at the same time as my abdominal hysterectomy in 3 days. Needing the hysterectomy due to uterine fibroids and swelling to the size of a 4.5 month pregnancy according to my Gyn, pushed me to go ahead and get the tummy tuck which I probably would have been to chicken to ever do... READ MORE

6 Month Update: Mom of Twins Drainless Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair in St. Louis, MO

I'm 5'6", 38yrs old and 175lbs. My highest weight was 230lbs when I was pregnant with twins. I'm 175lbs in all of my before pics. My goal weight is 160lbs. I've been trying for awhile to get down to 160lbs but I seem to be stuck at 175lbs. I consulted with three different doctors. I... READ MORE

56 Years and Finally Saying Buh-Bye and Good Riddance! - Banff, AB

First off I want to thank the countless brave sistahs who have already gone over to the “flat side” and have posted their stories here for all to witness. I have travelled along with you on your journeys, silently wishing I were you, until, at long last, I am! Without your insight, advice and... READ MORE

Ready To Do This! TT with MR

Well, I have been creeping this site for some time getting great ideas and tips from others. I thought I would blog to share some of my experience and hopefully someone will benefit from it! It also helps to calm me, as I am a bit nervous about this... seeing other's amazing results inspires... READ MORE

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