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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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This has been my results from day one, after removing compression garment that they provide.....that are cheap so please purchase your own, if you decide to go with this ps. I was very puffy, was told it's swelling so I allowed 6 mths, now after no other excuse I'm told that it's fat under... READ MORE

I have been working out for the past 5 years 4-6 days a week. I lost 40 lbs, from kickboxing, Zumba & spinning and I finally came to the realization that my saggy tummy will never go away. As one PS said "no gym will ever give you what I'm going to do for you!" Then when I got off the... READ MORE

15 years ago i had gastric bypass. 16 years ago I had a cesarean section, and 3 V-back pregnancies. And I have wanted this surgery for the last 14years. Before my GB i weighed 320 and I am 5'7" tall. After GB i weighed 150, then after 3 pregnancies i weighed 220. In 2012 i consulted with a PS... READ MORE

I've been researching surgeons for over 20 years. I thought I had found the right one, and I have no real reason for not going with "Dr. Gervais," other than wanting a woman. I just believe women are better finishers. So, I'm going to have my surgery done with Dr. Harrington and I'm very excited... READ MORE

Surgery is scheduled for September 1,2016! This doctor is very kind. You can tell he cares about his clients! When I sent him a email about questions on the different type of surgery that he preforms he responded. He also called me after I sent him my before and after pictures! Any time I had... READ MORE

5 days to go!!!! I am so excited, yet nervous!!... I had to stop smoking for 2 months before I could have the surgery. I've been doing a lot of research on how to prepare for this surgery! It's been on my mind 24/7, I cannot even think straight! Hope all goes well and cannot wait to get to the... READ MORE

Hi all I just rescheduled my TT & liposuction with dr. Kolder in Camarillo ca from July 6 to June 8. I just couldn't wait any longer & found a gap in my work schedule for a month earlier :). I was beyond ecstatic!!!! I have 4 adult children & my pregnancies weren't bad since I never gained... READ MORE

I have had 2 kids by a C-Section and 3 surgeries to my abdominal area. My stomach is hanging over my legs. My last straw was when my 2 year old daughter asked was I pregnant. I was so mad I said that will never happen again. I am kind of nervous my surgery is in 2 weeks and I am scared reading... READ MORE

Hello there. I can't wait to schedule my tummy tuck consult!! I've got 14 more lbs to go before I will schedule it. I've lost at least 70 lbs without surgery over the last 2 years with the majority of the loss in the last year. I got up to 320 with my last pregnancy and I'm at 214.1 lbs as of... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm here today to finally start my rs journey. I've been doing the obsessing as most of us do prior to finally saying "I'm ready to really do this". I'm 27, with 2 children, a man, 2 cats, full time school and a part time job. So yes my plate is full. Last month I was at my highest... READ MORE

Hello everyone I will soon be going to Dr. Hernandez in DR , June 7 2016, to have an tummy tuck I am very nervous because I know I'm going to be in a lot of pain and I want my tummy to be very flat,Have any other ladies been to him for a tummy tuck? I have seen some of His work but the more is... READ MORE

Today I officially gave my deposit for my surgery date. Now it's finally real, I'm scared but pretty excited too, the date is still pretty far away so why do I feel so nervous already? I do feel more motivation to workout now though, my cost of surgery went down $1000 after losing 15lbs because... READ MORE

Hello, as everyone long ago that I look at this site! Mother of 3 children, I want my body back!I decided to do my surgery in Colombia with Dr. Dueñas. I am more afraid of losing myself in the airport that the surgery itself! Haha! For a long time I want it to do it and I am very pleased to ... READ MORE

Hello dolls.. Well i finally got the nerve to go thru this life changing situation. ... i paid my deposit an it a done deal.... i never even thought of doing this procedure until i came across this youtube video of this young lady having a tt...then she mention realself an every since then... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I am the mother of three children and I am 32 years old, 160 pounds and 5.6 feet . I'm reading for a while, but do not dare to write something considering English is not my first language . I have just translated this piece . Sorry for the mistakes. I once dreamed about it. But... READ MORE

I just want to feel better about myself, my surgery is scheduled for April to have tummy tuck performed. I loose weight but can never loose the stomach. 3 kids later and I'm ready to have some flatness. I will post my after photos and post op healing process and how things are going. Looking... READ MORE

I have been pondering the thought of having plastic surgery for over 10 years, and finally I took the leap and decided that it was needed to boost my confidence. I have been struggling with my self esteem for a few years now and I am certain that this procedure will boost my confidence once... READ MORE

Had a consult with 3 doctors. It was a very difficult decision as I had 3 different opinions as to where the scar from my old belly button whole is was going to be. In the end I picked the doctor with the more extensive portfolio. Although I wished I could go with the doctor who initially... READ MORE

I've lost a lot of weight and my second child really stretched me! The surgeon I saw gave me the option of a mini or full, but made sure I knew the mini wouldn't correct anything above the belly button. The full should get rid of my pooch and my stretch marks, so I am pretty excited for that. I... READ MORE

So I've been thinking about getting a tummy tuck for years, now ever since I had my daughter six years ago. It's been a process going back and forth within myself but I have finally decided to put myself first and get what I always wanted. Spent my whole life giving others what they want and... READ MORE

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How much does a Tummy Tuck cost?

The typical cost for a Tummy Tuck ranges from $4,500-$9,950 with an average cost of $8,075. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14,065 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more