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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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52 and Getting My Sexy Back! Ready to Become A Mañon Doll - Dominican Republic

I'm so looking forward in getting my sexy back and Dr. Duran is just the right person who will get the job DONE! She is no joke when it comes to getting you right. Her SNATCH game is UNBELIEVABLE and second to none. I've been doing my fair share of researching doctors have decided. I will... READ MORE

So Pleased with my Results Because of Dr. Mallol

Let's just say I never traveled outside of the United States before. Having been in depression, I was looking to upgrade my appearance as a Christmas gift to myself. When you arrive in thr DR your driver will take you straight to Dr. Mallol. Jose my driver is bilingual. He is awesome,... READ MORE

All my Efforts Went Fruitless

Oh my god..I have a very terrible result from my tummy tuck. First and foremost I lost my belly button.The pattern of incision looks weird. Even after 4 months of tummy tuck, I look pregnant and my tummy is almost the same size as pre op.I lost the symmetry of my tummy too.The mistake I did was... READ MORE

Long over Due Tummy Tuck and Fixing Diastasis Recti

I am 42, a mother of 5 yr old twin boys and a teenage son. I am recently divorced so I pray my recover time is at least average. I am getting a tummy tuck no Lipo. I got smart Lipo in 2012 on my upper and lower tabs. I went to 5 doctors before I made my decision. I went with a doctor outside of... READ MORE

60 Year Old Goes Back to Her Body Again with TT, Lipo Flanks and Back and MR!

Hello Marchers. Guess we may only be able to hobble when it is done for awhile Ha. My day is around March 11- I am on a flex schedule since hubby retired and myself is semi; we get a discount if it out of the rush hours (love a discount). I got all mt projects done this month of January; I am a... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mother of 2 - Dominican Republic, DO

My surgery is scheduled for Jan 25 2017. Tt bbl and lipo. I'm so ready to get my body back. I haven't confirmed the recovery house. It's between Paradise or serenity. I can't say much about Duran other than her most her dolls are very satisfied with their results. I can't wait to wake up on the... READ MORE

Omg I Did It - Miami, FL

Dr Ortega did a wonderful job I was really anxiety fill cuz I was by myself but over all I feel ok after my surgery I felt like someone drop kick me in the abs and I got a lotta swelling but I do not have a phoofa and a new belly button I am happy I will tell my friends about him but I'm... READ MORE

Ready for a new tummy!!!

Im am looking for a good tummy tuck doctor in columbus ohio. I have been contemplating this decision for a long time now. I think im ready to put down a down payment with the right doctor. The right doctor should be: 1) passionate about his work. 2) talented 3) have a procedure that can work... READ MORE

Good bye Stretch Marks

This is a surgery I've waited 20 years for .. I did my BBL first just to have more fat to transfer but I've always wanted to get rid of the stretch marks after having 4 kids.. finally on to the body I always wanted . My bbl was great so I know this one will be too Dr Hughes is an amazing surgeon.... READ MORE

41-year-old Mother of 2, Diastesis Recti with Herniated Belly Button and 2 Additional Hernias - Scottsdale, AZ

I had my BA done in 2013 and wish I had done this at the same time. I got 500cc silicone under the muscle and they are amazing, but even with working out every day my stomach does not reflect the results I would like. I want the abs I work so hard for, so am scheduling with the amazing Dr.... READ MORE

63 Year Old - San Francisco, CA

Great website. Starting to get nervous about my tummy tuck coming up, and I don't even know if this is going through because I haven't been able to write reviews. I've been looking at a lot of pictures pre and post op, have been reading a lot of posts on what to expect. I feel relieved to know... READ MORE

34yo, 4 Csections, full TT, Hernia repair, lipo, MR

I'm 34 5'10, 4 kids, ages 17, 6, 4 & 1-1/2. All by csections! I'm currently 172lbs, I normally fall between 155-170lbs, since having children. My first pregnancy wrecked my body, I was 16 and gained 50lbs. Nothing went back and I'm covered in a stretch marks! I've wanted/needed a tt for 17... READ MORE

72 days post op

Hi! I had a br 2 years ago....very pleased with results :) Having tt in March and i'm kinda freaking out a little....I am a total chicken when it comes to pain /incisions etc. I'd like to lose 15 more lbs by surgery. I've been going to a gym and working on my core....now i don't expect... READ MORE

Dreaming About This for Years- Finally Doing It!! Tummy Tuck

After lurking for months now, I'm finally doing it!! Just booked surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum! He does amazing work, super excited to see what he can do for me! Praying he can remove all my stretch marks and lose skin from pregnancy. I have 3 amazing boys- 14, 11 & 8. With my... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck for Mommy with a partial hysterectomy St.petersburg,Fl

Hello I am a mother of three kids 16, 13, and 2yr old gonna give it a so help me out come and show me your before and after that me know if it's really worth it I have been looking for anyone in my area to help me and show me before and after pics ,,,,,,I want this but scared about this cut ...... READ MORE

46, 3 Kids, Gained and Lost 90+ Pounds - Exton, PA

I researched this procedure for a long time. I looked at hundreds of photos. I was always turned off by the jagged scars I saw in pics. I cannot express how happy I was when I looked at my scar and new belly button and saw the precision scar line and perfect new belly button. My surgeon was... READ MORE

29 6 Kids Tummy Tuck and Bbl Also Liposuction to Multiple Parts of Body - Mexico, MX

I had about one year looking at doctors here in los angeles ca but with the high prices it was impossible to get what I wanted and I wasn't gonna be able to afford it anytime soon then I started to Google the best tj doctors and that's how I got a hold of Dr Quiroz he's the best thing that has... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Mini Medial Thigh Lift

Scheduled for surgery, finally! 3 full pregnancies, hours and hours of working out finally gave up because all the exercise and starving myself wasn't cutting it. Right now i can wear a size 8 but the bulge and the thigh rubbing is so depressing. Blessed my hubby supports me and this decision. ... READ MORE

Better Late Than Never - Sacramento, CA

Wow, it's only been 3 days and I couldn't be happier. Recovery isn't nearly as bad as I thought. The hardest part is making sure to stay on top of BM with fluids, stool softener, laxative and finally enema. Pain is bearable with Meds and I can already see the new me evolving even with the... READ MORE

After 12 Years, Finally Pulling the Trigger- Getting a TT, Lipo, W/muscle Repair - Houston, TX

Hi Everyone! After consulting with 5 plastic surgeons throughout the 12 years, I finally decided that life is short. So I might as well get it done instead of being unhappy with my tummy. Will post pictures before and after soon! Dr. Newall will administer Exparel for pain relief to the tummy... READ MORE

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