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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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34 Year Old African American Looking Forward to Having a Flat Tummy Again.

I have been wanting to get this for a long time now. Recently I have been going through depression and most of it is because of my weight. At 5'9" 225lbs I am the heaviest that I have ever been and that would be fine if my stomach weren't so big. All my life my stomach has been small, not... READ MORE

Looking Forward to This Transformation!

I'm scheduled for a TT, BBL, and lipo, adding chin lipo as well. Hoping my desired look is attainable by Dr.Mota. His professionalism and concern made me choose him over the "popular" none responsive doctors. I'm still looking or a recovery house or deciding on the option to do an Airbnb and... READ MORE

I Was Botched- Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Fat Transfer

I have never regretted anything more in life than coming to this doctor My body is literally destroyed These photos I have posted are my after photos so this is After I paid $15,000 I genuinely hope that I find the right doctor one day to fix the damage that has been done to me I am ... READ MORE

42 and need this tummy on flat flat

So I have started making plans for TT with Dr. Mel Ortega in miami since Juame 2016, recommend from cousin who had Lipo and fat transfer. Now Feb made my down payment for surgery scheduled for June 12, 2017. Ready to move forward and now I can't get in touch with anyone via email nor phone. On... READ MORE

44 Years

I'm scheduled for a Tummy Tuck with muscle repair in 4 days! My stomach looks pretty flat in clothes but underneath it's a mess. After two pregnancies during which I gained 60 and 50lbs respectively, plus being 35lbs heavier for about 10 years (before kids), my skin couldn't recover. Getting... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Mother of 3, 1 Csection, Diastasis W/ Umbilical Hernia - Sacramento, CA

I have officially booked my Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery which will include an umbilical hernia repair and correction of my 5cm rectus diastasis. My surgery will be performed by two different surgeons. My general surgeon Dr. Palmer will correct my umbilical hernia while my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

40 Year Old Mom: Hernia and Muscle Repair/tummy Tuck

I am a 40-year-old mother of two children who works-out 6 days a week alternating between cardio and weight training. I have a clean diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Despite all of this I could not get rid of my belly. Actually, it would never go away without surgery. I had an umbilical hernia... READ MORE

Pre op rescheduled

Well my appt was supposed to be today. But received a all early aM have to move it until Wednesday so 2 more days err I was really looking forward to to finalize it before I chicken out lol yep still waiting and nervous about getting my tummy tuck surgery Im scheduled for September 12th so less... READ MORE

Tummy tuck

I'm just stating the journey of researching this procedure. I've had two c-sections within a small time period and despite working out with a trainer 3Xs a week I am off with the dreaded "c shelf". I really worry about time off work during recovery because I have deadlines to meet for the... READ MORE

Beautiful work

Amazing Dr. With a great personality & bedside manner. He done beautiful work on my tummy tuck with muscle repair. He went above & beyond my expectations. I want a thigh lift next & will be consulting him for that. READ MORE

I Have a Waistline!

Two years ago, I had VSG bariatric surgery & lost 150 lbs. I had a lot of loose skin & fat in my mid-section, and opted to undergo the fleur-de-lis tummy tuck to address those concerns. At this writing, I'm just over 2 months post-surgery, and couldn't be more pleased with my results! ... READ MORE

Possible TT, Liposculpture, and Maybe BBL or Breast Lift with Augmentation - Dominican Republic

So I am contemplating getting a TT and liposuction done. I am looking at Drs. in DR because I have seen so many people have great results with the doctors outside the United States. I guess I made the mistake of speaking with other people about it because all my family and friends are saying is... READ MORE

34 Years Old 2 Kids- Time to Be Happy with my Body Again

A little about me. I've always had extra weight around my stomach.. ever since I was a kid. I lost a bunch of weight before I got pregnant with my first baby but the pouch was always there. After having my first I lost most of the baby weight (started at 160 and went to 200 by the end of... READ MORE

My transformation; Butt Implants, lipo and TT

Hello! I want to share my transformation journey. Okay, I always wanted to get my butt done and the first time it crossed my mind was the summer of 2013.... Thats when my research and my savings began because I new it wasn't cheap. At first I thought about a bbl but since I like to do cardio and... READ MORE

♫♥♦I love Dr. Robles!♫♥♦

I am a busy mother of seve children...ages 18 to 11 months. I have always been self conscious of my belly. Our first son was born while I was 18 years old via emergency c-section and so I have had an ugle vertical scar more than half of my life. My subsequent children were born vaginally...but... READ MORE

33 Year Old Post 100 Lb Weight Loss and 1 Child

Hi everyone, Just wanted to get a head start on sharing my experience. I am about 3 weeks away from my hard earned, well deserved TT. I achieved a 100 lb weight loss through diet and exercise. Took about 4 years. Then, I was actually scheduled for a TT two years ago when I found out I was... READ MORE

Who's belly was that?! 37 yo, 5'3", 140 lbs, 2 kids, Full Tummy Tuck w/ muscle repair

After multiple pregnancies, it is time. My first pregnancy I gained 40lbs (she is now 3yo), lost 30 before getting pregnant with my second sweet watermelon (he is 2 yo). I gained a whopping 60 and lost it all. My husband thinks I look great, he is amazing. On the plus, I find it perplexing... READ MORE

32 No Children Wanted a Tummy Tuck

I am 8 days po and I am very happy with my results the first 3 days was ruff but after the that I'm only experiencing discomfort but no pain I had my procedure done Santo Domingo with dr lima he's awesome and really cares about the safety of his patients 38 lbs was removed my before sx weight... READ MORE

55 year Old 2 Grown Children by C-section , Youngest 26

Feeling excited and anxious, have been wanting to do the TT for a years, after I turned 40's my whole body changed, menopause triggered stomach to get big. Gain weight but since my visit with Dr Saunders in January, he recommended that loose some weight. I took his advice and so far lost... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 120 Lbs Lost, 2 C-sections - Oceanside, CA

I wasn't sure I was going to post a review, but they've helped me so much and I know I'm going to need lots of things to keep me busy while I'm recovering. I'm very active and the thought of not being able to go to yoga, the gym or for a run for a few to several weeks is already making me batty.... READ MORE

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