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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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29 Years Old, 75lbs Down - High Wycombe, GB

I've progressively lost weight over the past 4 years through a diet of healthy/clean eating and exercise A total of 75lbs in total. I hit 70lbs in may and decided to take the plunge. Having a horizontal incision tummy tuck on 24th October and very excited. No muscle repair needed. Hoping to... READ MORE

60 Year Old Goes Back to Her Body Again with TT, Lipo Flanks and Back and MR!

Hello Marchers. Guess we may only be able to hobble when it is done for awhile Ha. My day is around March 11- I am on a flex schedule since hubby retired and myself is semi; we get a discount if it out of the rush hours (love a discount). I got all mt projects done this month of January; I am a... READ MORE

Tummt Tuck

Well ladys tommrow is my day to get my sexy back at the Lankenau hosp. With Dr. Craig Mezrow he wonderful he is very easy yo talk to call to check up on me very often, i am scared yes but i put my trust in god.i wanted to do this for about 10 years i back out ..but tomartow is the day to look... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 3 Kids (1st Pregnancy Had Twins). Ready to Regain my Confidence - Sugar Land, TX

I'm super excited to finally be on this journey. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for years now. It's finally the right time in my life and I feel as though I've found the right Doctor as well. I'm realistic about the end product. I know that I will probably still have stretch marks but I'm... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Extra Skin Removal Thin and Fit

48 hours until I get a surgery I've wanted for 11 years! I gained 85lbs during pregnant with my daughter. A lot of it was excess fluid and she was a monster water, so I lost 60lbs in 2 months post c-section birth. The insecurities ive had surrounding my extra skin have been a struggle, getting... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mom of 6 -body in Need of Repair!

After 6 C sections in 8 years, my body has damage that will only be repaired with surgery. I eat clean and exercise 5-6 days a week. I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo and also fat grafting to the breasts. I am nervous and excited all at the same time! Some days I... READ MORE

First Tummy Tuck Consulation

Hello All, Three births later and my body is slowly being shaped to where it reflects my health and happiness (self-esteem). Almost two years ago, I decided to get breast augmentation and I have not regretted it since. I love the new look. Now, that I am recovered and where I want to be in... READ MORE

23, 3 Kids, 4cm Seperation and Lots of Skin! Tummy Tuck Time! - Brisbane, AU

Having my surgery done as an intermediate patient in Brisbane with Dr. Alys Saylor. So far she has been amazing! she knows how a woman's body should look, and her belly button shaping skills are exactly what i want, im not a fan of almond shaped belly button i like the more circular look with a... READ MORE

Tummy tuck/ 28yrs old 3 kids and I look amazing!

I'm 13 days post op from the most amazing tummy tuck ever! I initially came to Dr Witter looking to get a breast revision for a botched breast job I had in San Diego. Once he examined me and saw the condition of my body was he recommended I think about maybe fixing my tummy instead. He said... READ MORE

Tummy tuck Brazilian butt lift , fat transfer to face /lip Mexico

Scheduled surgery October 2016 for Adominalplasty and lipo to flanks with fat transfer to face for my 57 year old birthday ???????????? Weight 170 5'5" Highest weight 212 3 pregnancies all large babies ! Recent weight gain of 15 pounds from fast food and long work hours, that is stopping my... READ MORE

50 Yr Old, TT, 4 Children 22 to 13. Hernia repair and lipo

I love this site and have found a lot of great information on it and would like to help Pay it forward. I am a Mother of 4 and realized as I get older, there are certain things that cannot be changed w a healthy diet and excercise. I have weighed basically the same my whole life (112-117 and... READ MORE

35 YO, FTT, MR and Lipo

Hello again! I'm back for a full Tummy Tuck procedure after 2 years post a mini Tummy Tuck in 2014. Although I was ok with my Mini TT, I wasn't as pleased as I would have wanted. I chose the MTT as a temporary fix and recovery time constraints. Not long before that, I had back surgery so it was... READ MORE

45 Years Old - Tummy Tuck with Lipo on Hips, Thighs and Back/flank.

After wanting to get a tummy tuck for so many years, I started my research on several different websites. I had couple consults set up and decided that the surgeon that would perform my procedure would be. Dr. Jeff Healy from Healy Plastic Surgery. He was very welcoming and so easy to talk to.... READ MORE

36 Years Old 3 Children Ready to Look Hot Again - Harrison, NY

Hopefully I can wear a swimsuit without being afraid of bending over and having this tummy hanging all over the place.I have always had small breast 34 b small b that is deflated... Hoping for full c small d. My weight has been steady since my second child 140 lbs and I'm 5'4. I oldest is 20... READ MORE

Drainless Tummy Tuck Raleigh NC

Hello to all my realself sistas. I have been so addicted to this site, it's like a drug lol. Well let me start off by saying I'm 37 years old with 2 children ages 9 and 18, I know big gap but hey things happen. I am looking to find a Surgeon to allieviate me from the cinnamon rolls on my back... READ MORE

Hysterectomy and Tummy Tuck - Coral Springs, FL

I knew that I had fibroids for many, many years. My thinking was, they're not bothering me so I won't bother them. However in recent years they have started to become problematic, lower back pain, heavy periods, belly becoming big from under the breast area (always had a big lower belly that... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck- Minnneapolis Plastic Surg Center

Hey, I am scheduled to have my tummy tuck on Oct. 12th and am freaking out!! I make the final payment this Friday, yikes :/ I've read so many reviews and I feel like they all have the same worries I have; will I like my results, how long before I can stat normal activity, how long will the... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss! - La Jolla, CA

Here we go again! I have hit my goal weight after having weight loss surgery in June 2015 and my health insurance has approved me for a tummy tuck to remove my excess skin! I have worked hard over the 15 months and have lost 115lbs! Luckily, the only place I have extra skin is my stomach area.... READ MORE

Looking for a SX Buddy for Sept/oct 2017

Hey any dolls planning to go to dr almonte next year around September or October. I'm in the Boston area if anyone is planning I need a surgery buddy fingers crossed dolls.... I been waiting to plan this for a very long time. Now I just need to line everything up and don't wanna go alone it... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever! - Chicago, IL

I always wanted a tummy tuck since I had my daughter. I had 3 kids, and my daughter was my last one. I had 3 sections and my stomach was never the same...really ugly, full of stretch marks, big and just a big pouch just hanging!...I had always been thin but after 3 pregnancies, 20 pounds weight... READ MORE

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