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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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36 Mother of 4, Ready to Look How I Feel...sexy! - Columbus, GA

I'm ready to feel like the old me! I've searched several doctors and entertained traveling out of the country. I have health issues (that are managed) but it's safer for me to travel. My PCP was totally against me traveling, after further consideration I agreed. I will do my "rounds" in phases.... READ MORE

Searching for the Right Doctor!

Okay so I normally don't have time to write reviews , but this time I just had to....... I meet severals of doctor but this one hands down stood out Dr. Thomas Mustoe very honest and explained the procedure made sure I understood everything and answered every question . Made me feel very... READ MORE

Two kids down tummy tuck age 22!

So hi guys I'm due for a tummy tuck in June! I chose Dr Mehboob due to knowing other people who have used him in the past who have said he's an amazing surgeon and I like their results i also think he's very professional in the manor he talks to you and described everything to me in detail!... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Lipo on Waist, Armpits ,back Plus Mini Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

Well I don't know where to start, Its been two years since I decided if I want to get some body work done. I have been battling my weight for years. In 2008 I got the gastro by pass. I was 330 at that time. I lost a lot of weight and got down 130 and look very sick. I started gaining weight... READ MORE

48 Yr Old Finally Getting my Tummy Tuck

Hi I have been following real self reviews and blog for the past year , I decided to write my personal blog because of all the helpful information I have received thru this forum . I'm 48 and its now or never for my tummy tuck with muscle repair ...im scared to death but I think quitting smoking... READ MORE

33 Year Old Post 100 Lb Weight Loss and 1 Child

Hi everyone, Just wanted to get a head start on sharing my experience. I am about 3 weeks away from my hard earned, well deserved TT. I achieved a 100 lb weight loss through diet and exercise. Took about 4 years. Then, I was actually scheduled for a TT two years ago when I found out I was... READ MORE

31 Year Old, 5'3" 140lbs. TT, Lipo of Flanks, Hips and Outer Thighs..Still Dreaming?

Hello friends. I have been a member of this site for a couple of years now. I have been mostly doing a lot of reading. I have read your stories and admired your results, looked at doctors; but it always seemed as if my dreams of fixing this body were just that, dreams. Well, today I booked my... READ MORE

Mother of 2 Undergoing a Tummy Tuck with liposuction of flanks

After long research and dreams of having a tummy tuck done, I can finally say it's going to happen. I'm 2 1/2 weeks away from my scheduled surgery date March 27th. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. I can't believe this is finally happening, omw to a flatter tummy!!!!!!! I've been... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Do Something for Me!

I am a fairly active 42 yr old and I hate that no matter how much I work out I still have this pudge gut to contend with! I just want my stomach to be flat with minimal scarring! I have wanted to do this for years but I kept putting any and everything before. I have decided that I deserve to be... READ MORE

35 - 3 Kids - 5'4 - 145 Lbs - Upcoming Hernia Repair/Abdominoplasty, Possible Breast Lift - Duluth, GA

Hoping I can eliminate most of my stretch marks and my disgusting, bulging hernia. Would also like to fix the "mom boobs". I got pregnant with my first child at 18, so I've had stretch marks my entire adult life. I was a full D cup before having children, but I moved up to a double D after... READ MORE

overweight and wanted a tummy tuck

I have yet to meet my team yet, but so far everything has gone well! I will be coming from out of town, staying in candlewood suites. I am having a tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks. Excited and nervous as I have a toddler to care for. My fiancé will be coming along with me! Researching ... READ MORE

31 with Two Csections Resulting in Abdominal Separation and Two Hernias

I had my 1st son right out of college 7 years ago and another 5 months ago on December 22, 2017. I ended up with a ventral and umbilical hernia along with abdominal separation. I was so insecure about my body and no matter how many times I worked out I sill had a pop belly. Yesterday I had... READ MORE

39yo, 4 Kids, 5 inch muscle repair, hernia repair, loving my results!!

After 4 large babies my poor belly has been stretched to the max. I have lost all the baby weight and then some but with my muscle separation I have the mommy "pooch" and extra skin that I can't correct without surgery. I had my first consultation for a full mommy makeover on August 8th with Dr.... READ MORE

whole game plan changed

I want to start of by saying Spectrum Aesthetics's sucks ! Lizbeth is my coordinator and she is a damn ghost I had to leave so many emails an VM it's ridiculous. I chose them because of Dr Ortega Board Certified and no deaths. I can't wait but it looks like Spectrum will be no help after I gave... READ MORE

40 in six months, time for a new me! - Baltimore, MD

This tummy tuck has been my dream for 10 year's after having my second son. I have two handsome boys by C-section. Which left my stomach Big and Fat. So before my 40th birthday, I need an early birthday gift. I am now 10 days post op from my tummy tuck and lipo surgery and my experience right... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck + Lipo and BBL - Mexico

26 and 2 kids - I could not accept the fact that I wold not be able t wear regular bikinis without getting nervous about all the skin and stretch marks I had. Besides that, my abdominal muscles were very open and the fat stuck out like crazy lol so I decided to get a tummy tuck. I live in... READ MORE

Possible TT, Liposculpture, and Maybe BBL or Breast Lift with Augmentation - Dominican Republic

So I am contemplating getting a TT and liposuction done. I am looking at Drs. in DR because I have seen so many people have great results with the doctors outside the United States. I guess I made the mistake of speaking with other people about it because all my family and friends are saying is... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Nurse, Mother of 4 Adult Daughters and Grandmother of 4 - Columbus, GA

I've been a fan to this site for about a year. Finally build up my nerves to have a Tummy Tuck performed in November. I had a consult first with Dr Pagedila in Columbus, Ga. Then I read reviews on Dr Cochran, which is in the same building with Dr Pagedila, and decided to have a consult with him.... READ MORE

Mcadoll/Cochran Cutie

I've been on RS for a while I had a BBL in feb 2015. And since then wanted a TT. I wanted to go to the DR but I just can't go that far away and I'm staying away from all the doctors in Miami cause from my experience with my BBL And the research & experiences I've had with consultations (or... READ MORE

29 y/o mother of 2 ready to have my body back!!

Hello All, I have been researching for over 5 years and stalking FB & RS for information. I had my heart set on going to get surgery in 2015 but circumstances got in the way. A little bit about myself, I'm 29 have 2 children and recently divorce. I have lost 60 pounds and would like to lose... READ MORE

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