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Dr has no manners


Outstanding results, excellent experience

Dr. Beck is amazing! His technique, attention to detail, use of modern medicine to alleviate discomfort, bedside manner, staff, his office, and the surgical center are all top notch. I'm almost 3 weeks post op and healing well. My scar is low and my belly button looks fantastic! No more loose... READ MORE

An artist!

Amazing doctor and staff. Couldn't be happier with the outcome! I had a tummy tuck and liposuction and i was very worried about the outcome, especially about how my belly button would turn out. One side of my scar has a slight dog ear appearance that I will go back to talk to him about. But... READ MORE

22yrs W/ a 5yr Old, Really Lose Skin...

Been on this site for months now, finally decided to crate an account. Frist plan was to go to Colombia because it was cheaper. Then found this site and called multiple surgeon because didn't feel comfortable. Emails/ phone calls were to push for me. Then found Dr. T and loved how we explain... READ MORE

39, 3 c-sections 5'7 1/2 190 tummy tuck/lipo

I've been on this site following the journey of others for over 2 years and I'm happy to start my own. I've met with several Doctors here in Chicago. I've decided on Dr. Weinzweig and made my deposit last week!!! I'm getting a tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo and lipo to my inner thighs. I know... READ MORE

41, 3 Kids, Diastasis Recti, and This Tummy Has to Go!

Since the birth of my 2nd baby, who was 10lbs 2oz, i have had a stomach. I figured it was my new normal and would eventually go away when I decided to get in shape. In 2012 I had my 3rd (and last) baby. Fast forward 5 years, I decided it was time to work out, finally focus on me. I joined an... READ MORE

One week post op

Im so amazed at how my body is transforming. Im glad I made the decision of having Dr. Mejia work on me. The quality of his work shows on your bodys way of healing. So far I have been to two follow up and I have one more to go before heading back home. Its a slow process dont rush it and listen... READ MORE

1 kid c-section - Miami, FL

Looking for this muffin top to go away I hate it can't see my (YOU NO WHAT????????) flat stomach here I come looking to get my happiness back???? I was told to lose 30lbs I have 21lbs to go wish me luck all???? have not got it done but I have heard mix things about this place most on the... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Dr Salama

Finally made my appointment with Dr Salama! Ill be having a tummy tuck on November 9th... I've literally been waiting 19 years for this and finally decided to just bite the bullet and do this for myself. I made my initial deposit today and have 6 weeks to complete payment ???? now I'm just... READ MORE

Progress after tt

Had tt on aug 15. No issues on the first day. Took pain meds for day 1 and 2 round the clock. Day 3 did not need any pain meds. Just took 1 Tylenol extra strength to sleep and 1 during the day Recovery has been very smooth. No pain now just tightness. Able to stand up pretty much straight .... READ MORE

35 Y/o 5'2" 130-ish Lbs, TT with MR & lipo of the flanks

I am 34 years old. I have 2 kids, 15 & 12. i weight 130 lbs. I had a microscopic hysterectomy 4 years ago (so no more chance of pregnancy) I have wanted a tummy tuck since after the birth of my second child. As you can see by my before photos i have loose wrinkly skin on my tummy. I didn't gain... READ MORE

36 Yo, 3 Kids (Including Twins)- Much Needed Tummy Tuck

It's taken me a while to get the guts to do this post. I am a 36 year old mom of 3 rambunctious boys (including a set of 2 year old twins) in Portland. With as much chasing, lifting and carrying as I do you would think I'd look like an athlete, well I don't. I have always been overweight but I... READ MORE

39yo, 4 Kids, 5 inch muscle repair, hernia repair, loving my results!!

After 4 large babies my poor belly has been stretched to the max. I have lost all the baby weight and then some but with my muscle separation I have the mommy "pooch" and extra skin that I can't correct without surgery. I had my first consultation for a full mommy makeover on August 8th with Dr.... READ MORE

55 Year Old with 4 Grown Up Children Having a Tummy Tuck with Lipo in Poland

Wanted a tummy tuck for a long time but with a growing family, relationships, buying houses, holidays blah blah blah, there was always some reason not too. It all came to a head whilst on my last holiday, I found myself miserable having to wear a full costume to hide my gut and stretch marks. My... READ MORE

Future Mallol Doll. Tummy Tuck, Liposculpture, BBL Jan 19, 2018

44 years old 5 kids 201 lbs 5'3" 40D Size L or XL in clothes (12/14) BMI 35.6. Currently taking meds for high blood pressure but it's under control last AC1 was 6% Well my deposit is paid and looking forward to my January surgery date. In the meantime, I have some work to do. Prohect 1:... READ MORE

46 yrs old, 135-145 pds, 2 teens, TT,muscle repair & Lipo

First day was excruciating even with Experol Dr. Bruno gave me. It may also be the fact that I only too one Vicodin. I was nauseous from the ride home bc the streets of Beverly Hills was very bumpy. I am still very sore & sleepy. My hubby said I look amazing & no bruises and lots of... READ MORE

49 Yr Old Mom to a Forever 25 Angel, and a Twenty Year Young Living Son

I've thought about doing this since my first one was born,as child birth was not good to my body. However after his loss in an automobile accident I can't no longer stand to look at the battle scars he had given me . They reminded me of all the battles I fought for him, and my soldier will... READ MORE

37 Y/O Love my Curves Finally on the flat side / Tummy Tuck/Lipo/Lipo on the Flanks

I am ready for this journey to begin and start my new physical life I am excited and what makes me stronger is reading everyone else going through same procedure it's very helpful somewhat holding hands with many of you and feeling I'm not alone Thank you to all of you for sharing as I will... READ MORE

34 Two Kids 130 Pounds but After the C Section It Was Very Hard to Find my Muscles Again

Ok so I just had my TT four days ago and it's not as bad as most people say it is all though my back is sore and you definitely have to move like a little old lady but I'm positive and on the rode to recovery I do however have a lot of bruising going on and my upper butt is pretty swollen. I'll... READ MORE

54 Yrs Old, 4 Babies, 2 C-sections

Since I would be on crutches for 3-6 weeks, I decided to put it off until school got out for summer. Yes, I am an elementary school teacher so teaching on crutches didn't appeal me.  At age 50, I started playing ice hockey and love, love, love it! I play 2 or 3 games every week. Well, as... READ MORE

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