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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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Like so many women here, I've lost weight, worked out, starved myself, taken laxatives, body cleanse and hide my naked body from my husband. Now that menopause is here, I see a pear shaped troll in the mirror and live in spandex under my clothes. I'm 5'3 (or at least used to be) and weigh 140... READ MORE

Greetings to anyone who might be reading my story! I am actually 10 days post op at this writing but that is because I have spent 2 hours on each of two previous occasions, writing my entire review, only to have it disappear and revert to the homepage (1st time) and then I deleted it myself on... READ MORE

I'm 35 years old and my youngest child of 3 is 2 years old. I had already researched a few doctors before I even got pregnant with her because I wanted a mini tuck or something similar. Only problem was that the time was up smoke cigarettes sold the healing process would not have been good so I... READ MORE

Met with Dr. Okoro May 2015 right after I have booked my breast augmentation with an Alabama doctor. He and his staff were so professional and took time to answer questions. I understand some would love to even be my size, and I thought I would be ok with my stomach... But I would just like to... READ MORE

So I go in for my tummy tuck on September 21st at 9:30am. I am using Dr. David Godat in Dallas. I have to say although I am very excited, I am extremely nervous. If you had to name something(s) you wish someone would have told you what would it be? Anything from what to do before surgery,... READ MORE

A am plus sized women but I am happy with my curves except on my waist. I have been working out, dieting never works for me. I have seen many inprovements on my arms and shoulders, but not in my waist! Saw my ps yesterday for my last visit before procedure. I got everything paid for! Now I just... READ MORE

Hi ladies, so after having my breasts done in Feb this year and knowing just how much better it's made me feel, I have now finally decided to go ahead with a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo to the flanks (hips) I have been doing research for months and months and was almost set on... READ MORE

I'm a 33 year old mum of 2, aged 13 & 7. I've wanted to do this for longer than I can remember. I've spent the best years of my life feeling like I have a body that doesn't reflect my age & I'm ready to change that. I've spent so long feeling conscious that I can't remember what it's like to... READ MORE

Hi, I am a mother of three kids, after my pregnacies, my stomach was not the same and I lost my confidence.So I finally decided to get a tummy tuck done. I booked my surgery for august 23 with doctor yamahata in sacrament,feeling excited but nervous at the same time. Just hoping I will get great... READ MORE

Hello ,realself sisters and brothers and welcome to my procedure review My background im from west Atlanta,Ga i live on the southside ,i work in healthcare (so i know a thing or two )Im 30 and i have no children, Procedures:1st round-Tummy Tuck,Liposuction of:sides and flanks... READ MORE

Hi, I am in Cape Town- South Africa. I am 8 days pre-op and the nerves are starting to kick in. Is anyone else on this site from SA? I was 110kgs and have come down to 72kgs. My tummy is my biggest problem. My legs are bum are small and that why I left that I had to do something about my tummy... READ MORE

I started scoping out procedures on this site a couple years ago. After going to a couple lypo consultations i realized that lypo would help but probably not make my tummy look the way I wanted. I had my first child at 22 via Csection, with the next two at 25 & 29 I had VBACs. Luckily stretch... READ MORE

Four days postop feeling great minimal pain taking meds as needed but antibiotics every 6 hrs happy with outcome was hesitant and nervous but once you're in don't have no time to think about it by the time you get back you're asleep and awake you feel a lot of tightness and burning from the... READ MORE

I've been a (lurking) member of RS since May of 2015, and I finally have my procedure scheduled with Dr. Almonte for October 12th. I'm having a tummy tuck with liposculpture if the flanks and back, and BBL. I'm excited, scared, overjoyed, elated, and terrified at the same damn time! LOL! Any... READ MORE

So many mixed feelings... First time writing and honestly, I never thought I would. I guess, trying to figure out what went wrong. So here it goes... I am a happy, energetic, perky, sassy, fit, 5' 4", happily marriage, 49 years young Latina woman, 133 lbs TT day, now 130. I work out hard core,... READ MORE

I had my consultamt with Dr. Vincent Naman today. I have decide to geta breat reduction goung from a 42dd to 36 C. I also asked him to give me a tummy tuck because I didn't want my stomach to look huge after the reduction. I am considered a Plus size girl wearing sizes 14/16 so 18 depending on... READ MORE

I wasn't going to start ma review this early but I got an email to start and figured maybe a can find a SX buddy along the way. I got a ways to go but ma flight is already booked (still doesn't feel real) and I would love to talk to others who has gone or will be going to Dra. Fatima Almonte.... READ MORE

So I am new on here. I am in the beginning stages, meaning I am currently looking at two doctors (dr Fatima Almonte and Dr. Duran). I am awaiting consultation from both. Once I have considered the options I will send my deposit to hold a date (the above date is probably likely, given what I... READ MORE

So I started another review before, which is full of information. But because I firstly though I would do this surgery in europa, it wouldn't appear at the right place. I have pics of myself on the other review though.So let me start again because I think Tania Medina de Garcia so far deserves... READ MORE

Hi!! I been reading on this website all day and just knew I had to join and share my story..first of all I'm 31, 5'1 and 160. I went to my consult for a breast aug and ended up wanting a tummy tuck! I didn't think it was possibly because of my weight even though I don't look 160. But my dr said... READ MORE

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