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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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After working out and having my last child 3 years ago I thought it was time to get Rid of this pouch. Back in 2009 I had breast implants by my doctor and they been holding up every sense no problems thank God. This year 6/27/2016 I had a Timmy tuck by the same doctor and once again he hit it on... READ MORE

I am a young mother of four kids ages fourteen, ten, eight and one and half yrs old. I carried all my children to term and breast fed each one for eleven months which left my breast deflated. I developed an umbilical/incisional hernia after my first pregnancy and the hernia got bigger in... READ MORE

Long over due full tummy tuck and breast lift with no implants. I have been working out for years I spen 1 1/2 hours in the gym every day. I have done every stomach excercise going. I have abs under there I can feel them. I just can't tighten the skin, I am very excited to finally get my body... READ MORE

In Feb 2016 I had lipo and BBL with a doctor in Miami. I was not pleased with the lipo, I felt like more fat could have been removed. Also the skin on my abdomen did not retract so I had wrinkles which was ugly. So I decided to take a leap and go to the Dominican Republic to get more lipo and... READ MORE

I am scheduled for a full TT with lipo and MR on 8/8/2016. I interviewed 5 board-certified plastic surgeons and choose Dr. Pyle, based on his results, demeanor, reviews, and feedback from those I found on this website. I have had 3 appointments at Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery so far, and... READ MORE

I been on RS following doctors and other women who have gotten a tummy tuck and/or lipo. I first started my journey about 5 years ago with lipo resolved "shots injected to kill fat". Didn't work and a lawsuit was brought up against the Overland Park location. No results for me. What I did... READ MORE

Pretty nervous trying to get some strength for my TT. I am 60 an had a rny gastric bypass 7 years ago I have maintained my weight. Been on this siteam for a long time. I have had 3 consultant over the years. I went to a seminar in July and loved what the doctor had to say. He only does one... READ MORE

I've been looking into tummy tucks a little over 13 yrs now. I decided that this year will be it. So far my coordinator (Lizbeth with Spectrum Aesthetics) has answered all my questions and I feel comfortable with my decision. Now that I made my $500 deposit I feel like a kid waiting on... READ MORE

Hey all. Im 27 & a size 10 i have been so self concious about my stomach for a long time now... Excercise & diet just isnt getting me results due to excess skin and its just getting me down and distroying my confidence. After lots of research and thought ive decided to go for a TT with... READ MORE

After having three children my body was not the same so I decided to get a tummy tuck with Liposuction. I am excited for this procedure and I'm excited for it to heal so that I can wear bikinis comfortably and feel confident about myself. Also because I had kids back to back I have a hole in my... READ MORE

I am a 30 year old skinny fat girl with a pouch, Even as a teenager. Now I have two boys 7 & 5, which is enough children for me. I Never felt confident in a two piece, hopefully this will allow me to wear crop tops/swimwear without hesitation. I hope this TT will help me regain my confident... READ MORE

Hello All! I've been on this site reading and following a lot of beautiful women on here. I live near Macon, GA and ready to get my groove back. I have lost about 62lbs since 2011 and had a breast reduction in Atlanta in 2011 (size 46H to 40DD). From all the weight loss I now am ready for... READ MORE

Mother of 4. All c sections. Two hernias. Much needed TT. Tired of people asking am I pregnant. Nooooo I'm not!!'m just a bit nervous because my hernia is close to my navel and it may not make it out of surgery. I'm not really excited about that. Hopefully it will. I'm getting closer to my date... READ MORE

Having lost 7 stone in weight, I have wanted a TT for over 10 years. I am a small uk size 8-10 and 5ft 11 tall but was left with lose skin I hated. When I saw Mrs Kat's work, I knew straight away she was the surgeon for me. I arranged an appointment to see her and was very impressed. She was... READ MORE

I'm nervous/excited hoping for the best of course.. Happy to find support and others in my situation to talk with and learn from. I've had a breast lift with a reduction previously with this dr about 10 years ago and still so happy with results. This seems so much bigger though maybe cause I'm... READ MORE

Had my consultation April, 28th!!! Dr.Spann was beyond amazing! He was thorough in everything we talked about. His expectations are even higher than mine!! I left the office feeling so positive! Now we all go in to this because we obviously are not happy with our appearance, when your plastic... READ MORE

Ok so i made a promise to myself that i would lose apprx 30 pounds before i turned 40 and after working out hard and eating good i ended up losing between 32-36 pounds Great!!! Well after the weight loss my stomach was nice but i had the dumb pooch that would NOT go away no matter how hard i... READ MORE

I've been researching for a couple of months now. I have chosen Dr. Khan for my surgery. Reading reviews from this site and many others. Real Self gives an idea of what to expect, so I decided to also share my story. I am not a "fit" mom. I can't say I eat healthy around the clock cause I... READ MORE

I have NEVER had a flat stomach whether I was 117 lbs to my current weight of 183 lbs. I have just been squared and narrow with no booty (inverted, V shape, GROSS). Im such a broad woman that Im praying to finally get a girly figure. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, lipo to back (upper and... READ MORE

I've always been thick waisted and even as a teen, wasn't comfortable in a bikini. I finally got sick of having my pants be tight in the waist and loose in the ass, so I decided to bite the bullet and do something about it. I'm 5'9", 183 lbs. I'm trying to lose as much as I can before my April... READ MORE

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