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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I feel very fortunate after looking through many pictures on this site at my results. I think it looks amazing!! I am 42 and my stomach has never been this flat! I was lucky enough to have the miracle drug Experal. After the first 24 hours it was virtually pain free. I went back to work after... READ MORE

I have finally decided to go ahead and have my surgery with Sergio Alvarez at Imagenes Cosmetic Cosmetic Center in Miami and I am so scared. I am from Colorado and I'll be staying with a nurse for the first 5 days and then I'll be in a Airbnb room (my sister will fly out to help me ). After... READ MORE

Hi dolls I 34 years old mother of two kids after giving birth my second baby my body change I not feel comfortable with my body like before I make my decision to have tummy tuck and lipo in Dominican Republic i decided to go to dr Alejandro Hernandez I talk before which yilly de los santo but... READ MORE

I've never had a super flat stomach, but after 2 kids I definitely don't! My abs are split, and the big belly is definitely hereditary. My mom and grandmother are small ladies, except for their bellies and I'm following in their footsteps. And I DON'T WANT THAT!!! I'm 5ft 5, weigh 155 -... READ MORE

42 yr old mom of 2 grown kids. Time to find me again. My weight has bounced around all my life and left me with droopy breasts and saggy skin on my abdomen. I researched the procedures for 16 years but didnt go through with it due to fear. This time I kept myself pumped up reading forums here... READ MORE

I have been researching liposuction for the past few years but just recently figured I really want the whole hour glass back so now I'm getting a extended TT and Lipo. I have major loose skin on my inner thighs which I hate so there's no need to go get a TT without getting that addressed as well... READ MORE

I've been every size between 0 and 14...currently about a size 8, 5'0" tall 132 lbs (hit the gym hard the past couple weeks and lost 4lbs / 1.5 inches off the tummy ...wooohooo!!)....and no matter what size I am, I still have a protruding, wrinkly looking belly....even more wrinkly when I lose... READ MORE

So excited, nervous, excited!!! I started this process 3 years ago and of course things kept coming up and I put this on hold, but I decided to just go ahead and get my new body!! I am 160lbs and 5.3, and hoping breast reduction helps alleviate my back and neck pain! TT and Lipo is because I've... READ MORE

Five years ago, I lost 140 pounds. I had become a Personal Trainer specializing in helping people who had big numbers to lose like I once did, and I was in the best shape of my LIFE. However, I had excess skin on my tummy, and my breasts. A friend of my family referred me to Dr Jose... READ MORE

I had a breast lift in Feb. 2015 by Dr. Stoeckel in Cary, nc. (Wake plastic surgery) It was the best decision ever. Now I am going to go to him for a tummy tuck. I wanted to see how I did with the breast lift surgery first, and since I feel like I did well, healed well, ect., l am ready to take... READ MORE

I had a wonderful experience with Dr.toy and his staff. My surgery went well and on time. My recovery is going well. They answered any and all questions and concerns I had leading up to the procedure, during and afterward. I would highly recommend. I struggled with research and finding the right... READ MORE

I have dreamt of having a tummy tuck since having my children (12 and 14). I'm 38 years old now and cannot believe I have finally done it! I never thought I'd see my pre pregnancy flat(ish!) belly again. No more big pants to tuck my apron into, no more smelly, sore skin infections underneath. I... READ MORE

I am 25 with three children... I am still young and i feel so uncoforitable with my body... My tummt was flat until child number one... I am in need of a fukky tummy tuck. I haven fekt comfortable going to the beach or to a club since 2010 and if i do go out i must wear 2 shapers minimum. They... READ MORE

My goals are to lose at least 5-10lbs before my surgery. Continue to eat healthy. My expectations will be to not have any hanging skin from my stomach after surgery! To be able to wear a bikini without my stomach gaming over my bottoms. Another expectation would be to have my umbilical hernia... READ MORE

Hello everyone !! I love reading everyone's stories and the before and after pictures. At first I was a lil nervous about this surgery but I'm just ready to get this over with ! I have a lot of strecth marks on my lower stomach and I'm ready to get as much as I can removed . I'm not really over... READ MORE

So far I have met with drs and have chosen my doctor. Scheduled my surgery date February 11th 2016. My preop appointment is February 1st. Feeling all kinds of ways. As for me I have been a size 4/5 my entire life until I had kids I had gained 55 pounds my first pregnancy and then gained more... READ MORE

I am having a hysterectomy with tummy tuck on 4/21/15. I am 5'4 and weigh 206 so I was expecting to be turned away by the ps to lose weight but he said I was a good candidate. I am a true pear shape and carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs. I had always had a fairly flat stomach with... READ MORE

200 lbs. weight loss. After an abdomneoplastyTT, arm & thigh lift, & hernia repair, I look & feel better than ever. 12 lbs. of skin & flab removed. Recovery & pain not as bad as I expected. Since 4 procedures done at same time recovery was 6 weeks. Dr. Trovato in Dallas,TX was my surgeon. Now... READ MORE

I went for a consultation in my home town ..the doc here told me my body didn't have enough fat to work with to have a great result...he also wanted to do the procedure seperately ..wasn't convinced if I wanted to go Tru with the procedure.and have two different recoveries ...I started... READ MORE

After I decided that I wouldn't have any more kids all I wanted is to work hard on my body. So I join the gym. I work so hard to the point that the gym wasn't helping anymore to make my belly flat. I realized I had to do my search on a tummy tuck. It's been 5 days after I had it done I'm so... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Tummy Tuck ranges from $4,500-$9,950 with an average cost of $8,100. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 13,854 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more