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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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First let me say that I am super excited!! Ok now that is out of the way, I have been wanting to have these procedures done for years but was so afraid and I allowed my fears to get the best of me. But not anymore I have researched many doctors and decided to go with Dr. Robles because of the... READ MORE

My second baby was 10.5 lbs and did a number on my belly. I'm athletic and have competed in running races from 5K to 15K and triathlons. My belly has always felt deformed, and no matter what eating habits I improved or exercise I did, my belly remained a floppy, ugly mess. It was time to get rid... READ MORE

I'm about to turn 35 in June and I have wanted a tummy tuck since 2006. I had another child in 2009 so now my stomach is even worse. I started searching for surgeons a year and a half ago but I came across this site maybe 6 to 8 months ago. I had a consult with the Dr. in Nov and he was just... READ MORE

I saw tons of reviews on different Doctors on RealSelf. After lots of research and following a number of Dr Ortega's patients, I felt confident that he was the Surgeon for me. I went online and started the process there by submitting my photos. Oh... Btw I'm outside of Chicago. I was... READ MORE

Hello everyone! My name is nashay, 26 year old single mother of 3 boys. Im fairly new here, and wanted to start my journey. After reading alot of reviews and post ive decided i wanted to join the family..,,:) ive been in search of a great surgeon for a while. Met with doctors here in orlando,... READ MORE

I am a recent married woman who got tired of carrying Wat I described a small person sitting on my lap! I am 175 pounds 5'5 1/2. And I'm pretty active so I don't have much fat else where. I gain about 15 pounds after my wedding and decided to work with it because I gained a nice but which... READ MORE

The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was extremely pleasant, lovely and accommodating. Any plastic surgeon can perform a basic tummy tuck....Yet, Dr. Cortes suck those troubled areas giving you an hourglass finish. Many other surgeons just tuck...leaving you with bulging flanks, upper back... READ MORE

My body just looked gross to me. I wanted to have cosmetic surgery for a while now. I finally did it yesterday but I haven't taken off my bandages or my binder yet so I haven't seen my results at all. I'm nervous and crossing my fingers that it turns out the way I envisioned it. Dr said he... READ MORE

Hello RealSelf Fam....I've finally made up my mind to have a tummy tuck. I work out and eat fairly well but have not been able to get rid of this gut! I put down a deposit with Vanity for Omulepu but then saw Salama so somewhat wavering here. I've read some not so positive things about Vanity... READ MORE

I am 47 years old, and have never had children. I have had some major fluctuations in my weight over the years, and things have not gone back the way they used to be after my last weight loss of 60 lbs. I have had my initial consultation that went really well, and have my date set. Nervous... READ MORE

It took me 2 1/2 years to lose around 150lbs through diet and exercise. I found Dr. K through a friend of mine who highly recommended him. I had 2 separate surgeries with Dr. K. My first surgery was an extended abdominalplasty. My 2nd surgery was a skin revision to remove excess skin to lift my... READ MORE

This is my first post and i am excited for the new changes. I have been stalking this site to see how it works and am astounded to see how productive and informative this is for all the ladies interested in getting surgery. I love the support given on here with no judgement. Which we all know... READ MORE

Just had a robotic hysterectomy(not due to cancer) just a little over 3 weeks ago. No real issues since. I have my pre-op with my PS in 1 week. I'm getting really nervous, my GYN has cleared me for the surgery, but my nerves is getting the best of me. I also have to travel (fly) 2 weeks... READ MORE

Dr Ramon Sabala is very nice and and makes you feel very comfortable I highly recommend him I had a very good surgery.. He responds fast to whatsapp messages and answers any and every question you have he doesn't an amazing job I'm still swollen but you can see that the results and gonna be... READ MORE

I have nothing but good things to say at this point ,the communication with Dr Robles team has been excellent and question that I have has been answered and her work looks great. I anticipated this surgery for over 5 yrs and finally after taking care of everyone else it's time for me to be happy!!!! READ MORE

Dr. Ahmadi, I cannot Thank You Enough… I am in my mid 50's and I am loving-the-new-ME! I absolutely love my new body after having my Lipotuck (Liposuction & Tummy Tuck (TT) combo) and an outer thigh lift. All my life I could never wear a 2 piece bikini or have my belly out because of a n... READ MORE

I have given my body to creating our beautiful family and now it's my turn! I'm a 32 year old mom of two young boys a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old. I am 5'6" and 150 lbs ( my goal weight). I have always had a tiny lower body and a heavier top half. Even when I weighed 115 lbs in my ealry 20s... READ MORE

Today I paid the balance for my TT. It "seals the deal" you could say. I have been eager to undergo this procedure for 3 years. After conquering an eating disorder and dropping half of my body weight my body is left disfigured. I should feel triumph, but instead every part of my body is a... READ MORE

I've wanting to do this since a had my second child but was unsure and hesitant. I think it was because I wanted to make sure I had all my kids before I do the procedure. My youngest just turned 1 & I'm 100% sure I want it done. I tied my tubes I'm satisfied with my3 Kids and bf. I take care of... READ MORE

I've been researching for months and found Dr. Hunsaker. I researched all I could on him and his staff. I have 1 child and I gained 100 lbs with him. I had a C section and i had an overlay we of skin right above my scar. I also had a tattoo on my stomach that I got when I was young and was... READ MORE

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How much does a Tummy Tuck cost?

The typical cost for a Tummy Tuck ranges from $4,500-$9,950 with an average cost of $8,100. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 13,812 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more