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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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Loving Early Results - Reynosa Tamaulipas, MX

I was very scared of going thru a tummy tuck, I've been thinking on it for the past 4 years and always thought the pain, recovery time and scar was not worth it... this years I finally decided on it and I couldn't be happier. I can honestly say that I wans't in pain, just uncomfortable standing... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Day by Day Recovery - Tulsa, OK

Im going to try to update everyday for the next week or so to give others an idea of what to expect. Day 1. ( overnight at hospital) Surgery day. Slept all night. But did get up and sit in the chair and walked around the room some. Day 2. Coming home day. A bit sore getting into the truck but... READ MORE

Lost 200 Lbs Finally Got my Tummy Tuck After Waiting 5 Years! - Morehead City, NC

I hope you have your reading glasses on! Haha! So 6 years ago I made a decision - the decision to change my life for the better. I weighed just under 400 lbs and was only 26. I had carried around all of that weight for far too long. Life in general was hard, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs... READ MORE

Not Happy About my Tummy Tuck Results So Far

So I had an abdominoplasty 12/16/2016 and to date I am not pleased with the results so far. I know it takes time for residual swelling to subside but I'm not pleased with some of the progress. The procedure itself went well. The drains were removed after about 2 weeks, I wore my abdominal... READ MORE

"Treat Yo Self!"

I ahve always had a gut... and I have always hated my stomach. After finding out that the procedure wasnt all that expensive I started thinking, "maybe on day it will be possible." Well, while watching a vlog and admiring the antagonist's shape and mulling over the fact that I have wanted that... READ MORE

30,4kids,screaming Tummy Tuck

I had gotten the pleasure of meeting ( Dr Mallol) ,,, in person from a family member of mine, that he has recently done work on , I can honestly say it was wonderful,,,,First & Foremost,,,,I would Love to say I have trust that Dr Mallol would hit all the key points, of my over grown belly..... READ MORE

35 YO, 2 Kids, 2 C-sections, 123 lbs, 5'2", Ready to Get My Body Back

I was one day away from sending in my deposit with the first doctor I had a consult with when I was able to get an appointment with a different doctor. I decided to switch to the second doctor, he gave me much more detailed info regarding my abdominal repair and he just made me feel so... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, MR, Liposuction, BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been researching Plastic Surgeons for the past two years. After the birth of my children my body was a wreck! Although I am afraid to go overseas, I love the results the Dominican Republic doctors deliver. I emailed and whatsapp'ed Dra. Duran, Dr. Cabral and Dra. Yily on 9/2/16. I told... READ MORE

30 Years Old. 5', 127 Lbs. One Child, C-section.

After having a c-section 10 years ago, I have never been able to get my pre-baby body back. The skin on my abdomen had lost all elasticity and no matter how much I exercised or dieted, it just looked horrible. After consulting with a few surgeons, I came to terms that a tummy tuck was my last... READ MORE

36 Year Old Who Had 4 Kids

EEEEEEKKKKKK 2 more days!!!!!!! So many emotions, I am excited, nervous, and scared. I am trying to mentally prepare myself but so NERVOUS about getting put under. I got a few meds but not as many as others so that worries me that I'm not as prepared as I should be. My Dr. only prescribed 1... READ MORE

Mother of two with Diastasis Recti, Umbilical Hernia, and saggy skin getting a tummy tuck and lipo on flanks!!

Dr. DeLuca-Pytell was very informative during my consult a week ago. She described my procedure in great detail and made me feel comfortable. After examining my midsection she suggested that I would benefit from some lipo on my flanks to give an all around better look. I was excited just to have... READ MORE

36, 5 Kids - TT Muscle Repair and Lipo- Raleigh, NC

I have been following this site for almost a year. The posts here and everyone sharing has helped me learn so much. I have a dr picked out that I feel great about, so I think that is one of the harder aspects. I had a consult with him in June of 2015 and felt very good about him. So now I am... READ MORE

50 Years Young, Mom of 1 Grown Son, Ready to Be Even More FABULOUS - Chicago, IL

My expectations are going to be long overdue!!! Been wanting the TT, Lipo, & BBL for 21 years + It's finally becoming a reality!! Super excited and extreme nervous at the same time!!! I will be posting before photos soon. I'm excited for the after photos. 2017 will literally be the year for... READ MORE

35 Mom of 2 getting nipped and tucked in Miami

Awesome recovery! My doctor prescribed great meds so I don't have pain. If I have questions or concerns, I can call or text him and he responds quickly. I even went in to the office before my scheduled appointment for peace and mind, and he was fine with that. Dr. Salas cut the incisions... READ MORE

34yo No Children, Tummy Tuck with Vaser Lipo to Waist, Flanks and Double Chin.

I am extremely happy with the result of my tummy tuck with lipo to waist, flanks and double chin. I have always been an apple shape with "two tyres" around my belly and now I am an hour glass shape which is exactly what I wanted. Preop I weighed 88.5kg, height 168, BMI 31.5, bust 43 inches,... READ MORE

36 Years Old About to Hit 37, 3 Cesarians

I have had my gall bladder & stones removed, 3 cesarians, tubal ligation and a hysterectomy; which means I have a lot of scar tissue. I am a gym rat and I workout 5-6 days out of the week. However, no matter how much you workout, that excess skin is going to be there. I was referred to Dr.... READ MORE

Future Almonte Doll- 30, No Kids, Tummy Tuck, Full Liposculpture and BBL After Weight Loss - Dominican Republic, DO

After months of researching I've decided to go with Dra. Fatima Almonte. My date is set for February 9th, 2017 and I'm looking for a surgery buddy. I will be staying at Serenity II. I've lost 85 pounds so far and am currently at 178. I hope to lose 20-30 more pounds prior to my tummy tuck, lipo... READ MORE

41 and Ready for a New Me. Duluth, GA

I had a consult with Dr. Whiteman today. I am so excited about the changes that will soon take place. I had gastric bypass and lost 80 pounds so far. My starting weight was 350 pounds. It is wonderful to be able to have so much energy. The only hinderance is this excessive pannus I carry... READ MORE

140 Pounds Gone, And STILL not happy with my body

I have a consultation set up for February 9th. I'm excited and scared. I'm so afraid of paying to have something done and still hating my body, I feel like some of the tummy tucks on people my height/ weight look GREAT, but the few bad ones I have seen make me worry... I'm 24 years old , with no... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old 2 Kids Much Needed - Dominican Republic, DO

I have being doing a lot of research for a couple yrs on Dr's in DR that I'm interested on getting sx with, u named it, n probably I have look @ it already. My search narrow down to Cabral or Duran. I have got a quote from Cabral but my heart is leaning toward Dra, Duran I mean I love her work... READ MORE

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