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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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Had too much extra skin. I'm about 125lbs and 5'2. My kids are 2.5 years old and it wasn't getting better. Ive gained about 10 lbs trying to get it to look less wrinkly, which did help a tiny bit, but then I just had a little pouch of fat too. I'm 2 weeks post op now and I loooove looking at... READ MORE

Mother of 2 grown kids.. Very supportive husband. My life is great except for my body! I haven't gotten anything done yet.. I'm praying mid July ( cross finger). This is my story... 48 yrs old mother of two beautiful kids (grown) and a very supportive husband who backs me up 100%. I've... READ MORE

Hey ladies. My story starts out the way most of ours do. Busy mom of 2 tiny humans, good clean diet and plenty of exercise- but nothing is helping with this tummy! At 5'1 and 145 lbs, I carry a lot of my weight in my stomach (& legs and butt...yay me). Before I had my children, I was actually... READ MORE

I am a petite mom of 2. I am 5' tall and both of my babies weighed in at over 10 lbs. I had a c-section with each birth so needless to say my mid section has been thru a lot! I gained almost 70 lbs while pregnant this second time ...yes I said 70 and I was able to lose all the weight (yaay me!!)... READ MORE

Hello Friends I'am a divorce mother of two beautiful young adults, so I decided it was now my time to something for me three years ago I did my breast augmentation which I just love, now in june I'll do my tummy which I'am looking forward to ;-) for those thinking about surgery research your... READ MORE

I will never be a small girl but after having my huge skin flap removed, I feel like a normal person. I am 5'9" and was 234# at the time of surgery. 7.5 pounds of skin was removed and my amazing doctor gave me the perfect shape for someone of my size. Now 3 months later, I still have swelling... READ MORE

Had my consultation April, 28th!!! Dr.Spann was beyond amazing! He was thorough in everything we talked about. His expectations are even higher than mine!! I left the office feeling so positive! Now we all go in to this because we obviously are not happy with our appearance, when your plastic... READ MORE

My consultation went great! I feel the DR gave me realistic expectations. My goal is to stay on my current routine of being conscious of what I eat and workout moderately. I'm beyond nervous!! This forum has two sides, a blessing and a curse. LOL!!! Its very informative and very scary at the... READ MORE

I've been researching surgeons for over 20 years. I thought I had found the right one, and I have no real reason for not going with "Dr. Gervais," other than wanting a woman. I just believe women are better finishers. So, I'm going to have my surgery done with Dr. Harrington and I'm very excited... READ MORE

So I've basically hated my mommy tummy for over 9 years. I've never worn a bikini my entire adult life. I've never bought cute clothes because it make want to cry when try things on. I've also got a pancake booty which I never cared for but nothing could even compare to how terrible my belly... READ MORE

I've maintained my weight in a reasonable range most of my life but no amount of diet or exercise would address the stretch marks and loose skin on my abdomen from having my children. I've debated for a couple of years the pros and cons of the surgical options and kept hoping for a miracle... READ MORE

Let me began by saying honesty is the key, and if anyone is here to judge please don't read my story. I have battled with my weight sense childhood. November 2007 I chose to have a gastric bypass because the weight wasn't coming off fast to me from working out. So, a couple of my friends were... READ MORE

I will be 40 in June and I am planning on celebrating bikini style. 3 kids with 3 csections has left me with a hangover and mommy squishy belly. 160lbs and 5'5 with my heaviest being 215. I have found my courage, doctor and financing on realself. I plan to pay it forward by sharing for the next... READ MORE

For starters I want to give a shout out to all past and present patients of Dr. Pantoja. I have been researching my options for about a year and because of you, Nadia, and Dr. Pantoja's experience the decision was easy. I researched several surgeons and had many virtual consults but in the end... READ MORE

I looked into a tummy tuck years back. I went in for a consultation and was told I didn't need a tummy tuck but could benefit from lipo. I never did it, instead I got a breast reduction. I was very pleased with my results. I always worked out and lost some weight after my breast reduction. I was... READ MORE

I had two kids and then I had my 9 year old 14 years later! Big stretch yea I know my body went topsey turbo on me real quick! I debated went to a p.s twice which she pretty much told me the cost and that was it! So years past by and I was given a name of a p.s here in op ks he was more than... READ MORE

Here is my "Ask a Doctor" question: http://www.realself.com/question/goodyear-az-5-32-yo-roughly-43-44-waist-30-33-waist I’m Asian, 5’ 188-190 lbs 32 yrs old. I had 2 boys, both c-sections; last one was 6 years ago. I’m roughly 43-44.5” around the waist and I want to get down to in between... READ MORE

I was originally scheduled for a tummy tuck with dr Chavez at vanity but after the recent death she had I've had a change of heart and decided to go with dr llorente at new life plastic surgery . I've been talking to Elaina she is truly amazing she's replies instantly everything has been smooth... READ MORE

After doing some research I decided to go with Dr. Hughes based on his experience, reviews and education. I live 4 hours away from LA and drove down for my consult. My first impression of the clinic was it was clean and the staff was very friendly. Dr. Hughes explained and answered all my... READ MORE

5 years ago I started to really examine my health. Maybe because I'm getting older, maybe because my kids started to pay attention to my choices or maybe because I fell in love. Whatever the reasons were, I got serious! First thing I did was quit smoking. After 20 years that was super scary! But... READ MORE

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