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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. The surgery is frequently performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by umbilicoplasty. Other procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation are often performed at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a mommy makeoverLEARN MORE

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So Pleased with my Results Because of Dr. Mallol

Let's just say I never traveled outside of the United States before. Having been in depression, I was looking to upgrade my appearance as a Christmas gift to myself. When you arrive in thr DR your driver will take you straight to Dr. Mallol. Jose my driver is bilingual. He is awesome,... READ MORE

Ready for a new tummy!!!

Im am looking for a good tummy tuck doctor in columbus ohio. I have been contemplating this decision for a long time now. I think im ready to put down a down payment with the right doctor. The right doctor should be: 1) passionate about his work. 2) talented 3) have a procedure that can work... READ MORE

big mistake

I've been looking to have a tummy tuck since 2011 After having my first child. I had a bbl sometime in 2012 where I was told I couldn't have the tummy tuck along with the bbl because I only had one child and I was young so there was a chance I would change my mind about having a second child. I... READ MORE

Going to see Yily, Please anyone give me your feedback

I chose Yily based on references. I know 2 people who have gone to her and look great, also because it is cheaper. I can't say that I am 100% confident things will turn out how I want perfectly but I am most hopeful with her. I was also interested in Cabral but I don't feel the same sense of... READ MORE

35 year old had 2kids need for a tummy tuck

My surgery date was 3/21/17 for a tummy tuck and lipo my dr.tamara dawil she did a very great job still swelling .. but so far I am very happy with the results so I can't wait for the swelling to go down... I lobe my results READ MORE

Dr. Dorner is amazing! No regrets!

Where to start... Well I'm 30 years old, no kids, I have lots almost 70 pounds since March of this year! I've been overweight for majority of my life :( with this weight loss I am left with a bunch of saggy skin under my belly button and some very stubborn fat around my belly button that just... READ MORE

33 Yr Old with 3 Kids. 168lbs 5ft4in

TT & Lipo to hips. Procedure done 4-13-17Ever since I was 7, I've had a lop sided tummy due to an appendectomy scar. My first child was my biggest baby and she stretched me out quite a bit. Then onto have to having two more babies. I honestly never disliked my stretch marks just always... READ MORE

I'm 42 a mother of 3 Having a c section really wrecked my stomach so I am getting a tummy tuck and bbl

I'm not sure if I will be able to get any work done being that I'm losing my eye sight do to a hereditary a disease that I have.. I have made a appointment with my PC on March 21 2017 please pray for me. I really want this done. I have 3 kids and having kids can have a toll on your body ?? But I... READ MORE

How my Hysterectomy Will End with a Tummy Tuck - Thibodaux, LA

I'm 45 with three children, two born C-section. The skin of my belly and pons pubis (the area of fatty tissue above my vagina) were stretched badly during the C-section. For the last 15+ years I've hated my belly, it hangs over and makes me self conscious, but even worse was the pons pubis. It... READ MORE

31 Female, 164lbs, 5'6, breast Lift No Implants, Abdominoplasty-full, Mons Lift, Lipo of Hips & Flanks - Oklahoma

I've read so many amazing and also some scary stories on this site and have so much respect for all you ladies. I was iffy on actually adding my own story but felt like I should. I am so inspired by so many of the stories I have read on here and they have helped me so much in deciding to finally... READ MORE

35 year old scheduled TT

I consulted with Dr. Smoot based off a referral from a friend. I really liked the doctor, felt at ease, and felt confident in her expertise. The most important thing was that she really listened to me and what I wanted. I'm a little nervous-I'm not overweight and I don't have a lot of large... READ MORE

23 Year Old with 3 Kids; 4, 2, & 5 Month Old - Miami, FL

After my daughter I just gained all of this weight, it makes me so uncomfortable because I've never been this big before! I'm praying dr fisher makes me have a flat tummy again. He has a lot of great reviews which helped me choose him. I do have a lot of questions I want to ask as well myself,... READ MORE

4 Weeks and Counting

Im planning my first plastic surgery procedure on April 7. Highly anticipating this work, to jump start my mommy make over. I'm in Brooklyn, New York.. I'm pleasure to have settled with Dr.Sandu for this procedure.. He seems very patience, calm, helpful, easy going, just a calm spirit. Not to... READ MORE

Bye bye tummy! Hello sexy me!

Hey RS ladies. I am normally a very private person but you ladies have been so much help to me I wanna share my experience in the hope it helps someone else. I just had my full tummy tuck on Thursday (3/16) and all I can say is reading about it is totally different than actually experiencing... READ MORE

38 Year Old TT and Lipo of Flanks and Back UK

I am hoping to get rid of my kangaroo pooch which was a result after my second child because he was born via C-Sec. And also my 'muffin top' just won't shift and I feel so ashamed, not sexy, and disappointment to my husband, sex mostly must be in the dark and I just want to feel sexy again and... READ MORE

47 Yr Old Mother of Three...... and 90 Lb Weight Loss

I am a mother of three sons. All were big babies one was 9lbs 6 ounces. I gained a lot of weight with each pregnancy also. I lost the weight and gained it back over the years (20) Recently lost 60 lbs again. I got very tired of being very toned under all that skin and decided to do something... READ MORE

27 Year Old Mom of Three /twins - Miami, FL

I am two months away from my sx with new life ... I was about 260 lbs after my twins I lost about 100 lbs gained some back for the curves but after 3 years of being indecisive.. I have finally made the decision to move forward ... I chose new life because it has nothing but great reviews ..... READ MORE

So Ready!

Have 6 children of my own i am done. Ready for a tummy tuck and lipo. Had first consult going for a flat tummy get rid of belly fat as well. Have been thinking about this for 2 years. I have done my research on the procedure and the doctor. After careful consideration i weighed the risks and i... READ MORE

2 C-sections, Rectus Diastasis and Loose Skin. - Golden Valley, MN

I am proud mother of two kiddos. I gained 80lbs with each kiddo. I lost my weight after both and weigh 117lbs but with the weight gain my abdomen muscles got separated. I did my homework and visited with other physicians (i am in the medical field) and decided to do research on Dr Tholen. I... READ MORE

Mcadoll/Cochran Cutie

I've been on RS for a while I had a BBL in feb 2015. And since then wanted a TT. I wanted to go to the DR but I just can't go that far away and I'm staying away from all the doctors in Miami cause from my experience with my BBL And the research & experiences I've had with consultations (or... READ MORE

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