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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Ortega is awesome! He is very down to earth and makes you feel comfortable. He's very informative, very professional! I would definitely give him 10 stars! Everything was on point. He well definitely look out for your best interest. I was thinking I would've been able to get my drains... READ MORE

I wasn't going to start ma review this early but I got an email to start and figured maybe a can find a SX buddy along the way. I got a ways to go but ma flight is already booked (still doesn't feel real) and I would love to talk to others who has gone or will be going to Dra. Fatima Almonte.... READ MORE

Hello dolls current, former and prospective! I've been creeping around in the background of this site for a while, envying everyone who's been brave enough to get work done. After some thorough (I certainly hope it's as thorough as I think it is at least!) research, I landed on Dra. Medina for... READ MORE

Finally this is happening! This doesn't feel real. So here's a little background.. I have always had a large stomach even when I was a kid. It only got worse after having my children. I had my first child at 17, I was left with extremely bad stretch marks & my stomach hung even lower. With... READ MORE

I'm getting a BBL in 6 weeks and planning to get a tummy tuck next year. I see some great doctors and results on here. A friend of mine referred me to Dr Minniti to replace my breast implants but I decided to do a BBL instead lol even tho I probably need a tummy tuck more than either of those. I... READ MORE

I am 5'7" 155 lb 3 children woman I turn 50 this year! I'm determined to look my best and I've got some work to do to get there. I have noticed my skin is becoming rippled and lax the older I get so I am going to start going to a gym and see if it don't help. It's been 2 years almost to the... READ MORE

I can not say anything bad. The staff is amazing. The moment you walk in the door you will fall in love wit them. Dr Gerut is just so nice, honest and his work is out of this world. Right after surgery my nurse held my hand the whole time and made me feel at ease. Dr Gerut's PA sat with me... READ MORE

Just heard about this site...just got tummy tuck this Tuesday, May 10. Drainage tubes out today and stopped pain meds today. Just logging in to see what others are going through too. Pain meds made me VERY nauseous! Also my upper abdomen seems to be more painfull than lower. Like it's... READ MORE

I met with Dr. Gunn today, her and her entire staff were absolutely amazing. Answered all of my questions and I am looking forward to the surgery. I had two c sections that were emergency and gained over 70lbs with each child, yes I was at every Buffet possible ???? A full tummy tuck with... READ MORE

After much research on this site I decided to back out of my scheduled tummy tuck surgery, I was scheduled here in Norman, Oklahoma with Dr. James Magnusson. My sister got her breasts done with him a couple months ago and is very pleased with her results. I was scheduled for 4/14/16 for the cost... READ MORE

So far everything has gone as planned. I'm nervous and anxious and excited! I was going to go with Dr Cochran but I looked at his partners work and decided to go with him. The scar placement is really a big deal for me. I have 5 days to go ???? I'll update with before and after pictures.... READ MORE

I have been stalking ppl pages, because I'm so scared of my surgery. .. more so scared of not waking up after surgery. . I'm having a breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time.. I can imagine the pain... I will be up loading my b4 pictures in a couple day.... my PS is Dr withers.. so... READ MORE

I'm 5'4" with weight fluxing between 124-128lbs slightly curvy at 34x28x37. I'm physically fit. I had my second (and last) child later in life at age 38 and it was a c-section. Unfortunately, my stomach area never bounced back like it did with my first child (age 31) and there was also a... READ MORE

Need the stretch marks and lose skin bye bye.. see result what I put in the gym.. make my self happy and feel better as a do.. no more kangaroo pouch when I wear dresses.. not be self caution what I wear.. I know the surgery & healing will be painful but its worth it.. Have goals I what to... READ MORE

I became a member of Realself not too long ago, but I’ve actually been stalking this site for years. I was looking for ways to get rid of my stretch marks, and I was led to this site. I mostly admired all the brave and beautiful women on here who have gone through this procedure. But, I n... READ MORE

Hi I'm 31 with 2 children my 1st 1 was born at 10lb14 and as I was only size 8 at the time you can imagine my tummy was left a bit of a mess!! I was left with an umbilical hernia and muscle separation Nothing would shift my mum Tum! I always knew I wanted another child so decided to wait till... READ MORE

Hey ladies! After all the research on looking for doctors i knew Ortega was the one since the first time i found him on here. I'm putting my deposit down and booking a date for Probably oct-nov. I'm so excited! I've been dreaming of getting a tummy tuck for yrs now! I'm a mommy of 3 24yrs old... READ MORE

4 years ago I had my son. I was 129 lbs before I had him and a size 4. Now I am 130 lbs and have to wear 9-11 just to fit my stomach. I live everyday thinking about my stomach. I hide it pretty well in clothes but it's so uncomfortable. Monday morning I am calling to schedule a consultation and... READ MORE

I had an umbilical hernia and needed it surgically repaired. At the consult, I discussed with the surgeon my abdominal muscle separation and pain at my c-section scar. I am in the Army and when I did sit-ups, my stomach would form a tent instead of a board... not good! I also had excessive... READ MORE

My consultation went great! I feel the DR gave me realistic expectations. My goal is to stay on my current routine of being conscious of what I eat and workout moderately. I'm beyond nervous!! This forum has two sides, a blessing and a curse. LOL!!! Its very informative and very scary at the... READ MORE

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How much does a Tummy Tuck cost?

The typical cost for a Tummy Tuck ranges from $4,500-$9,950 with an average cost of $8,075. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14,049 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more