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39 year old mom of 3...set of twins 5'3" 179lbs - San Antonio, TX

Hi everyone!! I have been wanting to do this for years!!! Just never thought I would have the money to do it. I had my first son when I was 15 and my lower belly got stretch marks and a saddle bag. I handled it...but then at 21 my twins came and so did my gallbladder troubles. I had my first... READ MORE

Over 40, 5'9, 239lbs, 80 Lb Weight Loss, 4 Kids (10 to 13lb births) and hernias did my Body In! Mommys turn to feel great!

I'm only 2.5 days post-op right now. I've wanted this surgery for 9 years unfortunately income and shoddy credit prevented me from such an expense. I also felt selfish as a mother doing something so "extreme" for myself. Turns out, caring for myself isn't extreme. After a huge weight loss and... READ MORE

63 Years Old, 4 Pregnancys, So Ready to Get my Body Back

Consult on Thursday with Dr Carmina Cardenas. I have had 3 other consults and just have not found the PS for me. I have been reading reviews on Real Self and researching doctors for about a year. I have spoken with Rocio from the office and she has been very helpful and friendly and is very... READ MORE

TT, lipo to upper back flanks and love handles, fat grafting to face

This is my first RS post. Don't get me wrong, I've stalked the site for quite some time but never posted my story. I'm a 44 yr old female, two children by Caesarian so that was the beginning of my stomach issues. Cough it up to good genes or luck but I never had stretch marks on my stomach, nor... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck 9/5/17

Hello! My friends call me LF. I am new to RealSelf, however have been considering a tummy tuck for quite some time now and heard that this was the best resource for anything plastic surgery related! I am a mother of an 11 year. My body changed drastically after giving birth. I had a breast... READ MORE

33 years old, 2 kids-tummy tuck with additional lipo :)

I gained a lot of weight with my first born, and my second born was almost 10 pounds. I'm so excited, but so nervous to finally be getting a tummy tuck! I've wanted to do this for years, but something always came up and (as us moms often do) everyone else's needs came first. I've lost and... READ MORE

44.. 2 Kids..finally Getting my Pre Baby Body Back

Always up and down with my weight..lost 20 lbs last yr and was at 123, had loose skin and looked horrible so i slowly Gained it back, now I'm 143 and still miserable because now I'm chubby.. I've wanted this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it and can't be any more excited.. just don't... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Momma of 3

I'm so ready for the flesh colored fanny pack to be removed! One day it appeared and it loves me so much it doesn't wanna leave! Preparing for it to go!!! Dear Flesh Colored Fanny Pack, You appeared when I started having my babies. With each baby that you covered for 9 month, you continued... READ MORE

42 yo / 1 child / full TT with lipo

Ive been stalking this site for 5+ months an have I finally decided to post. After years of exercise & eating clean & mostly healthy, going to forgo the trainer for awhile & get some other help! :) I've always felt like my limbs would quickly get in shape but my tummy never seemed to want o... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After 2 Kids

This website helped me so much with my 1st surgery on my breasts so I'm documenting again for my 2nd surgery! Looking to get a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo. Also looking to have my belly button fixed. It's always been kind of a weird innie/outie combo so I'd like them to give me... READ MORE

I was gonna do bbl but opted for fleur de lis tummy tuck with Lipo plus adding fat to hips- Atlanta, GA

I have always been self-conscious about my butt. I do not know how I stumbled upon this site a year ago, but ever since, I have been addicted. One thing I don't like though is that a lot of the women that are in my weight range will post before pics but you never see the after shots. I promise... READ MORE

26 Year Old 2 Kids 157lb Tummy Tuck - Miami, FL

So I'm planning to do a tummy tuck with two area of lipo. I'm a really nervous but very exited to do it. The main reason to do it is because I have a lot of stretch mark in my belly do to the pregnancy. The good news is that they are below the belly bottom so they will be removed. I also lost... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mother of 7 ( Yes 7 Kids) 5'3" 115lbs

After years of pregnancies and nursing babies, it definitely took a toll on my body! I have always been very conscious about my weight and staying healthy and fit and feel like I did everything in my power to keep my body in the best shape I could. Regardless of my efforts the body can only take... READ MORE

43, 3 C-sections, and I'm Finally Getting my Tummy Tuck - Rapid City, SD

I really don't know where to start. I have never been skinny, and that's ok. I had three large babies complete with three large c-sections. Even before babies I have had a tummy. Even at my lowest ev3er weight I had a belly. Always I have felt the need to hide my gut. You can have a beautiful,... READ MORE

After YEARS of Wishing; It's Finally my Turn! 39 Yo, 150 Lb, 5'5" Mom Getting TT with Lipo of Flanks

Oh my gosh. Can't believe I'm sitting down to do my own review. Seems like I have been living vicariously thru y'all, watching you transform so beautifully, for the last 5 years. I've read and re-read so many reviews; it's now my turn to give back. My belly story is like most here: the... READ MORE

Dr Ortega Doll

My experience at spectrum was pretty good.. The staff was friendly and Dr Ortega was really good also. I also recieved a massage with Gloria and was great. I will not be able to see my final results at least 3mo post op!!! Praying for amazing results. I feel Dr. Ortega was very knowledgeable... READ MORE

Extended TT and Lipo , 2 kids, 5'8 200 lb

I've considered this surgery for at least 3 yrs - ready to live without belly blues and overcoming repeat start and stops in exercise and healthy lifestyle because I don't see the results. Met with Dr Pratt and his team at the Refine Institute several weeks ago, inquiring about lipo only. I did... READ MORE

Can't wait to be on the flat side! 48 yr old sick of this blobby tummy

I am a mother of two wonderful healthy teenage boys 15 &17) I love them dearly :) I live in Ireland and am planning to travel to Lithuania for my tummy tuck with lipo in September 2017 I've decided this is the year I do something about it for once and for all, nothing shifts the flab no... READ MORE

42 Year Old and Still Have Baby Fat and Belly.

So I've been lurking this site since 2015. After careful consideration I feel I'm ready to take that step this in the matter of months to be exact. I want to begin my journey with likeminded awesome people like you guys. Never thought I'd be asking strangers for advice about my gut lol. I'm so... READ MORE

33 Yrs : Tummy Tuck and Traditional Lipo Flanks/abdomen

My scheduled appointment is for September 20 (2 weeks) not nervous today but maybe close to date. I have 2 kids (4 and 11) my only concern was being given the anesthesia I was terrified of being put to sleep (want to come back home to my children) , but after speaking with Dr.Roman he eased that... READ MORE

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