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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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Hello real self family I'm 41 with five children and a hubby who adores me in need of a new tummy. I have been stalking this site for a while and finally made a decision to just do it. I was as heavy as 220 with pregnancies and am now 190 and counting down the pounds and days to a better me. I... READ MORE

Hey RealSelf world. So just started reasearching this whole plastic surgey world about 8 months ago and I've gotten really serious about 5 weeks ago. I've been consistently gaining weight over the past year. I've never really gotten back to my pre pregnancy size and my oldest will be 15 in... READ MORE

Finally decided it's about time to get my tummy tuck done.im a mom of three, 18yrs,14yrs,7yrs old. I'm having no more children. I'm have lost weight and currently losing weight. I work in the medical field and I know about this procedure, which makes me more nervous. Just knowing too much, lol... READ MORE

I am ready for this Fat to go! I work my butt off at least 5 days a week and I see little to no change in my tummy area. I have a few supporters who understand my pain but I also have those who are totally against having surgery. I have one more consultation to decide who I am going to go with,... READ MORE

Real Selfer’s, There is just a level of confidence and inner comfort that you possess when your body accentuates your personality and inner self. Of course my husband says I am fine the way I am and I am thankful for that, but I define my own “fine the way I am” and my current shape is... READ MORE

Im 22 years old. I currently way 288. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, fat transfer to butt and breast. Lipo of back, arms a thighs( I'm really not o sure about the thighs doe) I don't wanna pay more than 7500 for everything. Everything includes travel, procedure, garments, Meds, recovery house... READ MORE

Finally doing this for myself. Been wanting this for a very long time. Love my body but this pouch has to go. Sad part is, it didn't come from child birth. I'm a slim thick body type but I've ALWAYS had this pouch. This has been a long time coming and my dream is getting ready to be a reality.... READ MORE

Met with Dr. Okoro May 2015 right after I have booked my breast augmentation with an Alabama doctor. He and his staff were so professional and took time to answer questions. I understand some would love to even be my size, and I thought I would be ok with my stomach... But I would just like to... READ MORE

A lil about me : Im a 41 yr old mom of 8,from ky. I weigh 240lbs(im working on that) I was really wanting to get a TT/bbl/lipo with Dr gharani at spectrum.... I'm hoping he is till with them . I sent them an email,and I was contacted by Lizabeth via text/email. She left me 2 phone numbers to... READ MORE

I am excited and nervous about doing this. I have terrible back issues and wonder how I will get through recovery with my normal back pain and without being able to do my back stretching but I am also really hoping that the muscle repair will help improve my back pain. I am going to use the... READ MORE

I have been researching liposuction for the past few years but just recently figured I really want the whole hour glass back so now I'm getting a extended TT and Lipo. I have major loose skin on my inner thighs which I hate so there's no need to go get a TT without getting that addressed as well... READ MORE

A year ago i had breast augmentation and it has been the most amazing thing! But the truth is, I really wanted a tummy tuck but settled for the BA instead. I did so for many reasons including: money, I needed to lose more weight first, and friends/family were far more accepting of the BA. ... READ MORE

I recently had a consultation and the office staff were Amazing, Sweet, and welcoming. I really liked that all my questions were answered before I could even ask, Dr.J is very kind and passionate about his work but I still have not set a date for surgery with Dr.Jain hopefully it will be soon. I... READ MORE

I am 38 years old. I have 2 boys, 11 and 15. I am 5'2" and currently weigh 171 lbs and trying to lose more. After many years, I have finally made plans to get a tummy tuck and lipo. After a lot of research, I choose Dr. Walkiris Robles. I will be having my surgery in April 2013. I am a mixed bag... READ MORE

I feel like an expert after all my research and stalking this site. I am 24 yrs old with two kids 2 C-section weighing 180lbs and desperately in need of my body back with a little extra. I want to get a tt, bbl, lipo of the inner thighs, arms and full back. Baez reply to me after a day with a... READ MORE

So far... I had the consult and the pre-op... Surgery is scheduled for 10/5... Not nervous... Not scared... Being a labor and delivery nurse has helped some with knowing what to expect... But I know this is way more invasive than a c-section.... I "plan" on being mobile as much as possible...... READ MORE

Hi everyone. Well, I think my time is finally here. For years I debated on when I would have this surgery, and now with accepting that I would not be having any more children, I've set my date and paid my deposit. Going to take lots of hustle and hard work to pay it off but it will be well worth... READ MORE

First, l am 58 y.o. and weigh 250 lbs. Yes, you read it right so don't let any doctor tell u it can't be done. Oh, and I'm 5'6'' so l am definitely a big girl. I decided I was finally going to have a body I could be happy with before I turned 60. So at 58 I got serious. I was looking to have a... READ MORE

Well let's just say I've been jumping all around realself trying to decide what I want to have done. I get all excited about a procedure then I go do a ton of research an change my mind. So first it was a BBL way to much recovery an too many horror stories I passed. Then I thought smart lipo... READ MORE

When i turned 40 l no longer had a flat tummy. I had a pouch. A pouch that needed to go. I was very anxious and down right terrified for weeks up until the day of the sugery. Dr. Freeland brings a certain kind of calm. The meds helped too. I went into the surgical center at 8 am. I actually... READ MORE

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