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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.

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Prior to getting this surgery I had a lot of trouble breathing through my right nostril. I contemplated the idea of getting the procedure done for a while. If I knew how big of a change it made back then, I would have done it sooner. I would absolutely recommend this procedure. It has helped my... READ MORE

Was really struggling to breathe for years and finally decided to go for it The snoring was becoming a problem as well and being constantly congested was driving me crazy I had to do a septoplasty and turbinoplasty After trying conventional methods like nasal sprays which didn't work at all I... READ MORE

I broke my nose by being hit by a hockey ball to the face during a match at university. This caused my nose to deviated obviously to one side of my face and caused me to snore very loudly at night. I've always liked my nose to a degree but felt that it was quite masculine and undefined also.... READ MORE

I broke my nose ~ 8 years ago and had been having breathing & sleeping issues throughout that period. I decided that I would have an ENT look at my nose and see if surgery was an option. I went to Mount Sinai where the ENT took a look, confirmed that I had a deviated septum from the break, and... READ MORE

I originally wanted to get just a septoplasty done for help breathing at night and for overall cardiovascular health but over the years realized my nose changed in appearance too due to damage from roughing around (sports/fighting/ just being a kid really). I had damaged my nose a few times that... READ MORE

I broke my nose years ago and have had increasingly severe upper respiratory infections since. Eventually I got to the point of being on antibiotics almost year round and constantly just feeling awful and run down. Constant drainage, pressure, trouble sleeping. So, I saw Dr. King. After I... READ MORE

All went smoothly, hardly any pain after surgery and I could still breathe fine. There was hardly any blood either. Surgery went so well and do pleased with results. I went for the best and i got the best in terms of results and happiness. brilliant surgeon highly recommended. Really puts... READ MORE

After finally getting some scans done of my nose, it was identified that I had a severely deviated septum. I have had difficulty breathing through my nose for as long as I can remember. It always felt like I was getting a pin-hole size amount of air through my nostrils, not only that, but I... READ MORE

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Elam and his staff. I was able to meet with everyone beforehand and Dr. Elam called the evening of the surgery to check up on me. There were frequent follow ups to ensure I was healing correctly. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions I... READ MORE

I am beyond ecstatic with my results from Dr. Levine. Surgery can scary, but I am so extremely happy that I went with Dr. Levine! I went to Dr. Levine’s office to talk about the sinus problems I was having due to a deviated septum. I was also unhappy with the overall shape of my nose as... READ MORE

It was difficulties in breathing normally.yet the problem was not diagnosed.while performing tests i found bony spur with deviated after the sugery i found its worth in gold. The aim of surgery is to make breath free..its was just a gold worth of doing it.yet the deviated septal is a... READ MORE

I broke my nose when I was a child. I could still partially breathe through my nose, but if it was a particularly humid or allergy-prone day, forget about breathing. As a soccer goalkeeper in my teen and college years, I hadn't worried about getting my nose fixed yet because I just figured that... READ MORE

I broke my nose when I was a kid and then in my early 20s. I suffered breathing problems because of the breaks, my nose was out of alignment and also have sleep apnea so I wanted to get it corrected if possible. I debated for many years to get nose surgery done and was not exactly sure if it... READ MORE

I haven't slept well in years because of an accident I had as a child. I had a septoplasty when I was younger; however, it was not as successful as I would have hoped as that surgery was performed by a surgeon who did not specialize in ENT. As a result, I have had chronic sleep issues. ... READ MORE

My surgery was booked months in advance. I visited many surgeons and as soon as I hd my initial consultation with Mr Tim Woolford, I knew that I wanted him only otherwise I would not have had the procedure. Mr Woolford is an expert in his field and of course is a ENT Specialist. I told him that... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty/ rhinoplasty procedure done by Dr. Michael Carron.The cost listed is strictly for the rhinoplasty. My insurance covered the septoplasty procedure, but I'm not entirely sure how much that was exactly. The procedure was done using local anesthesia and recovery time was much... READ MORE

I’ve utilized Dr Lugger a number of times over the last 20 years, beginning as a young man and number of times over the last few years. Dr. Lugger patched me up after a nasty impact to the left side of my face in my late teens; pulled a large exocranial mass from head in my early thirty’s,... READ MORE

I have experienced chronic congestion and sinus infections throughout my entire life. This review is only 8 hours post op, but I feel a tremendous pressure relief in my face. I had a severely deviated septum which was causing obstruction of normal sinus drainage. This was all observed by a CT... READ MORE

I originally went to Dr. Cotè for a septoplasty. I had been living with a severe deviated septum for many years and I was over it. When I went in for my consultation, Dr. Cotè was awesome. He's very professional and has a GREAT eye for aesthetics. While he was showing me what my nose would... READ MORE

I been fortunate enough to never be admitted to a hospital. So when I decided on septoplasty I was nervous about my first hospital experience. Dr.Zimm and Jennifer have been very nice and helpful throughout the process. They have answered all my numerous questions and lead me through everything... READ MORE

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