Sex After Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery?

Hello, I've had an endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty some days ago. My doctor didn't gave me any specific guidance, and I've had sex with my wife from the 2nd day after surgery. I saw some websites which prohibited patients from strenuous activities as sex, so I was wondering if it is so harmful? And if yes why? or it will just cause bleeding from sinuses? I have headache now, and I'm really worried so any help is so appreciated! Thanks in advance for your attention!

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Sex after Septoplasty


After surgery we do request a restriction in activities that may elevate your blood pressure, cause changes in body temperature etc.. so sex should probably be avoided for a week. The other issue that we encounter with sex after surgery is that sometimes things get bumped in the midst of the moment so be cautious! 

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Allow 3-4 weeks!

Any type of strenuous activity including sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least three to four weeks following septoplasty.Strenuous activity can elevate blood pressure and pulse rates and lead to hemodynamic changes.These changes can result in post-operative complications such as bleeding, bruising and prolonged swelling.In addition, this type of physical exertion could inadvertently traumatize the nose.Under these circumstances, the potential for wound healing complications would be expected to increase.

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Sex after Nasal or Sinus Surgery

Hi! I usually tell my patients to wait 7-10 days before having sex after sinus surgery or septoplasty. Fluctuations in blood pressure can cause the raw areas in your sinuses to bleed and can increase your risk of something called a septal hematoma (collection of blood in your septum). Fortunately, this is rare. If your symptoms are worsening-- or if you develop any new symptoms-- it is always best to let your surgeon know. Good luck! 

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