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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.

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I got a septoplasty and rhinoplasty, and was very pleased to learn he could work on both the inside and the outside of my nose.  The day of the surgery (my first ever surgery), he was a very calming influence. Later that night he called me to follow up and provide a few more bits of... READ MORE

I have had congestion and low airflow in my right nostril for as long as I can remember. I went to an allergist who informed me that I should consider having a septoplasty to correct my deviated septum. I saw three surgeons who agreed with the initial diagnosis. I decided to have my septoplasty... READ MORE

This is a procedure I have wanted to do forever. My mum had a nose job age 16, my dad has a big nose and my younger sister is having her nose done in August. I decided to have mine when I hit 16, but was not allowed to be put under general anesthetic due to a heart condition. I had to have heart... READ MORE

I am 41 year old Medical Engineer . for a long time I have had breathing difficulties particularly at bed time. I would not say it was a severe life altering difficulty but it would sometimes drive me crazy as I could only sleep on one side otherwise I would almost choke .All the ENT specialists... READ MORE

I had my dorsal hump reduction (part rhinoplasty) done because I have always been self conscious and embarrassed over my profile. I had my septoplasty done because during my consultation Dr. Pryor explained the damage to my septum would continue to cause my nose to collapse as I aged. The... READ MORE

I broke my nose as a child and have had a crooked nose and difficulty breathing since. The breathing seemed to be getting worse, so I finally went to an ENT doc, who suggested I also talk to a plastic surgeon about fixing the crookedness of my nose. I did, and decided on the above procedure... READ MORE

I had a open septo rynoplasty and am very happy with the profile except the tip which had gone to left(Far left). pros....the dorsal hump has gone cons....the tip is going to the left Hi, I had a open septo rynoplasty 5 weeks ago and the tip has gne to the left. I have been advised... READ MORE

I am 1 month post-op i had a septo-rhinoplasty i had a deviated septum and a huge lump that could be see from proifle yesterday i was taking a picture of me nose and a relaized that it look crooked is it just me or is it? and is that normal? will get it straighten with time? is it normal... READ MORE

I had septum deviation and estetic surgery 25 days ago. No pain at all, bruises went away 10 day after surgery. Only problem is skin sticked to a bose bone bridge.Please how can I speed up the proces of removing skin from the nose bone? READ MORE

Today is day 6 of recovery, not counting surgery day. My first 4 days went great and I stayed in bed mostly and stayed on top of my meds to keep control. I did take several pictures before and also since surgery. After suffering with life-altering chronic sinus infections, I finally was forced... READ MORE

Dr. Mowlavi did a fantastic job. I was very anxious going into this procedure due to the youtube videos advising of the pain during the recovery process. However Dr. Mowlavie did such a wonderful job the pain was very minimal and the results are FANTASTIC! The front staff is very kind and... READ MORE

From the moment that I walked into Dr. Mowlavi's office i immediately knew i had chosen the right doctor for my procedure. For as long as I could remember I suffered from headaches and not being able to breath properly. During my consultation Dr. Mowlavi took his time to listen to all of my... READ MORE

Excellent results so happy I finally did it.. Dr.Gantous did an excellent job thanks again.. From my experience I would recommend Dr.Gantous..Procedure went well alittle sore for a week, stuffed up noise for 3 weeks.. Sensitive to the touch but that was only for a month.. other then that I'm... READ MORE

Dr. Salvado and Dr. Aynehchi, in my opinion, are two of the most knowledgeable and professional surgeons I have encountered. They are both committed to the best patient outcomes and patient experience. Their expertise combined with winning bedside manners make Dr. Salvado and Aynehchi the best... READ MORE

Dr. James Ridgway is the best, he is a perfectionist (whom you would need to operate on oneself). beside being great at his works, he is caring and has lots of empathy to his patient's pain. I could not breath, my nose was bleeding weekly, and cannot sleep due to breathing issue before this... READ MORE

I have wanted a rhinoplasty for as long as I could remember, but I always convinced myself that the risk were not worth it. If I would have met with a surgeon years ago I would have realized all the "risk" that I had come up with were extremely unlikely to happen. I have deleted so many... READ MORE

I broke my nose several times as a teenager playing sports and really have not been able to breathe out of it properly ever since. I originally came to his colleague Dr. Jeffrey Kahn (an ENT) regarding the problem. Dr. Kahn was incredibly thorough and honest. He said that my nose looked... READ MORE

I would usually never take the time to write on a review website, but Dr Ha is absolutely amazing. He achieved everything I wanted with my nose (improved breathing and reduced the tip of my nose) and improved the look of my upper eye lids (blepharoplasty) and was very honest about my... READ MORE

My nose was initially broken May 2014. I had a septoplasty that following September. My doctor was supposed to perform a rhinoplasty at the same time but he didn't or the results were hardly noticeable. I waited until this month to get another procedure done. This time it was performed by Doctor... READ MORE

This was something that I have wanted to do for many years. At a young age I broke my nose in an accident and have felt that now was the time to do this for myself. Although I had reservations right up until the procedure it was the correct choice for me. I had several consultations with other... READ MORE

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