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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.

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My nose was in the worst shape. There isn't a category for my procedure. I had a septoplasty with a bilateral graft. I could breathe at all! My nose looked horrible and Dr. Hartley fixed it! I can breathe again, and it looks cute! I'm about to go back for another procedure. He's brilliant and... READ MORE

My nasal passage was slightly deviated and I was also concerned with how my nose pulled up when I smiled causing it to look really pointy. I sought consultation from Dr. Cohen and he perfected a procedure that fixed my breathing problems while correcting my cosmetic concerns. I was nervous about... READ MORE

After years of sinus infections and concerns with cosmetic appearance of my nose I couldn't be happier with the result and provider selection. This was a second sinus surgery for me after a less invasive FESS in my early 20s. About 5 months out I wish I would have done this sooner. Cold season... READ MORE

Dr. Arden performed a Septoplasty surgery on me and the outcome was bad. He cut too much in the interior of my nose. Now I have serious breathing issues. The mistakes he made were easy to avoid. Later I found out that I did not even need the surgery in the first place. I wish I never went... READ MORE

At 14 years old I had surgery to correct my deviated septum. 10 years later chronic sinus infections and trouble breathing were still a part of my "normal" life. I decided to have corrective Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty. One year since my surgery I feel like a new person! I can never remember... READ MORE

I would like to state that Doctor Ajaya Kashyap is just amazing. He is the Best Surgeon in India I have ever had. He well understood the expectation of the patients, plus he took time explaining everthing making the patient get clear with each and every area. The staff are so caring and warm.... READ MORE

From the point of arriving at check-in to the post-op visits Dr. Justin Cohen and his staff provided the best medical care I've ever experienced!! Dr. Cohen performed my tonsillectomy and septoplasty. Leading up to and just prior to the procedures Dr. Cohen explained the surgeries and what to... READ MORE

Being a physician I know the San Antonio medical community well. After discussing with colleagues and doing extensive research Dr. Barrera was hands down the favored surgeon for performing extensive nasal correction. He is up to date with all current techniques and everyone adores his work and... READ MORE

I was going through a rough phase of life since started facing a breathing problem after an accident I met in my college days, when diagnosed there were some unusual things happened which was a cause for unesy breathing . After consulting various doctors I came to Dr. Ajaya Kashyap after losing... READ MORE

In August, Dr. Bustillo performed my septoplasty. When I met with him, I just felt comfortable. I had met with other doctors but I decided to have the procedure with Dr. Bustillo. I am very happy with my results so far. He is very professional and feels responsible for his patients. This is... READ MORE

Just to clarify, I had a septorhinoplasty done. I injured my nose when I was younger and the scar tissue caused blockage in my right nasal passage and caused i slight "bend" in my nose. I received a referral to see Dr. Cohen in hopes to correct these issues. The outcome of the surgery was... READ MORE

I've never liked the way my nose looked growing up. It's always been big with a large hump and crooked tip. I also recently had broken my nose playing basketball which gave me problems breathing through my nose. I decided to meet with Dr. Portuese and it was the best decision I could have made.... READ MORE

My nose was a mess. With a perforated septum, a messy previous septoplasty, and simply bad genes when it comes to the structure, Dr. Calvert had everything stacked against him. I was surprised he decided to take on this challenge. He offered no promises, but I knew I was in good hands. . I... READ MORE

I wrestled from the time I could walk till I graduated high school, With that being said my nose had been severly broken several times. I was unable to breath out of my nose and it was almost completly crooked. My first nose surgery was back in 2012 at the Fort Meade Kimbrough ambulatory care... READ MORE

Dr. Pero performed septoplasty and turbinate reduction on me one month ago. I am already breathing through my nose better than any point in my life, and I'm in my 40's. He has great bedside manner, and he will give you as much detail about the procedure as you want. The staff is very friendly... READ MORE

My nose looks terrible. I got septoplasty, tubulants and tip reshaping and he cut the sides if my nose. I look like a different person. I am black but I have a white nose. I know I'm only a week out but I have to face the fact that my nose is so small I know that won't change. The tip is too... READ MORE

I couldn't be happier with how everything about my first surgery went. The hospital staff during surgery day were amazing with the care they gave me from the minute I got there until the second I left. Doctor Yevrouian did a great job fixing my nose and helping me breathe better then ever. He... READ MORE

Dr. Carron is the man !! He did a beautiful job. Was back to work 3 days after surgery. Coolest Dr. I have ever met. Very nice. Answers any questions. He remembers your name very well. Knows what he is doing. Very nice staff. Recovery after septoplasty was not as pleasant , however, the results... READ MORE

I am writing this review about 9 months after surgery because the reality is I always forget I got my nose fixed. After a week of getting the splint and everything removed I felt like I always had this nose. It feels so natural and I really don't even think about the process I went through. It... READ MORE

I had done my septoplasty surgery by dr. Ajaya kashyap . I had breathing problem now I got relief after my surgery. My experience was too excellent and I happy with my result. It's too positive. Dr. Kashyap is too excellent. And his staff are too friendly in nature with positive attitude.Dr.... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Septoplasty ranges from $1,000-$13,667 with an average cost of $5,875. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 204 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more