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Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects a deviated septum by straightening and repositioning the partition between the nostrils. 

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Septoplasty Rhinoplasty Reality

Im on 5 days post op and today is the first day I feel "normal ".Its been absolutely horrible and Im posting youtube videos to show a little reality on the more extensive surgical side. My nose does not yet even look like a nose,Im scared and horrified but of course trying to be brave. I have... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty/turbinate Reduction

In the past few months I have started to develop significant breathing issues. It started where I had a hard time getting enough oxygen while exercising. I just felt like I couldn't possibly breathe in enough air through my nose, and was sure it wan't because I just wasn't in shape. Then it... READ MORE

38.. Very Crooked, Lumpy Nose, Breathing Issues - Dublin, IE

Having inherited the worst version of the family nose, finally I'm taking the surgical plunge! Never really thought I'd go through with it but photos and breathing issues have finally gotten to me. Never really wanted to alter my appearance too much but I do want to be able to happily look at... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Septhorhinoplasty W/chin Implant - Charlotte, NC

I have always been very uncomfortable with my nose, especially from profile view. It was clearly too large for my face early on, but my parents insisted I'd grow into. (I did not.) After a tractor tire swing smashed by nose in elementary school, my already large nose took a new shape and I... READ MORE

Septoplasty. Don't Do What I Did and Get Consumed by Bad Reviews! It's Painless

Ok so I am a 36 year old male, currently typing this approximately 10 hours post-operation for Septoplasty that I underwent with Dr. Lau in Singapore today. I'm originally from the UK but out here working for some years now. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the progress already. Please... READ MORE

Need to breath! - Detroit, MI

Amazing plastic surgeon. I LOVED the fact, he NEEDED to outcome to be perfect, in his mind!! The surgery was suppose to last abt 1 hr, unfortunately, I forgot to warn him, NOTHING IS EVER EASY, when dealing with me. He completed after 2 hours. I was in recovery for over 4 hours. Barely,... READ MORE

23 Year Old- Deviated Septum and Dorsal Humps - Beverly Hills, CA

I had been wanting to get a Septoplasty for a very long time. I finally was in a financial position to get one. The surgery took over 5 hours and there was a week of recovery time that I spent home from work. The recovery for the surgery was a bit harder than I was expecting. The swelling and... READ MORE

My Experience - Mesa, AZ

I am very unsatisfied with the outcome of it all. I had a septoplastic surgery on my nose. I first researched on how good of a surgeon dr Hobgood was. And I was convinced he would be able to fix my nasal problems. I told dr Hobgood I have trouble breathing, always stuffy and sometimes couldn't... READ MORE

40 Year Old with Deviated Septum - Turbinite reduction, San Antonio, TX

Unable to breathe from left nostril, suffered from nasal drip, occasional sinus pain and snoring, decided I would have an ENT doctor look at my nose to see the severity of my deviated septum and after his examination he determined the extent of scar tissue caused by apparent trauma to my nose,... READ MORE

Amazing nose job

My experience with Mr Matti has been amazing, he cares about his patients. At first I was a bit worried, but Mr Matti explained everything to me, so that I understood everything that was going to happen, being an Italian, English is my second language. Now I'm so glad I did it, I'm very pleased... READ MORE

In love with my results, fantastic surgeon. Changed my life!

Hi All, after hating my nose for as long as i can remember i've finally decided to book surgery! Luckily I never got bullied for my nose but I have had some nasty comments thrown at me during my years at school and it makes me very self conscious around anyone i'm near.. seems silly but i'm sure... READ MORE

I Can Breathe Freely Headache Free Looking Good Too! - Bay Area, CA

The motivation for me having my septoplasty turbinate reduction and rhinoplasty was to improve my quality of life I was unable to breathe freely through my nose and I had constant headaches for 30 years The procedure itself was entirely painless the recovery time was three weeks to one month on... READ MORE

Just Had my Septoplasty! - Thornhill, ON

I just had my septoplasty today with Dr. Phillip Solomon. The procedure lasted an hour (way less longer than I predicted). I woke up with a burning sensation in my nose and they quickly gave me something for it. It burned pretty badly. My gauze in on and wrapped on my nose, I am bleeding... READ MORE

Car Accident Nightmare--Broken Nose Repair

I was rear-ended in October of 2012. The air bag did not deploy and my face hit the steering wheel. The impact broke my sunglasses and my nose. I was 32 years old and had never had a broken bone or surgery of any kind (unless you count the removal of four wisdom teeth at age 26 under anesthesia)... READ MORE

Deviated septum

I had had nasal trauma which brought on a cycle of swelling , trouble breathing and disformity. We live in a image conscience society. I was super insecure up until this morning. Yesterday I received a septoplasty with spreader grafts from Sherman MD. I have minimal typical bruising but it was... READ MORE

Septoplasty ruined my nose

I had a septoplasty done 2 days ago and i do not hae any splints and i have disolvable stitches.Pros- got rid of my dodgy closed nostril and bobble underneath nose and straightened up my nosecons - swelling and pain and blocked nose so farI am a bit concerned because yesterday and the day of... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty and Chin Implant. Dr. Michael Elam Newport Beach

Consultation 10-14. Booked Surgery 10-28 . My nose was very crooked it (deviated septum) large nostrils and small chin. When to my consultation and he was very informative. I didn't have a nose pic for him to see what I desire. I believe every face it's different and no 2 noses can be exact... READ MORE

Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty to Ease Chronic Sinus Infections - Quincy, MA

After years of chronic sinus infections and allergies, I'm taking the plunge and getting my deviated septum repaired and getting a turbinate reduction at the same time. My insurance will be covering the procedure, so I don't know the cost to quote for you - sorry! If I remember I'll try to find... READ MORE

Tip of my Nose Looks Bigger, Lost Its Shape, and Moves Around After Septoplasty - Los Angeles, CA

I had septoplasty done exactly one year ago in Los Angeles by an ENT at Good Samaritan Hospital which was fully covered by my PPO. My doctor throughly explained the surgery and ASSURED me the appearance of my nose would NOT change. I had a deviated septum and often found it hard to breath out of... READ MORE

I Had a Septoplasty - Spokane, WA

I had a septoplasty yeasterday morning and now my face and nose are extremely swollen beyond recognition. I am trying to figure out if this is normal. Does anyone have any tips as far as the swelling and extreme pain. I am in so much pain that I feel like my face is going to fall off. I need... READ MORE

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