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Dysport is an FDA-approved, prescription injection for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows in adults under 65. Results typically last for four to six months, though they can sometimes last for a year. LEARN MORE ›

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Worked Beautifully on Crow's Feet. Asheville, NC

I have had Botox several times over the years with my plastic surgeon. Now that I have moved, I found a new doctor to do fillers, Botox, etc. She recommended Dysport because it is cheaper, works just as well and actually kicks in faster. She was right. I had 20 units on each side. Two days later... READ MORE

Dysport - Lutherville Timonium, MD

I've tried Botox, but was much happier with the incredible results I got with Dysport - it does what I describe as "opens my eyes", making them appear less tired, and yes, younger! When that happens, my entire face perks up. The areas that I have injected are my forehead and the area in... READ MORE

Would Like my Face to Keep Up with my Energy Level! Omaha, NE

It is always a pleasure to visit the office. The staff is exceptionally friendly. There are frequent specials on all kinds of products and procedures. . . which really helps with the cost. It is exciting to know that Dr. Schlessinger is always on top of the most cutting edge techniques and products. READ MORE

Bye Bye Crows Feet! - Marina Del Rey, CA

I am 32 have been receiving botox/dysport injections for many years as preventative measure and even worked at a plastic surgery office years ago. I have been to some of the best plastic surgeons in San Francisco, Manhattan and Brooklyn. I have really struggled to find a doctor I can trust and... READ MORE

Mini Breast Lift and Implant Change - Coral Gables, FL

Satisfied With Dr robinson Not only is he a great doctor but is not a doctor to just make his money and leave ! Its been a couple hours i had my surgery and i feel great . This is my second time having a procedure done with him and i highly recommend him as a plastic surgeon . The staff is great... READ MORE

Dr. Schwarcz, Thanks for Keeping Me Looking Young - New York

Dr. Schwarcz has been treating me for over 2 years and in those 2 years I fell like I have gotten younger. I use both botox/dysport and filler. I do bruise easily, but within 2 days usually gone. He never over fills and achieves a very natual look. When I see old friends they are always... READ MORE

Awesome Treatment - Bakersfield, CA

I was nervous coming by myself today. But Ashley was so nice. My nerves were settled very quickly! Dr. Shah is the sweetest Doctor I've ever meet! Awesome place all the nurses & coordinators are very good! I am extremely happy with the visit and my overall experience. I can't wait to begin my... READ MORE

Had Mini Lift 7 Years Ago With A Pennsylvania Dr. That Left Saggy Temples - Morristown, NJ

I am totally impressed with this Dr. He knew exactly what I needed to look pretty again without looking plastic. He told me that I needed a brow lift, but he would try dysport to see if that would help my issue. The dysport made a huge difference and eventually I will get a brow lift with... READ MORE

Kristin Tarbet, MD: Cosmetic Surgery. Bellevue, WA

Maggie See is a very informative, caring, fun and honest specialist in skin rejuvenation and has top of the line products and services. She was very gentle and used a numbing cream before injections. I had Dysport which gave me no problems with swelling or redness like Botox. I recommend this... READ MORE

Excellent Work. Mount Kisco, NY

Been using Dr. Goodman for over 7 years. Very pleased with results every time I have had a procedure. Would recommend to anyone. Have had lipo, (full body), botox and fillers. His work is consistent and reasonable. I have had similar botox and filler treatments elsewhere for double the cost.... READ MORE

Beware!!! Louisville, KY

Bad experience! In my consultation visit ($60) with Dr. Daniels she recommended dysport for vertical lines between eyebrows and crow's feet around the eyes ( 2 areas $625). For the nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the mouth she recommended perlane filler (2 area $1,050). After my... READ MORE

Dysport Better Than Botox - Fall River, MA

I have had botox in the past for forehead lines. I found it very expensive and did not last long (about a month and a half). My new surgeon Dr. Rex uses Dysport instead of Botox and told me its cheaper and lasts longer. He was right. I pay half the price and it lasts approx 4-5 months. Dysport... READ MORE

Great for limiting forehead movement

I prefer Dysport to Botox. I notice less movement in my forehead in a shorter amount of time after treatment than Botox. No noticeable difference in how long it lasts. My procedure was absolutely pain-free. Dr. Fabi has expert placement skills and a very gentle manner when injecting. I will... READ MORE

Bad Place - Maryland

The nurse injected me with Dysport and ever since I have had major issues. He would only see me if I paid a 100.00 office visit. Very uncaring and not concerned about the patients well being. Very disgusted that money was more important then making sure I was ok. Dont advise this practice... READ MORE

Good Bye Botox Hello Dysport! - Little Rock, AR

I had been getting Botox for about 3 years for my "11's" when I first went to Dr. Devlin. He suggested I try Dysport. I love it! It lasts longer, and people who know have been commenting on how good my forehead looks! People who don't know have been saying I look rested and less stressed!... READ MORE

Age 43 Had Thousands of Dollars Worth of Botox That NEVER Worked but Dysport Does! - Robina, Australia

Im at day 4 and I am very happy. Ive in the past had thousands of dollars worth of botox put in my masseters and brow with a result of zero. These were put in by DRs who claimed they were botox experts. I thought Dysport would be my last hurrah.. one more go at it for my line between my eyes.... READ MORE

48 Yr Old with Sun Damage - Charlotte, NC

Went to Dr Kulbersh for advise on fine lines & wrinkles. He recommended Dysport & TCA peel. Tried to Dysport with great results - no heavy eyelids or side effects (unlike previous experience with Botox from another practice). Will try several chemical peels before TCA. Dr Kulbersh very honest &... READ MORE

Dysport: Easy, Quick and Effective - N. Dartmouth, MA

I tried this at 48 yrs after having tried Botox once several years before with another doctor. The botox years ago had so unimpressed me that I didn't even consider a botulinum injection for my scowl for another good 6 years or so. That injection was quite painful and had me leaving the office... READ MORE

32 Years Old, Mom of Twins, Chronic Migraines - Miami, FL

I have suffered from migraines for the last 4 year (3-4 per week) often times resulting in serve nausea and ultimately vomiting. I have tried everything - appointments with the eye dr, dentist, oral surgeon, neurologist (3 of them), allergist, ENT, acupuncture, extensive blood work, you name it.... READ MORE

Dysport Just As Good As Botox - Baltimore, MD

Frown lines disappeared! I had Botox before, but because of a rebate, tried Dysport. I'm satisfied with the results, and glad to frown no more! Dr. Kane and Lauri, really all the staff, are the greatest and answer all questions. I budget for this just like my hair appointments. It's just as... READ MORE

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