Wrinkle Treatment Videos

"I Didn't Know How Bad I Looked Until I Saw How Good I Look, Now!" See This Woman's Liquid Facelift Results

Dr. James W. Goodnight used 8 syringes of fillers: 3 of Voluma, 4 of Restylane and 1 of Belotero into lips and nasolabial folds VIEW NOW

See What 7 Syringes of Filler Did For This Woman

Returned to Dr. James W. Goodnight's office 3 months after her liquid facelift for a touch up with another 2 syringes filler for a total of 7 syringes VIEW NOW

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This Woman Feels Refreshed After Her Liquid Facelift With 7 Syringes of Fillers

See the results 5 hours after her liquid facelift by Dr. James W. Goodnight with 7 syringes of fillers: 2 of Voluma, 3 of Restylane, 2 of Belotero. VIEW NOW

See What a Teaspoon of Filler Did for This Woman (SPANISH)

Dr. James w. Goodnight used 5 syringes filler on this woman including 1 syringe of Voluma, 3 of Restylane and 1 of Belotero to cheeks and lips. VIEW NOW

See How a Liquid Facelift Opens Up This Woman's Eyes

Dr. James W. Goodnight used 4 syringes of filler to perform a liquid facelift using 2 syringes of Voluma, 1 of Restylane, and 1 of Belotero. VIEW NOW

See What a Liquid Facelift Did for this Woman

Dr. James W. Goodnight gave filled out this woman's lips and cheeks with 5 cc of filler which included 4 syringes of Restylane and 1 Voluma. VIEW NOW

Botox and Dysport: The Doctor Explains a Common Misconception

Dr. Satyen Undavia discusses the use of neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport to address wrinkles in the face. VIEW NOW

Replacing Volume Loss With Facial Fillers — The Doctor Explains His Technique

Dr. Satyen Undavia explains facial volume loss and how to reverse it with fillers. VIEW NOW

See Why This Doctor Prefers Fat Grafting Over Facial Fillers

In an interview with the Wellness Hour, Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim discusses what areas fat grafting can be used on the face to restore a more youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

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How to Avoid an Obvious Facelift Result — The Doctor Explains With Photos

Dr. Jon Perlman describes important details that help to make a facelift look natural and undetectable. VIEW NOW

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Maintaining Results From Fat Transfer and Fillers — See What the Doctor Recommends For This Woman's Face

Dr. Goodnight performed a DreamLift with fat transfer on this woman's. See her results and what touch-ups the doctor performed on her 5 years later. VIEW NOW

This Young Woman Gets Botox — See Her Before & After

Dr. Kevin Tehrani injects this woman's face with Botox to relax the muscles that cause age lines to form. VIEW NOW

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35-Year-Old Fashion Blogger Heidi Nazarudin Gets a Non-Surgical Facelift to Address Early Signs of Aging

Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian performs a non-surgical facelift on Heidi using Botox, fillers, Dermapen and Pelleve. VIEW NOW

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IPL in Action: See 36 Seconds of This Skincare Option

The laser targets the melanin in your skin; it the heats it and destroys. This helps to rejuvenate the skin to make it look fresh and glowing. VIEW NOW

What Is the HydraFacial? This Woman Gets One Done

Learn about the HydraFacial and what it can do for your skin. VIEW NOW

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