Wrinkle Treatment Videos

This Woman Just Had Fractional CO2 Laser — See How Her Swelling Goes Down

See before and after photos from women who got fractional CO2 laser treatment with Dr. James W. Goodnight. VIEW NOW


Facelifts and Lasers: Which Should I Do First?

Should you get a facelift or laser treatment? Get the answer from Dr. Amiya Prasad. VIEW NOW

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Is a Facelift My Only Option? Hear What This Doctor Recommends

A facelift isn't your only option for facial rejuvenation. Learn about your choices. VIEW NOW

Botox: Here Are All the Wrinkles It Can Treat

Where does Botox work? Dr. Stephen Weber answers common questions about the treatment. VIEW NOW


See 3 Minutes of This Woman's Facelift and Her Before & After (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes explains the process of a facelift while he performs the procedure on this woman. See her results 1 week after her surgery. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Suggests Treatments for Face and Hand Rejuvenation

Dr. Jeffrey S. Rosenthal discusses how the aging process and sun exposure affects the face and hands. He recommends a variety of treatment options. VIEW NOW

27-Year-Old Woman With Puffiness, Under Eye Hollows, and Dark Circles — The Doctor Recommends This Filler

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains who slightly puffy eyes can make hollowness appear deeper under the eye and suggests hyaluronic acid fillers. VIEW NOW

Decrease Swelling After Fillers — The Doctor Shares These TIps

Dr. David C. Mabrie discusses which areas of the face typically swell the most and tips to reduce swelling after fillers. VIEW NOW

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Facial Fat Transfer — The Doctor Explains the Pros and Cons

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian explains some of the advantages of using your own body fat to transfer to your face for fillers. VIEW NOW

How to Treat Your Aging Hands — The Doctor Recommends This Injectable Treatment

Dr. Jon A. Perlman describes options to make your hands look young again. VIEW NOW

Is It Safe to Get PRP if I'm On My Period?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses if drawing blood for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is safe for a woman who is menstruating. VIEW NOW

Puffiness, Hollows and Under Eye Bags — How Much Can Fillers Help?

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how Juvederm can fill the hollow area of the tear trough and slight eye bags. He recommends this procedure for larger under eye bags. VIEW NOW


Liquid Facelift With 8 Syringes of Fillers — See This Woman's Before & After

Dr. James W. Goodnight used 3 syringes of Voluma, 1 Restylane, 3 Belotero, and 1 syringe of Radiesse to add volume and reduce fine lines in this woman's face. See her results after 1 month. VIEW NOW

Smile line injections With 1cc Belotero — Before & After

Dr. James W. Goodnight uses Belotero to soften the fine lines around this woman's mouth when she smiles. VIEW NOW

Turning That Frown Upside Down: The Doctor Explains His Treatment

What can you do about frown lines? Watch as Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes works with this young woman. VIEW NOW