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Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is a plastic surgery procedure to reshape or resize the nose. In addition to addressing aesthetic concerns about size, bumps, flared nostrils, and asymmetry, rhinoplasty can help improve breathing for people who have suffered from trauma or congenital defects.

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Gregory J. Stagnone, MD
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I Always Admired my Mom's Nose, but Inhereted my Father's - Dallas, TX

Hello, my name is Doro, and I would like to share my rhinoplasty experience with you. It took me a while to decide... READ MORE

Day 10 :My Rhinoplasty Experience! 19 Year Old Female Getting a Prettier Nose:) - Dallas, TX

So I'm having rhinoplasty! After much research and deliberation I sent in my information and fee for an online... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Dr. Spencer Cochran (I'm So Glad I Did This!)- Dallas, TX

When I was eleven, a boy I liked teased me about the size of my nose. Until then, I had been unaware that my nose... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Recovery Post Op - Dallas, TX

I always dis-liked my nose from when I was in my teens. I sustained a nasal injury that left my nose crooked from my... READ MORE

Coming Along...

First of all, I have to thank all of you who have been posting to this website. I couldn't be here without your... READ MORE

Wished I Would've Done It Sooner - Southlake, TX

I I have wanted a rhinoplasty since I was 12 years old, I I am now 30. I have been searching for the right doctor... READ MORE
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