Sun Damage Videos

Trivantage Laser Painlessly Removes Sun Spots Anywhere on the Body

Dr. Michele Green talks about the Trivantage laser, which can painlessly remove any and all dark spots from sun damage on any part of the body. VIEW NOW

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Dark Spots and Melasma Are Completely Gone After Cosmelan Treatment

Dr. Michele Green explains how to treat Melasma, sun spots, and difficult sun damage with Cosmelan and how this treatment can be customized for each patient's skin type and color. VIEW NOW

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This Portrait Plasma Treatment Clears the Face of Wrinkles and Brown Spots

Dr. Ron Shelton performs a Portrait Plasma skin regeneration resurfacing procedure on a patient presenting with fine wrinkles, brown age and sun spots and pre-cancerous areas. The results are breathtaking! VIEW NOW

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Skin Cancer By the Numbers and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Dr. Andrew Kaufman breaks down some staggering statistics on skin cancer and suggests simple ways we can all better protect ourselves. VIEW NOW

Reversing Sun Damage: Is It Even Possible?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains that while the damage has already been done, there are several treatment options for the effects, although no way to really reverse them. VIEW NOW

Is There a Safe Way to Tan?

If you've gotten one sunburn in your life, irreversible damage has already been done. Dr. Andrew Kaufman talks about how the sun--whether natural or artificial--is affecting our skin and our overall health. VIEW NOW

Everyday Aging Fight Back With Sun Protection and a Good Moisturizer

Dr. Sarmela Sunder recommends simple measures we can all take every day to help protect our skin against early aging. VIEW NOW

This Non-Invasive Light Treatment Can Remove Your Age Spots

Dr. Edward Buckingham explains Intense Pulsed Light and BroadBand Light (also referred to as Photorejuvenation), a skin rejuvenating treatment that uses light to treat sun damage, pigmentation problems, rosacea, and broken capillaries. VIEW NOW

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Assessing Your Skin: When Do the Effects of Aging Set In?

Dr. Kimberly Lee discusses the aging process and how she assesses a patient's skin to determine the best facial rejuvenation process for each individual. VIEW NOW


Fade Vessels, Sun Damage, and Age Spots With This Easy In-Office Treatment

The Varilite laser can be used to reduce unwanted lesions including red vessels, sun damage, and age spots. VIEW NOW

Buyer Beware: Paula Begoun and Dr. Daniel Levy on Savvy Shopping For Beauty Products

“Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun and dermatologist Dr. Daniel Levy discuss the common traps that consumers fall into, as well as their favorite inexpensive drugstore products. VIEW NOW

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Fountain of Youth: Paula Begoun and Dr. Daniel Levy on the Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

Does the Fountain of Youth really exist? “Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun and dermatologist Dr. Daniel Levy share their picks for the best anti-aging ingredients on the market. VIEW NOW

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Vitamin D Myths: Paula Begoun and Dr. Daniel Levy Bust Common Suncare Misconceptions

“Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun and dermatologist Dr. Daniel Levy bust common suncare misconceptions. They discuss the proper dose of vitamin D, the healthiest sunscreen for babies, and the difference between light and dark skin. VIEW NOW

Fraxel Skin Repair System Eliminates Sun Spots

Dr. Scott Chapin performs a skin treatment with the Fraxel laser on a middle aged man with sun spots and sun damaged skin. VIEW NOW


Annual Skin Cancer Screening: What Should You Look For?

Dr Kelly DeHart talks about the importance of annual skin exams, how to determine if your mole should be looked at by a professional, and how to determine how often you should be screened. VIEW NOW