Yo-yo dieting

  • 3 years ago

Up to 80% of dieters "yo-yo" back to their original weight within one year. According to a new study, a particular blood protein may be to blame.

What do you think? Is yo-yo dieting a biological condition, a result of not following through with eating right and exercising, or something else?

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I don't think it results really well. Weight loss not about any diet programme or else. It all about does it the right way. Probably everyone started off a diet into their life but fewer of them get good results. Skipping meals or following an extremely low-calorie diet is not in any way, shape, or form the answer for losing any amount of weight. Extreme calorie deprivation only sets you up for yo-yo dieting, or "weight cycling." Your weight will continue to go up and down for the rest of your life. The lack of understanding about the right way to lose weight can set people up for big-time failure. Even if you do have initial success on one of these extreme diets, the toll it takes on your body is not at all worth it. So we have to first concentrate on these areas after that should go into any diet programme.

I think yo-yo dieting comes about due to several different factors. People go into dieting with all good intentins but then get bored with what they're eating or get busy and life takes over. Weight goes on and comes off as a result. 

We're also forced into thinking that there are certain times when we have to be thin or we have to diet. Everyone diets after a holiday, or before vacation and then again afterwards.

It takes a lot of self-discipline for dieting to be successful, not to mention a big amount of determination. These are key factors which often becomes a problem to people who wants to lose weight., myself included. Thankfully, I have discovered Prescopodene which not only boosts my metabolism but also curbs my appetite so dieting becomes much easier.