Treatment for acne scars on back - Southern CA

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  • 1 year ago

Hello all, With all the advances in the last 5-10 years I'm starting to look for more options on how to help improve the many acne scars I have on my back and arms as they're crippling to my self-esteem and I don't feel comfortable with intimacy or even at the beach.  I'm having some trouble finding doctors or clinics that treat these areas, does anyone know of possible options?

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I have tried this treatment called invicible scars which worked very well on my facial and burnt scars. Give it a shot. Maybe it works out for you too
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Have you tried consulting regarding hypoallergenic scar therapy?
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Megan...I had micro silicon injections on my acne scars on my back and they are almost completely gone and silicon is permanent. I would highly recommend this procedure but make sure you find a very experienced doctor.
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I'm sorry to hear how the scars are affecting you. :(

Here are a couple of Q&As that could be helpful:

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Thanks for sharing these QAs with us.
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