What's the best treatment for eye wrinkles for a woman in her late 20s?

  • evbaby
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • 4 years ago

I'm almost 28 and I'm starting to get wrinkles under my eyes, crows feet, laugh lines and wrinkles around my mouth. I'm trying to find the best procedure to make me look about 5 years younger. I've been pretty blessed and haven't gotten hardly any wrinkles until lately. What procedure do you suggest to get rid of these? I am looking for the most cost-effective procedure.

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try natureleyes. I tried almost eveyrhting but my skin is pretty sensitive so some even burned a little and in the end i found natureleyes. cant remember what site it was on but im sure a search engine will help you. i got it online, i remember that much but its natural so no more burning and it lifts instantly. works for me, hope this helped. good luck and works on smile lines as well and other fine lines and wrinkles
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Hi eve, I we are on the same age and I somehow have similar issues since I also have fine lines on my forehead and on the corner of my eyes. My surgeon from Aurora skin clinic suggested that I have C, also known as fine line treatment, for it can smooth deep crease and wrinkles and restore facial volume lost as we come of age.

In addition, this fine line treatment is an injectable treatment that stimulates the body to build its own collagen to smooth out lines and wrinkles and restore the facial volume that you’ve lost as you come of age, to give you fuller and younger looking face. I observed that the improvement of this fine line treatment is gradual, long-lasting and gave me a natural, younger-looking fuller face after the treatment, plus it made my face appear smoother and firmer.

Sculptra really helped improved the condition of my skin, I hope you'll have the same amazing result in case you decide to have it. :)
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Hi Ev, Dysport is another neurotoxin (like Botox) that weakens muscles. Like Botox it lasts from 4 to 6 months depending on the patient. Fraxel repair is a laser that tightens loose skin. Treatment of the eyelids is about $1500 to $2000 depending on the physician. You should also look into SkinMedica, Skinceuticals, and/or Revale skin care products. Be well. Dr. P
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Thanks Dr. Persky. I've never heard of Dysport but I've heard of Botox. The thing about Botox I do not like is that it only lasts like 4 months right? I wanted something that lasted a little longer. I don't think 27 year olds should have wrinkles like this yet. :-( I've never heard of Fraxel repair. Is that costly?
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Hi Ev, Fraxel repair fractionated CO2 laser treatment around your eye lid skin will help tighten the lax skin, and diminish the wrnkles around your eyes. Botox or Dysport is best for your crow's feet. Best to treat with either Botox or Dysport a week or two before having the Fraxel repair treatment for optimal results. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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