Is there someone who knows or has had a good ethnic rhinoplasty?

  • larryshaw
  • California, CA
  • 1 year ago

So for the past couple of months I've been running around in circles trying to find the right doctor for ethnic rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. From looking at many forums and talking to patients I am getting mixed reviews from every doctor I considered. Some patients even told me not to trust RealSelf because some of the profiles are fake and real comments are sometimes taken down. I really dont know what to believe at this point so Im writing this forum to hear from someone "real" and knowledgeable experience about finding the right surgeons. So far I considered all the top doctors here in los angeles, Fleming, Ghavami,Solieman, and Nassif and have encountered people who have had terrible experiences with them. Im not here to call out names or start anything, Im just sharing the research I've done over the past months. Which leads me back to square one and now over cautious of who to chose. If anyone can shed some light and help me, please respond.   Thank You 

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Yes i know the best doctor who had conduct successful rhinoplasty toronto form past 10 years.
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I had an ethnic nose, check out my profile. My doctor is in Miami, FL though.
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