I'm Considering Surgery with Dr. Brent Moelleken in Beverly Hills. Anyone Had Surgery with Him?

  • Fara7
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • 2 years ago

I'm looking for more feedback on Dr. Brent Moelleken. Surfed the web and so far I think he seems good. I wonder why most of his youtube videos are old and aren't clear? I also found really good reviews on a couple of websites, but all reviews were by people who leave only 1 review and that's it! Some reviews were also copy/pasted on different sites? Does this mean it's a fake review? Is there a data base where I can find complaints and law suits on surgeons? 1 review was bad and it scared me!!

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He's fantastic... I did lot's of research and travelled a long way for a tummy tuck and mid-face lift & live-fill. The results (6 months now) are fantastic! Flat tummy, thin flat incision lines, face looks natural. Good luck! I highly recommend him!

I am having the same problem as you. He apparently does several hybrid tummy tucks a week for the last 9 years, yet I can only get an email address for one person to talk to about their experience.

I'm so happy to hear from someone with the same problem as me!
Any feedback from that person???
Please update me!