Septoplasty really helps!!

  • susendy
  • New York, NY
  • 2 years ago

Three yrs ago I visited the ENT because I had what I found out was sleep apnea but also a deviated septum. We spoke about the possibilities of staightening the septum but he said it might not help me much with the apnea condition. As the doctor recommended I got the pillar procedure which is was nothing more than three little (stiks) implants implanted on my palate.  For those who don't know what is this procedure about, these three implants are supposed to stiffen the palate so when asleep the palate do not relax causing an air obstruction in the thoat and causing an apnea episode (which include snoring and shortness of breath and as a result interrupting your sleep).  However, after the procedure (which it was performed at doctor's office) I was still snoring even though it wasn't as loud as before and still having some apnea episodes from time to time.  The doctor recommended to do and uvuloplasty which as a complement with the previous procedure will do the work. After this procedure was performed at the doctor's office I got a big inprovement on the apnea condition and the snoring sound although the conditions didn't dissapear 100%.  Two yrs ago I started suffering from allergies. I also noiced a lot of swelling around my eyes and so much preasure that by the end of the day it was very hard for me to keep my eyes open.  I visited the eye doctor thinking it was something related to my vision and never related my problem with the eyes with the allergies but I never got any improvements. 

I went back to my ENT and discussed with him the allegy problems and asked him if we can consider now a septoplasty (straightening the setum) as I remembered  a friend of mine telling me a long time ago of having an allergy problem that basically dissapeared after a septoplasty.  We scheduled the surgery but even though it had to be done at the hopital I went home the same day. Besides the septoplasty the doctor told me he was going to open the air passages which I am not completly sure is this is what they call a turbinate reduction which it was going to provide me a better breathing. As I woke up from the general anesthesia that day the pain was unberiable but with pain killers and some sleep I was able to handled it.  There were no brusing nor swelling from the outside of my nose but just a little disconfort as the swelling was in the inside. The next day I had no pain at all neither bleeding.  I already had two follow ups with my ENT and according to him everything is healing perfectly. Its now been three weeks today from my surgery and I feel wonderful. 

The allegies had been controled so far and what conserns me the must, the eye preasure and swelling now known it was caused by the allegies and the snoring had dessapeared I could say 90%.  I am very pleased with the results as its providing me a better sleep at night since the deviation in my septum from one side of my nose was forcing me to sleep in just one side and causing me to snore more whenever I slept on the opposite side. I am hoping as the time goes by I'm going to see more improvements and feel if I would of known how much this surgery was going to help me I would of had done it a long time ago. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope my allegy problems and snoring will finally dissapear and I recomend anybody with the same problems to think about getting this procedure done.  

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Glad that you're doing well. Did septoplasty change the shape of your nose in any way? I'm about to get one and was wondering if this was the case?
This is a wonderful result! I am going into hospital tomorrow to have septoplasty and trimming of the turbinates too. My allergies/post nasal drip/snoring/bad sleep/sinus congestion never bothered me that much until the past couple of years. Reading your post has made me feel even more excited about the procedure tomorrow. I cannot wait.

I'm glad this helped you so much. Thank you for sharing!