can scar revision techniques be applied to stretch marks

  • ChileYoung
  • 1 year ago

Hello (my english is not very good, so sorry for the writing errors) Im a 25 years old male. When i was 18-21 years i practice bodybuilding (non steroids), it was a very cool time, i made a lots of friends and have a really great time. These days im about to be a lawyer, and there is no time to train like some years ago, im still on training and keep in very good shape but i am not as big as i use to be.  My bodybuilding days left stretch marks in my arms. Specially my left bicep. Researching in internet i found that there is no effective treatment for them. So i went to discuss with my local surgeon a surgical alternative. He told me that we could apply scar reduction techniques to the stretch marks, speacially the one locateds in my left biceps (they are concentrated in an area of 10 cm x 4 cm, and they look very bad at sun light). He told me that it would be a trade-off of scar by scar, but we both agree that it would be for the best change a scar for a irregular group of them. And a second revision would be probably be necesary. What do you think? Thanks for your time :)!