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This is the plan I followed to drop my 70 pounds and now keep it off!
1.  I follow Weight Watchers points system.  I never eat over 1500 calories a day. 
2.  Weigh myself one a week to make sure I stay within my five pound weight range.
3.  Drink 8 glasses of ice water a day.  Stay away from soda!
4.  Stick to the following foods:  whole grains, oatmeal, egg whites, fresh fruits and veggies, low fat dairy (string cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, skim milk or vanilla soy milk), only lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey, love salmon, only eat red meat once a week, olive oil is the only oil I use on anything, peanut butter and almond butter in moderation, whey protein shakes are also really good.  I make these with frozen fruit, vanilla soy milk and whey protein powder which I purchase at the health food store.
5.  I have one treat a day which is an ounce of extra dark chocolate.  Make sure it is at least 70% caco for the health benefits.
6.  I take vitamin C and a Super B complex each evening as well.
The one thing I will not give up is my coffee in the morning.  I allow myself two cups a day and need it :)  However I did give up the flavored creamers.  I now use fat free hand and half with a packet of Equal.
Now I can't stress this one enough...EXERCISE!  I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and do an equal mix of cardio and weight training.  I also do the boot camp classes which really kick your booty.  All in all I spend about 6-8 hours a week in the gym.  You hurt like crazy but also feel good at the same time.  I am extreme and that is not necessary.  As long as you are getting some sort of exercise 3-5 times a week that will help.  Walking is good!!!  Find something you really enjoy and go for it. 
I think I have finally found what it takes to keep my weight off but it is still a daily work in progress.  Maintaining is almost harder than dropping the weight.  It is a life change not a diet. 
When I know I am going to have a busy day I plan my food out the night before so I make sure I eat properly.  Another key is to eat every 3-4 hours and add protein to each meal.  Never eat a carb without a protein!
Tell yourself over and over in your head “I Can Do This”.  Time and patience is what it takes.  This will not happen overnight and it’s not a race.  The goal is to be healthy and active…not skinny. 
And if you have a bad day; don’t beat yourself up.  Just get back on the wagon the next day.a

Any questions please feel free to ask me (kimmers25)

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Great tips!! It's really important to eat a high protein breakfast as it helps with weigh regulation. The reason for this is after a high protein meal there is a significant drop in Ghrelin (a hunger & satiety stimulating hormone) so you feel satisfied and fight off hunger till lunch time. Aim for 10% protein as part of your breakfast. 

Smoothies are a girls best friend, they allow for variety and are nutrient dense. Keep peeled frozen bananas to have a base for your smoothies. Here is one of my favorite morning smoothies - it has everything you need: kale for some Vitamin A, K, B complex & Iron - Blueberries for antioxidants & brain fuel, Hemp for protein & Omega 3&6, coconut oil for MCTs, dates & bananas for potassium and fiber as well as to sweeten things up. Fact - Bananas are known as a Happy Food as they contain tryptophan which converts into serotonin - the happy chemical.

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I love smoothies.  My new favorite is Banana, baby spinach and almonds, with a splash of coconut oil.  It may sound strange but it's actually really good.  

I like your idea about freezing the bananas.  I am going to try that one.  
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Be cautious of liposuction with loose skin.  If it's loose now, removing fat will only cause more loose skin.  Personally I would have consults for either a Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck.  

Focus on getting to an ideal weight which would help in any procedure you do.  
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Thts wht im afraid of is loose skin since I have been considering lipo . Finding the right diet and exercise is not easy. Not sure if u have seen my pics but it feels like I have a way to go...
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Stay persistent with the diet and you will get there.  Diet can only do so much for the tummy, but being at a stable weight is helpful for good outcome.  It takes time but remember this is not a race.  

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Thank you sharing .
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Simple and easy, your health advices always i feel so good keep doing this great work more.
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I love your tips and I agree that those are a lot of the same things that I do. The one thing I don't do (and maybe I should!) is counting calories or points...I was anorexic as a teenager and I have always felt like eating healthfully and mindfully worked better for my overall health than keeping a food journal/counting every bite. That being said, I am an avid runner, and have found it really difficult to cope thru the tummy tuck process without having exercise to balance out the diet aspect.
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It's all a process that is for sure:)   Not exercising after the tummy tuck is hard.  At least get some good walks in and that will help.

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Oh, I am back to running now...did my first full 5k this morning! But I am four months post op...for ten or twelve weeks, I was limited to very light exercise and if you are used to five mile runs, the calorie burn from walking isn't what you're used to!
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Oh that is for sure!!!  Glad to hear you are back full swing.



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I have been considering lipo but need to loose frm midsection any recommendations? I thnk I have alot to loose
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