Long Term Gastric Bypass Reviews?

  • fiefx5
  • 1 year ago

I have my consultation with my doctor on the 17th... I am known to over research things, and so I have been researching Long Term effects such as 10+ years and it is hard to find, but the studies I have read and patient reviews (rare) are not very favorable at all... which now has me scared. I know there are a couple of reviews here where they were not favorable 10+ years out but are there others here?  I really, really would love to hear long term.  It talks about neuropathy, losing eyesight, osteoarthritis, malabsorption which leads to kidney/liver failure...  the more I read the more scared I get.  The first 6 years are actually pretty good reading... then it gets a little scary... 10 years downright scares me.  So again... any reviews of long term here?  Really I'd love to hear good, bad, ugly (hoping for some good actually) but I do want the truth.    Thanks!