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Liquid concealer vs. cream concealer

  • Tara
  • 6 years ago

what do you prefer for concealer, especially to cover up small scars and acne scars?

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I also prefer the liquid one cause creamy always stays in the wrinkles around eyes
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Coloured concealer (illusion tone, colour correctors) neutralize their opposite colour. ie. peach neutralizes blue, green neutralizes red, etc. They should only be used on the area that you wish to neutralize such as dark circles under the eyes, a blemish or high colour in the cheeks. When applying illusion tones I recommend using a Q-tip or concealer brush for smaller areas then pat and press the colour to blend. For larger areas use a latex sponge to blend the colour evenly over the area to be neutalized. Once you have finished, you will probably need to use a regular concealer or foundation to create a more even tone.
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I prefer the liquid because the coverage is both effective & natural. I usually apply it with a brush after eye shadow, but before foundation. Touch up concealing may be applied after foundation as well. Different colors are needed for different flaws, but there are also concealers used that match your skin.
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